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A Kastle prompt, because THAT GIFSET(!). Once Frank has put his hesitation aside, he gets all skin hungry YES TOUCH ME and can't get his clothes off fast enough

Alrighty! This was a bee-atch to write, let me tell you. This prompt was so good (you’re the queen of prompts, honestly) I was afraid of ruinning it. So I just sat for WEEKS staring at the screen, trying to come up with something good. 

But then these bts photos. Jon and Deb and Frank and Karen, Kastle, and I managed to finish it. It is very raw, unedited, because I wanted to post it today. Forgive me for any mistakes, please. 

So here it is! Hope you like it! Let me know! It could be read as a companion to “But You’re the Truth”, but it’s not mandatory. 

Here is the gifset that inspired it all 

Muah ;-*

Perspective can sure work some wonders.

Frank wasn’t an idiot, nor was he completely clueless. It was damn near impossible to ignore Karen Page and the very real effects she had on him.

He never meant for that to happen, never thought he would feel something like this again. He sure wasn’t looking for it. Especially when they met like that, with him shooting at her direction.

He wasn’t crazy, but his head wasn’t the same. With the memories of his family fading in and out all the time, plus that rage, that fire that threatened to consume his every waking moment, how was he supposed to brace himself for his lawyers’ assistant?

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