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Katy Perry a star guest at Loreto Mandeville Hall girls’ school in Toorak

IT was a teenage dream come true when pop superstar Katy Perry dropped in on 1000 screaming adoring fans at a Toorak girls’ school today.

Rocking a Frida Kahlo hairstyle and a red patterned jumpsuit, Perry dispensed some important advice to Loreto Mandeville Hall students and gave some hints at her future plans.

She told the starstruck group that she would love to start her own fashion label, have children and return to study.

Perry answered all questions with grace, from three different versions of who inspires her, to her alternative career choices and even what was her favourite colour from a confident prep (lavender).

The singer told the girls to focus on their studies as “knowledge is power”.

The 30-year-old singer, who sunk into deep depression after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand, offered dating advice to the girls: “Stop worrying about boys. They are very distracting. They will always be there.”

The school beat more than 300 in a Telstra Thanks competition to win the Q & A session.