mandated fury


(For @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess)

“Sorry,” Bucky says, with the kind of charming smile that has Clint genuinely thinking about putting a ring on it, for claiming purposes if nothing else. “You seem like a swell guy - ”

Swell, Clint mouths to himself, amused. There’s something kinda hot about the times Bucky sounds a little like Steve; Clint is down to debauch.

“ - but I’m actually with someone.”

It’s been like this pretty much since they arrived in San Francisco, Fury-mandated leave that Clint had decided to spend with sun and Six Flags and his sexy as all hell guy. It’s been great for the free drinks - Bucky passes them over quicker when there are umbrellas, Clint’s kind of in a perpetual haze - but it’s a little wearing on the ego.

Clint kind of glances over, raises his hand in acknowledgement, gives a little grin. The guy is seriously hot, but Clint is secure in the knowledge that he’s got better arms.

“Souvenir shopping with your dad?” The guy asks sympathetically, and Clint’s mouth drops open. Bucky makes this kind of snort-choke noise at the back of his throat, and Clint’s stomach just drops.

The sun outside is blinding and Clint slips on his shades. He leans against the baked wall of the store, tips his head back and crosses his legs at the ankle, the picture of casual relaxation. Any observer would think he actually seems to get more relaxed, the longer he stands there, but that’s just ‘cos stillness is a skill and no one can see his eyes.

“Hey,” a voice says to his right. Clint nods, acknowledgement. It’s no big deal, right? So the best thing is just not to -

“Sorry about that asshole,” Bucky says.

“Fuck it,” says Clint, and pastes on a passable smile. “I’m not the cradle snatcher, here.”

Bucky moves to stand in front of him, blocking out the sun, and it takes a second for Clint’s eyes to focus, for him to snort himself into laughter that Bucky reflects with his mile-wide charming grin.

The shirt is black with scratchy white letters, tag still in and visible creases from the shelf. DADDY ISSUES it says, block capitals.

It’s not a ring, maybe, but it’ll do for now.