manderly and the frey pies!

The difference between Game of Thrones the TV series and A Song of Ice and Fire for me is:

I think the TV series kind of thrives on cynicism while I always felt a lot of hope in the books. 

The point of Ned dying in the TV show was that he was gullible and believed in the goodness of others too much, not that he loved his family even more than his honor at that point.

The Red Wedding in the show is to shock, and we’ll shock you some more by throwing Robb’s pregnant wife in there to get stabbed to death. There can’t be an avenging spirit like the books getting retribution for these deaths because this is “real” and good guys don’t win. 

The TV series doesn’t show any other lords of the North that are still loyal to the Starks. No Frey pies brought by the Manderlys for you. Because loyalty is a useless emotion, I guess. We must have Sansa all alone and abused, because isn’t her victimhood just so fascinating? 

In the TV show, they don’t show Jon’s conflict in wanting to save his family and his family with the Night Watch and how that ultimately lead to his doom. They don’t show Jon having such a close relationship with his direwolf that the idea he could warg into him seems very plausible. The men who betray Jon are mostly just faceless nobodies because Jon’s relationships were never developed. No Wildlings rally to Jon’s cause because that actually might be hopeful and inspirational. 

I don’t know, maybe I’m moving on from denial to anger right now.