kind of cant stop thinking about sansa in that tavern drinking ale. what would drunk sansa be like? flirty drunk? would she cry? would she tell the young bard in the corner to strike up a cord on his mandelin so she can stand up on the table and beatbox a rendition of the rains of castamere?

i need to know

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You have every right to state your opinion and that pie chart was kind of offensive.

thanks bb. it’s been tied up so we won’t be discussing it anymore. i understand the intention of the OP and i don’t like to insult anyone but the only reason i was triggered is because i was offended. but we talked about it, and it’s resolved. happy chair bubble may resume its activities.

Tested the suspected “#dmt” sample again but on all #reagents. Still really foggy on what this can be since I’m getting no discernable reaction on #Ehrlich. A few other idenifiable substances seem to test vaguely similar to these results:
Top left to right:
Marquis - tannish/brown, slow
Mecke - brown/black, slow
Mandelin - murky dark speckles in the yellow
Simons - N/R
Bottom left to right:
Ehrlich - N/R or sort of the faintest pinkish reaction maybe if you squint hard
Froehde - darkened yellow speckles around in the solution

The Ehrlich should react visibly, no? Reddish brown on mecke? Guesses? All these tryptamines test vaguely alike so have at it.


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90 Hopeless Minutes of Rage

The horror/thriller genre is already engulfed in plots like friends heading out to some quiet haunted destination for ‘having some fun’. Written and directed by Tii Ricks, Rage: Midsummer’s Eve is just a new addition to that.

The only strong aspect about this film is that there are no night time horror scenes, unlike most others of its kind. For the friends based in Finland go close to the Arctic Circle to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve, when the sun doesn’t set. That’s a pretty outstanding concept. But, what a misuse of the Midnight sun!

Among the actors, Greta Mandelin, Johnny Schon, and Michael Vardian, I think, outshine the rest. Holly Georgia as the lead character quite impassively plays her part. 

There is actually nothing else to talk about this 90 minute long flick blandly written to no end. Surprisingly disappointing, I should say. Not something the real blood and gore fans would want to dig.

But, I really am looking forward to checking out Tii Ricks’ second feature film.

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Okay, so that promo. I don't understand the whole LA thing, do you? I mean New York IS Gossip Girl. Just bugs me, I don't know. And that lady Nate slept with looked really old, which I guess isn't new for him. Just ranting.

oh girl i don’t understand that either. i’m just sitting here facepalming cause i really don’t know what else to do rn. i’ve been waiting for this promo since forever and idek what happened in the promo. it was all a big flash. i thought i was going to die if it didn’t end.idek what to tell you honestly. i’m at a loss myself.