mandelieu la napoule
Flooding at Marineland Antibes

“Marineland in Antibes , Europe’s largest marine park, about ten basins evolve animals are filled with muddy water . Electrical installations , under the violence of the weather that hit Saturday night on the French Riviera, are down, raising fears for aquatic life .

Penguins and sea lions splashed Sunday in a cloudy and marronnasse water, said a journalist from AFP.
According to the director, Bernard Gianpaolo, the park was hit "more than 90% of all technical facilities, which affects obviously the lives of animals.”
“There was no electricity, there was more water inlet, we have nothing, so we must put all road facilities for the animals to live again in a normal way” says Gianpaolo.

Accompanied by the cries of sea lions, dozens of firefighters were busy Sunday night, pumping water that invaded the filtration pipes. For now, more clean water or the ability to maintain the right temperature when changing aquariums tropical fish.

“For now, our concern is the welfare and lives of animals, there is the main priority and then will rebuild the park and put it back as soon as possible condition,” said the manager yet .

The flood on the French Riviera between Mandelieu-La Napoule and Nice has killed 17 people and four were still missing Sunday night.

Marineland is located about ten meters from the site of Antibes where one person was killed and several hundred Biot retirement home where three elderly people were saved.

“Today I have a thought for the families who have lost loved ones,” says Gianpaolo. “It is very worrying and the damage is enormous. The whole plain of the Brague (a stream) was overwhelmed by this wave of 2m, "he says.
If he speaks of "animal breaks” in Marineland, the director did not give details. Killer whales, stars of the amusement park, turtles, stingrays and other animals Mediterranean remain invisible.

More than 400 people usually work there. Sunday, all the wildlife service came to help rehabilitate although employees were affected in their personal capacity by the floods. Caregivers in combinations of dark blue diving are also in action.

“Following the weather, parks Marineland area are temporarily closed,” the Sunday night park website. The restaurant is devastated, the parking lot is full of mud. Only two performance stages were spared.“

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