mandeeps wisdom

tfw you wanna criticize meaningless beauty standards and trends but you wanna do it while still ensuring that the women who partake/participate in those standards and trends aren’t shamed for their decisions bc they’re just doing their best to navigate this patriarchal world that has unrealistic expectations of women

my 2017 trend predictions are:
- decrease in store-bought fake lashes but an increase in actual lash extensions

- more warm-toned eye shadow looks for the first half of the year including unblended shadow all over the lid in one color

- backlash of the warm-toned trend in the second half of the year which will prompt some sort of change by the end of the year (idk maybe cool tones or no eye shadow at all?)

- glossy lips make a comeback but still in v nudie colors and mayb less of a sticky formula

- lots of highlighter but less emphasized and more clear (w less sparkles & glitter so kind of like the consistency of lip balms)

- lots of blush

- bushy + natural eyebrows remain a Thing

i need one more unit to transfer from my college so i’m taking this 1 unit class but it’s intro to engineering bc that was the only thing that fit into my schedule and i was sitting there today for two hours while the prof kept being like “WHY do you wanna study engineering there must be a REASON you took this class” and i’m sitting there like “ya….bc i needed one more unit to transfer…smh”

that post about representation and how the more diverse a cast is the more white people will bend over backwards to literally ship and pay attention to the only white characters in the movie (even if they had 3 lines total) is honestly so real AND the reason why i hope black panther has no white people at all not even the third janitor bc if there is a pasty face in that movie you know the fandom is gonna shit itself like “omg janitor #3!!!!! HE IS SO CUTE AND OPEN MINDED BC HE IS A JANITOR SO YOU KNO HE RESPECTS ALL PROFESSIONS 💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤ 😭😭”

i really love all these old white fashion editors and writers talking about “the importance of full eyebrows” like they weren’t tweezing/waxing them to hell literally 5 years ago lmao sit down Winifred stop trying to act like the authority on a Look that brown girls have been sporting for decades

2017 resolutions❗

• buy more work/clothing from independent artists & sellers (from poc™ of color, lgbt ppl, and womens)

• take more care of my skin bc she deserves better but do it w/out breaking the bank $

• not go out as much to save some of that $$$ or if i do go out don’t spend as much

• try and be more positive in general and actively tell my friends how much i lobe them

• read more ! (setting a goal now of 12 books by the end of the year 📢)

tbh i hate that “#girlboss” trend or whatever it is, which is basically the CEO of nasty gal cashing in on the commodification of feminis m like. how does creating the term “girl boss” help female business owners at all? part of the problem is that women in the business world are already seen as “other” and more specifically as immature “girls” rather than competent women, so pushing the term “girl boss” to sell your quirky little merchandise is so useless to everyone except you, the person making a profit off of this branded Feminism™.

it’s always white women (usually with significant influence) that i see buying into it too, promoting it as some sort of “feminis t” decision like ??? how does buying a mug with “girl boss” written on it help women? stop patting yourself on the back for doing nothing lmao

amy sch*mer must save so much money on lip products like. those tiny little things….oh my god. she probably just needs to put the very corner of the lipstick on and she already has her whole mouth covered and then some like wow. how does she even get lipstick on there without going outside the lines bc the bullet is like 5x the size of her lips

there was this girl in my international relations class who came in with rly thick unblended foundation everyday and at first i would have this crisis like “should i tell her? should i befriend her first and then let her know so it doesn’t seem as harsh bc it’s coming from a friend???” but then i was like maybe she just likes it that way? let her live her life @me smh