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The load of equipment was heavy but nonetheless, he carried on and trudged his way over to an open area on the street. The street had laid on the corner with a light post as the only source of anything being seen and with every breathe he took, white fog had flowed out of his mouth, wildly, like the smoke and ashes the fell from lit cigarettes. It was still winter, his favorite season and the night was dark like the shop that was located a mere fifty feet to his right. Snow was falling and pedestrians walked as if they has no worries in life and focused more on themselves than what Chanyeol was doing.

 He grabbed his guitar and laid it ever so gently on his thigh. The guitar case was closed and in fact, he didn’t need the money, all he wanted was for people to enjoy his music. Before he had started to play a group of children came running down the street with snowballs in their hands. It wasn’t then had Chanyeol realized what to play: the lost times in Seattle, the once written and painted memories were now erased and washed away. Seoul was his new home now and it wasn’t that he didn’t like it, in fact, he loved it— the street vendors that weren’t so present in Seattle, the food he had always wanted to taste were even better than what he had expected and what was it? the people, language, culture? or maybe it was because the start of his dreams were finally coming Seoul.

His first strum seemed so effortless but sounded perfect. Time passed by and the once vacant area around him was filled with swaying people, some tapping their foot to the beat of his strumming, some sang along with him. He looked up for a moment and saw a female walk closer to the audience and what seemed as if she was going to continue on with her walking, was turned around. What was she carrying? A suitcase? No, it couldn’t be, it looked to large to be a suitcase.