What do Chinese people say when they just can’t even? 心塞 (xīn sāi)! - literally, “Heart attack!” Say this when something unexpected (but not serious) happens to you, and you can’t even think of a way to react. Like when you spill hot coffee on your pants, step in a puddle, or find a hair in your food!

What makes you feel 心塞 (xīn sāi)?

Example sentences:
我踩到口香糖的时候,我就觉得很心塞!(wǒ cǎi dào kǒu xiāng táng de shí hou, wǒ jiù jué de hěn xīn sāi) - Whenever I step in gum, I just can’t even handle it!

我好心塞!我新的iPhone掉进水坑了! (wǒ hǎo xīn sāi! wǒ xīn de iPhone diào jìn shuǐ kēng le) - I can’t even! My new iPhone fell into a puddle!

Mandarin Chinese: Prepositions

(Alright, here goes an attempt at a Mandarin grammar lesson. It’s what I’ve just learned, so I hope I can explain it clearly enough.)

Prepositions link pronouns, nouns, noun phrases, etc. with words like with, for, and to. Here are some common ones in Mandarin:

对 duì - to (someone)

跟 gēn - with; from

给 gěi - to; for

替 tì - for (someone)

用 yòng - with

Important Points:

a) Object comes directly after the preposition

b) The prepositional phrase (PP) comes before the verb. Example:

这个小男孩对我微笑。(This little boy smiled at me.)

[preposition: at // object: me // verb: smiled]

c) Modifiers (adverbs and such) go either before the PP or after the verb’s object. Example:

我明天会跟他说。(I will speak with him tomorrow.)

[adverb: tomorrow // preposition: with him // verb: speak]

Prepositional Phrase Examples:

{Identify the prepositions and notice where they’re used!}

今天晚上我要跟他去吃饭。(This evening I am going to have dinner with him.)

[lit. ‘Today’s evening I’m going with him to go eat food.’]

李先生想给他的太太买一条金项炼。(Mr. Li is thinking of buying his wife a gold necklace.)

[lit. ‘Mr. Li is thinking for his wife to buy a gold necklace.’]

他用木棍敲我的头。(He hit me on the head with a stick.)

[lit. ‘He with a stick hit my head.’]


That’s all I’ve got for today, and I really hope this is helpful for somebody. I’m still figuring this out myself, so if I made any mistakes, please correct me, or let me know how I could be clearer!

9/10/16 1:37 PM // Second half of this week’s bullet journal spread + physics notes on a sunday morning before church 🌿📖 Also managed to finish my statistics homework before I left. Thinking of compiling all my OC’s into one book but I’ve never really planned them outside of my head. Still need to write an essay about a famous Chinese person for my Mandarin lesson. Hope this week treats me well 😁

a note on bilingual consent

Whenever I take my son to his favourite park, the one closest to our house, he often ends up playing with bilingual kids, whose supervising parents just as often have English as a second language. This means their kids - who are, like my son, younger than school age - automatically switch back and forth between English and a different language during play, just as their parents switch back and forth while talking to them. I’ve attempted to learn a number of languages over the years, and while I’m not proficient in any of them - I was a lazy student who struggled with grammar, though my pronunciation and vocabulary were always decent - the one thing I have remembered is how to say a smattering of basic words, including yes and no.

Right now, my son is three and a half. He’s big for his age and enthusiastic when playing, and the thing we’re trying hardest to teach him is respect for the word ‘no’. (That thing about teaching consent to kids at a young age? Absolutely matters. The parallels between childhood and adult behaviour become clear *really quickly* when you’re constantly saying stuff like “just because he said yes to sharing before doesn’t mean he wants to share now”, “she’s allowed to say no to playing with you”, “stop if the other person isn’t having fun”. BUT I DIGRESS.) And what I’ve noticed is that, when he’s playing with bilingual kids, they’ll often say 'no’ - a very popular word among toddlers, for a variety of reasons - in a language other than English.

So what I’m trying to do, with my very limited knowledge of other languages, is to listen for when that happens and translate it for my kid, so that he understands it, too. “If he says la, that means no, and you have to stop. If she says iie, that means no, and you have to stop. If he says bu, that means no, and you have to stop.”

