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Fictional Characters You Might Not Know I Love (in no order) || [36/??]

Here’s what I want you to know about Nick Andros (from Stephen King’s The Stand). He is a deaf mute and he is also the most badass character in the entire 1,104 (at least in my copy) page novel. He’s smart, he’s kind, and he’s a good leader because while a lot of people are going around panicking he’s the one who has his shit together. 

Nick Andros is the reason why I want to read more books where major, if not main, characters have disabilities but are not held back by them. While keeping limitations true to said disability I want them to overcome them in different ways and be strong and not mope around about it. I want them to be shown as actual people, too. This book is the only one that does this that I’ve found so far.

I don’t know. I have a lot of feels about Nick. He’s great. I love him. 

Fictional Characters You Might Not Know I Love (in no order) || [35/??]

This guy right here was the sole owner of my 10 year old heart. I still, to this day, sometimes think back upon him and wish that there had been more episodes or that they would at least have been released on DVD. Yes, I’ve got every episode on my computer, but I could use better quality footage for gif purposes.


In case you’re a loser and don’t know, this here is Meton J. Dingle. Not Martin. MERTON. He’s got a lair. Not a room. Not a basement. A lair. And it’s badass. 


Other than having a cool lair, and even cooler snake, I also happened to think HE was pretty cool. In the show I feel like he wasn’t SUPPOSED to be, that we were supposed to think teen werewolf/jock was the cool one, but eh. Merton was SMART. He had both book smarts as well as a vast knowledge of supernatural things and history. If you needed a real friend and someone with smarts he was your guy. Plus he was cool. And cute.

He was also a goofball. Cute, goofy, sweet, and smart and I don’t know what else you could want from a guy.

Ugh. I miss this show so bad.

Fictional Characters You Might Not Know I Love (in no order) || [34/??]

I know I don’t have to waste my breath telling you that this GQ right here is the definition of badass because it’s common knowledge. One is simply born knowing that Rorschach is one tough motherfucker and could kick your ass in the dark with both hands tied behind his back. 

He’s also incredibly attractive even though in comic!verse he’s supposed to be the absolute opposite. I don’t care, though, I adored him in the comics, too. 

Yeah, I could sit here and argue with you about the difference between Walter Kovacs and Rorschach. I could point out that on the streets he possesses a timidness about him (shown in comic!verse when he doubles back to make sure the man selling newspapers won’t forget to hold one for him and he gently pokes him in the shoulder instead of just asking or something) that completely disappears when he wears his mask even though he claims he doesn’t use it to hide. He does. It’s okay. We love him. But I’m not going to argue it for the purpose of keeping this short and about the character and all aspects of him.

He also cares a fuckton. Which just makes him even more attractive to me. Especially considering most of the other characters have stopped caring anymore but he hadn’t. 

And I also totally respect his asexuality and actually get pretty creeped out, myself, when I see people (either in canon or in fanon fics and things) make sexual passes at him. I don’t know why.

Back to the point - badass. All other arguments are invalid.