I just really like the idea of sans easing Toriel’s ‘first day teacher’ jitters. :)


Bonus Alternate of last panel:

“I bet Toriel has a little tail. And I bet it wags when she’s happy or excited. And I bet Sans thinks it’s the cutest damn thing.

I have now gotten to the point of drawing out my own headcanons. Yup. Sans, you are a furry. Deal with it.

Someone mentioned AUs and so I thought of this AU idea I have been brainstorming and thought I could try some concept art from it!

As you can probably guess, it’s a Medieval AU! (I love Medieval times.) The kingdoms of Humans and Monsters are at war.

Toriel is the former Monster Kingdom queen who is now living as a simple maiden on the outskirts of a forest between the human settlement and the monster one. Abhored by the war that the King declared, she gave up her crown and went into hiding. She is also a powerful sorceress, but does not use those powers to aid in the war and instead takes in wounded that she finds, monsters and humans alike, and tends them back to health with magic. She rarely goes into the monster city, except to gather supplies for tending her house guests.

Sans is a squire and has been a squire for an extremely long time due to having no drive to become or study to become anything, despite his clear capabilities to do so if he wished (though there are rumors that he once studied beneath a brilliant sorcerer (alchemist?) by the name of Gaster). He does not actively help in the war, but he does practice sorcery in secret, specializing in time and motion magic. His brother Papyrus strives to join the Royal Knights of the monster kingdom, led by Undyne, and Sans supports his brother by taking odd jobs to pay for his training and other needs. His love of jokes and puns makes Papyrus often question why Sans does not simply become a Court Jester.

…There is more to my ideas for the AU, but I will leave it at that for now, since I am only showcasing these two here.

a-bucketful-of-smiles said:How about Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy/Mario Kart/Super Smash Bros) in 58 or Princess Zelda in 29?

Here’s my first ever attempt at Rosalina (in requested palette #58), just in time for her Amiibo release tomorrow! Enjoy. :)