This last came up at the park today, with a mother who was alternating between Mandarin and English with her three-year-old. I only ever took about three very basic Mandarin lessons more than five years ago, and I wasn’t sure I’d remembered the word correctly, so I asked her if I had it right, and explained why I wanted to know. She confirmed that I did, and we continued a pleasant conversation about our respective offspring, who were happily smearing each other with bark chips and dirt.

The point being, it’s not something I’d have thought of independently before the first time it came up in practice, and if the kid in question had been speaking a language I didn’t know, I might not have noticed. But it strikes me as a potentially useful etiquette, in the context of bilingual toddlers, to consider politely asking their parents or guardians what others words they might use for yes and no, to make sure they’re being understood by both children and adults alike.

Language Tag

I was tagged by @bulletproof-korean to answer these questions about languages. Thanks for the tag. ^^

1. what languages are you/have studied?

My native language is Filipino. I can speak English and I’m currently learning Korean. I’ve studied Hokkien back in high school but that was years ago and I don’t remember anything at all now.

2. how long have you been studying?

I’ve known how to speak English before I entered kindergarten. I’ve only studied Hokkien for one year. I’ve been learning Korean on and off since after I graduated from college in 2011. 

3. did you learn through class or self-study (or both)?

I don’t remember how I learned English. I just remember watching a lot of English cartoons. Also, English is like a second language here in the Philippines. We have English classes so it helped a lot in improving my skills. I’m learning Korean through self-study because there are no Korean language classes here.

4. why did you decide to learn this language?

English is part of our curriculum so I’ve been taking English classes since kindergarten. Then I took a Hokkien class in high school out of curiosity plus I was so into F4 that time. I wanted to learn Mandarin but I wasn’t allowed to join the Mandarin class because their lessons were way too advanced and it was impossible to catch up because they’ve been learning it since kindergarten. 

I like k-pop and Korean drama so much that I decided to learn Korean language. I didn’t really have any goals when I started learning Korean, I just thought it would be fun to be able to understand what they were saying. But I fell in love with the language and now I appreciate it and study it not only because of k-pop or k-drama but also because it’s kinda fascinating how it sounds more romantic or more meaningful in Korean than when it’s translated to English. 

5. what was a major highlight/milestone in studying this language?

I don’t think I have a major highlight or milestone when it comes to English unless you count the times I won in spelling bees and story writing contests in school. Lol!

But for Korean, one of the major highlight was being able to work in a Korean military base camp in 2014. A group of Korean soldiers were deployed here to help with the rehabilitation. They were looking for interpreters and I was the only native in the city who knows Korean language. 

There are other highlights/milestones like getting TOPIK Level 4 and winning a Korean speech contest. You can read more about it here.

6. what was the hardest thing about studying this language?

It was difficult to construct sentences at first since the sentence order in Korean is different from English. Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal when I’m just writing down sentences for my diary or replying to someone in chat since I can just erase and rephrase. But when I had my first conversation in Korean, it was a scary experience since I needed some time to organize my thoughts before I can come up with a response that makes sense. 

7. what resources did you find most useful for studying this language?

I studied Korean using a lot of textbooks. Some grammar patterns were very similar to each other and yet one cannot be used in certain situations so I had to refer to a lot of different books to know more about the similarities and the differences between two very similar grammar patterns. 

For reading, I’m very fond of reading Korean webtoons. That’s where I learned phrases that Koreans usually use on a daily basis. Textbooks are good when you’re learning grammar but some sample sentences are too weird to be used in daily life so I suggest reading materials that natives read like webtoons.

For listening, I’m focusing on improving this skill nowadays as it is one of my weakest. I’ve recently started watching Korean Youtube channels to train my ears to listen to how Koreans normally converse. I listen to male youtubers, female youtubers, youtubers who have a 사투리 accent to train my ears in listening to different kinds of voices and speaking styles. I understand well enough to know what they’re talking about except for when they use slangs and words I’ve never encountered before.  

8. any top tips for studying this language?

You have to constantly challenge yourself to study materials that are a little higher than your current level. Try to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. But don’t be discouraged when you don’t understand everything.

When you’ve reached the intermediate level, try to read or listen to stuff that natives read or listen to like webtoons and radio shows. When I took the TEFL course, I learned that people who are learning a language should listen to or read authentic materials meaning stuff that natives would normally listen to or read because this is where you will learn natural expressions or expressions used in daily life.  

9. whats your next major language goal?

My goal for now is to improve my listening skills because the last time I took TOPIK, I had a hard time in the listening exam. 

10. anything we can do in the tumblr community to get you there?

If you guys know any interesting Korean Youtube channel, please let me know. 

I tag @nocturnalinseoul, @pihaenggi, @jiae-study, @sootudying, @studiousbees@hangulstudy, @hangulheart, @ttmikstudy, @soheestudies, @mykoreanstudy, @jeongsnotes Only if you want to do it, and sorry if you’ve already done this!

Don’t judge a book by its cover! 不要以貌取人 (bú yào yǐ mào qǔ rén)!
This Chinese idiom, or 成语 (chéng yǔ), is super useful when telling someone not to judge someone or something by appearance only. Use it on the next friend that tells you Chinese is too hard to learn. 😄
不要以貌取人 (bú yào yǐ mào qǔ rén)!

Chinese Apps

So I’ve been experimenting with downloading Chinese learning apps on my phone (I have an android, so I don’t know if these apps are available on other platforms), and I thought I’d make a list of some of these:

  1. Chinese Skill  —- This is literally just what it’s called. It’s logo is a cute panda bear, and the app works very similarly to Duolingo (kind of like a Chinese rip off maybe?). I tested out of the first two sections and started working on some skills. It’s pretty nice and seems completely free (compared to some others I’ve tried). Would absolutely recommend.
  2. Learn Chinese Mandarin by L-Lingo voclab —- This one is great but after a few lessons they want you to pay for more which I’m not really about. The beginning lessons are great for listening practice and they explain the grammar points pretty clearly.
  3. Learn Chinese by Chinese Artword Academy —- A good start for beginning learners and good for learning to draw characters. I didn’t get too far with this and found it pretty boring after a while.
  4. Learn Mandarin with Penyo Pal —- This app was really cute and I liked it a lot, but you can only play the seafood level for free which is disheartening. It’s a fun app, but having to pay is very restricting seeing as how I would have used it a lot more.
  5. 跟我学写汉字 —- This is just to learn how to write Chinese characters. I thought it was alright. It tells you the stroke order and lets you fill in the character, I personally prefer trying to write the character without coloring in the lines, but it’s great for beginners.
  6. Learn Chinese Mandarin Madness —- This is another one I tried, but you have to pay to access the full version. Fun game to do, but limited again by having to pay.

Apps I haven’t tried but seem good:

  1. Chinese Children’s Songs
  2. Learn Chinese With Baby Kirin
  3. Hanping Chinese Camera (Cost $)
  4. Chinese Primer
  5. Chinese Pronunciation Test
  6. Games Learn Chinese Vocabulary
  7. Chinese Writer
  8. TingMedia Chinese Audiobooks
  9. Listen Chinese
  10. Mandarin Chinese Lessons
If you give a cat a cookie: Chapter two

(Part 1 here )

“What the heck is this!” a voice shouted loudly, a voice that so happened to belong to a reddish brown haired teen who had just burst right through the door. The action which woke the sleeping blunette. Thankfully for both Marinette and Tikki. The red kwami was a light sleeper and was able to hide before Alya had rushed up the stairs.

“Wha? Alya?” The sleepy teen yawned as she  rubbed her eyes and noticed her best holding her phone up to her face.

“Don’t you just ‘Wha Alya’ me, Marinette. I wake up this morning and see that you sent me 6 texts at 2 in the morning about how Chat noir came to your bakery. Why didn’t you call? This is some huge news? I want details girl.” Alya exclaimed enthusiastically. Alya’s blogger mode was active and it would not be quelled without a scoop.

‘So it really wasn’t a dream.’ Marinette was relieved to know that it wasn’t a dream. But then realization set in that he was coming by tonight. The girl shot up from her bed, catching her friend off guard.

“I need to clean! Right now! I can’t have him coming by and seeing this mess. Not to mention the post.. The posters! I have to take those down before he thinks I am a total fangirl stalker!” Marinette panicked as she sprinted to her wall and began taking down every poster of chat noir she had on her wall (which was easily over 20). 

All Alya could do was watch as her friend began frantically cleaning her room at a surprising speed. Alya had to admit that her friend’s focus was something to behold.

Adrien was on cloud nine.

The blonde model had gracefully woken up and began preparing himself for the day. Much to the annoyance of his black cat kwami, who was very keen on sleeping in.

“Adrien, it is Saturday. You don’t have school today, you don’t even have any photo shoots, Mandarin or piano lessons today. I thought today was the day I would get to sleep in.” The cat kwami groaned aloud.

“Plagg, today I happen to be modeling for the most amazing girl in the world. I need to be prepared for anything.” Adrien explains. He finished brushing his shiny white teeth.

“Yeah, at night. which means I should be getting sleep.” Plagg huffed as he mad himself lie face down on Adrien’s bed to help fall back asleep.

“You can go back to sleep Plagg, it is just that. Since it was a big day, I just thought you would want my breakfast today. I had made sure that Natalie told the chef to make my omelet with camembert.” Adrien said with a smirk, causing the Kwami’s ears to perk up.

“You did not.” 

But before Adrien could say a word a servant knocked on the door.

“Master Adrien, your …omelet is ready.” the voice said trying to hide her disgust with the smelly omelet.

Adrien quickly opened the door and thanked the servant before closing the door, the plate containing the omelet in his hand

Plagg flew towards the smelly omelet and took a might breathe. His eyes seemed as though they were going to well up with tears of joy.

“Its- its so beautiful.” Plagg whispered in awe. His eyes transfixed on the delicious and smelly omelet.

“Enjoy Plagg, I want you full of energy for tonight.” Adrien said as he placed the plate on his desk so that his kwami could enjoy the dish.

Adrien had to plan this out perfectly. He didn’t have to worry about his clothes, since regardless of what he wears, the hero costume will cover it. He really couldn’t do much about his hair, regardless on how much product he uses, his hair always becomes “wild” when he transforms. He supposed there was only only one thing to get, a gift for her. 

He was aware that it was simply helping her out, but bringing her some flowers or chocolates surely would be fine right? Or would that be coming on too strong? Thoughts like these circulated in his mind. He needed to figure this out.

“What do you think Marinette would like as a present?” Adrien asked his kwami, who had already devoured a good section of the omelet and still digging in. Adrien chuckled as his Kwami was eating in bliss. “On second thought, never mind. I’ll think of something myself.”

Marinette had finished stashing every chat noir poster and piece of memorabilia that she saw in her room. She jumped on her bed in exhaustion. Her friend, had watched the girl frantically clean the room.

“So are you going to tell me what happened, or are you going to pass out?” Alya questioned, having calmed down after watching her friend clean her room in a frenzy.

Marinette sat up and composed herself.

“Okay… Well it started out like this…” Marinette began

 “…And thats when he left.” Marinette finished, taking a deep exhale having explained everything in a rather impressive manor.”

“So he is coming back here tonight?”


“To model some designs you have been working on?”


“Are you going to confess that you like him?”

“Yes…I mean no! I mean… Maybe?”


“But Alya… what if he isn’t interested in me that way? What if I creep him out by coming on too strong?” Marinette said as she hid her face in her knees.

Alya places her hands on her friends shoulders.

“He would have to be an idiot not to be interested in you. Or in a loving relationship with ladybug.” Alya tried to comfort her friend.

“I wish…” Marinette muttered under her breathe.

“What was that Mari?”

“I said you are right Alya.” Marinette exclaimed as she stands up dramatically in order to cover up what she said. “I will just have to get him to notice me in that light… which I have no idea how.” Marinette’s head looks down in defeat.

“You can do it Marinette, You just have to be confident. as confident as Ladybug!” Alya advised.

Marinette took a deep breathe.

“Okay.. I will try.” Marinette said with a calm determination. “But.. could you help me look nice?” 

“Of course.”

The sun began to set over the city. A black clad hero dashes gracefully from rooftop to rooftop. He smiled as the wind blew through his hair, his emerald eyes transfixed on a certain building. His heartbeat increasing steadily as he went closer to the Dupain bakery.

He stops just one roof short of the bakery as he realizes one rather crucial detail. How was he suppose to enter the bakery without drawing attention to himself.

The cat hero ponders for a moment as he looks at the bakery, noticing the balcony that lead to Marinette’s room.

‘Of course! how could I not have thought of the balcony sooner.’ He mentally slapped himself.

He swiftly and stealthily approached the balcony and went to the trap door. He firmly knocked on the door. He waited for a moment to hear a response, and sure enough, there was a few knocks on the trap door. 

Chat noir grinned as he opened the door and jumped though the door, doing a hero pose as he lands.

“Princess, Your cat knight has arrived.” He whispered triumphantly.

“I am glad you could make it.” Marinette stated sweetly.

Chat noir climbed down from the platform, that is when he saw the blunette walk into view.

To say chat noir was speechless, was a bit of an understatement.

Marinette was usually not one for make up, using only a bit of eyeliner. But Alya really helped her out. Her face seemed to be even more radiant then ever. She was wearing a touch of lip gloss and blush, all of the make up complimented her natural looks. But if that wasn’t shocking enough, her hair was out of their usual pigtails and hung on her shoulders softly. Combining all of these factors with the faint blush on her face and soft smile at the ground. Chat noir was stunned.

Marinette had never seen chat noir looked so stunned. Was the make up too much? She wasn’t sure she looked that good. Alya did help her out, but maybe Chat noir wasn’t one for make up.

“My friend wanted to try out some of her new make up. Is it too much?” Marinette asked as her fingers fidgeted together.

Chat noir felt his heart beating like a hummingbird flapping its wings. She look incredible. Adrien had seen models on runway’s before, he has seen professional make up done. But seeing Marinette with a simple touch, it was overwhelming. She was an angel.

“Y-you, you definitely more then proved worthy of the nickname Princess.” Chat noir managed to recover from his daze. “The look suits you.”

Marinette’s nervous smile transformed into her trademark kind grin that the blonde was use to seeing, but now it was even brighter then before. If he wasn’t careful, he might lose himself in her eyes.

“So what shall I be modeling for you tonight?” the blonde hero questioned, turning on his charm on Marinette. 

The blunette felt her face heat up for a moment, but quickly recovered and moved to a box beside her bed.

“I happen to have a few things that you can try.” Marinette said as she went into her designer mode. She pulled out what looked like a black hoodie. “This one first kitty.”

The black cat quickly put on the hoodie. As he moved around in the hoodie, he noticed how comfortable it was to move in. He looked at it and noticed the green paw print, similar to the one on his ring. He put the hood on and noticed that it had a unique “ear holes”  that seemed to be made for his cat ears.

“Well? How is it?” Marinette asked curiously.

Chat noir could feel that the hood was made for him. It felt like it was a part of him as his initial costume. Marinette’s designs were incredible, but that was something he was well aware of. 

“It is wonderful. I love it. It feels like it was made to be worn by me. You are gifted in your craft.” Chat noir answered.

Marinette’s blush grew brighter at the cat’s praise.

“I-I did design it with you in mind. C-Consider it a gift, for protecting the city.” Marinette stuttered.

The cat hero approached Marinette, his face mere inches away from her. Marinette looked up to see his emerald eyes once again staring into hers.

“Princess, if you keep giving me these wonderful gifts, I might never be able to pay you back.”  Chat noir whispered flirtatiously into Marinette’s ear.

“I-I…” She felt her voice fail her as his words seemed to leave her tongue tied.

“I come here to help model a few things for you, and you surprise me with this lovely gift. You truly spoil me princess. Fortunately, I did think of the perfect gift for you. If you were interested.” Chat noir smirked.

“You did?” Marinette asked nervously. Her eyes unconsciously being drawn to his lips. She could feel herself yearning for a chance to kiss him.

“Why yes I did.” Chat noir said as he suddenly scooped up Marinette. He easily carried her princess style and made it to her balcony with ease. “How would you like to see Paris from my point of view?”

Marinette felt her pulse pounding fiercely in her chest, she didn’t even need to think.

“I would love to.”

In an instant, Chat noir was dashing across rooftops with a princess in his arms. 

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Indirect Friendship Chapter Nine (part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight)

Marinette figured that a formal invitation to see the one and only Gabriel Agreste usually would send her over the moon, she would shriek in joy and dance.

Today, that was not the case. When she found the professional note in her mailbox, she was almost ready to rip it to shreds.

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anonymous asked:

Requests are open? Can I request one where you learn Mandarin with Jun? Thanks

“I don’t understand this!” you groaned, tugging at your hair as you stared at the complicated characters dancing on the page, none of them making any sense to you. Jun patted your shoulder and laughed.

“That’s the end of the book, honey,” he said with an amused tone as he flipped to the beginning of the book, where there was a lot less characters, and even the ones that were there were much, much simpler. You let out a relieved sigh as you stared at the characters, some of which you’d actually seen earlier.

Before you had been able to fully focus on the pages, though, