Mickey’s Picture of Ian

Okay, so y’all know that picture Mickey has of Ian? THE picture?

Well….it’s killing me. And here’s why: I NEED TO KNOW HOW MICKEY GOT IT! Because there are only a couple ways I could think of.

1. Mandy: either Mandy took it herself OR Ian sent it to her. Either way, Mickey would’ve had to steal it.

2. Mickey: either Mickey took it OR Ian sent it. 

I just need to know how it happened. Was Mandy going through her photos like we’ve seen her do before & Mickey happen to catch of glimpse of his secret love & think “I want that picture.”? Then later steal Mandy’s phone & sent it to himself? OR was he texting with Ian & asked for a picture & that’s what he got?

Both ways fuck me up so I guess it doesn’t really matter. But I’d love some context to the picture that clearly means so much to Mickey. 

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I am not happy that Lucas ditched Secret Santa. Secret Santa that his girlfriend is throwing. And therefore his girlfriend did not receive a Secret Santa presents. He shouldn't even have been someone who could be picked because then at least Maya would have gotten Riley and Riley could get something. Instead, Lucas gets something when he comes back and Riley gets nothing. What the hell are these GMW writers doing to Rucas?!

Well unfortunately they didn’t show the scene they had where Riley reads the card attached to the present he got her for Secret Santa that explains and redeems him for leaving to Texas. All we have is THIS STILL of the scene where Riley has a smile on her face. So she DID get a present, they just didn’t show it to the general audience which yes sucks that they decide to leave this important piece out making Lucas look bad. I agree if they were gonna cut it they might as well not have included him in the Secret Santa.


Sky Mottet - Freedom

Age 13 Teen Lyrical Solo

becky’s dance studio

choreo by miss @mandyrogersjpd i love the choreo! one of my faves of the night! im obsessed with the back handspring into the twisted middle straddle thing. like idk how she did that

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I don't want to lose hope for rucas because I think their entire relationship is just really important, but I'm really sad about all the scenes getting cut. I get that it's mostly because of time and romance wasn't the point of the story, but Rucas (and Lucas honestly) deserve better.

They do deserve better. I definitely agree with that.

I decided to draw my least favorite characters as the Spice Girls. They’re mean, spoiled and sometimes rude. I did the writing in cursive.

Tricia Holmes as Sporty Spice
Lola Loud as Baby Spice
Sandi Griffin as Scary Spice
Mindy as Ginger Spice
Brittany Wong as Posh Spice

6teen belongs to Nelvana and Teletoon
The Loud House belongs to Nickelodeon
Daria belongs to MTV
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy belongs to Cartoon Network
Star vs. the Forces of Evil belongs to Disney

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What is annoying that they let that love triangle go on for so long that once Lucas finally chooses and he & Riley become boyfriend & girlfriend, we get nothing. Just scenes cut out between them etc. I understand this show is not all about romance but Riley is one of the main character's, it should show her relationship with Lucas even if it's small scenes. Season 3 is almost over and I just want a big rucas moment

Completely agree. I mean their relationship has been the main “romantic” focus since S1 and now that they’re finally together it just feels like the show is ignoring them. It’s like we can’t be excited for any new upcoming scenes because we don’t even know if we’ll actually get to see them anymore - they always seem to be getting cut.

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Wow, now I'm even more upset at the writers...or who is it that makes final decisions about scenes in the episodes? Directors? I'm just tired of pivotal Rucas scenes being cut. Scenes that solidify their relationship, that make them look like they're actually dating. I don't understand. Are the writers doing this so that they can eventually break them up without it seeming far-fetched? They can be like, "we'll they didn't really act like a couple so...".

Yeah I’m pretty sure the directors make that decision. I also know Michael Jacobs has taken part in the editing process as well in some instances that he’s tweeted about. And yeah I’m definitely having that worry about breaking them up but certainly not this season as I’m pretty sure we all know by now that RL make it to the end of the season. At this point with all these cut scenes it wouldn’t surprise me if they break them up in Season 4 (if we get one). Just one of the reasons why I kind of don’t want one anymore :/ At least if Goodbye is the series finale RL will be endgame regardless of the cut scenes.