so my thoughts about the updATE

Kanaya has probably a lot of cat hairs on herself rn

Jasprosesprite^2 is SO weird man

Dave stop staring at Dirk’s legs

everyone needs to stop calling Jake any variation of stupid I mean seriously

also now I’m just thinking both he and Dirk panicked so much when they saw each other they just ran off and Tavrosprite and Dave had to go after them and I mean Jake is literally hiding jfc

also I don’t think Dave and Dirk have talked yet

I love that John is being a nerd about ghostbusters lmao

and that Rose goes back to her pillow when Jasperose shows up

that line about Nepeta shipping to feel less lonely makes me sad because I hadn’t thought of it that way, although maybe it’s not even true idk

cheshire cat refs for some reason??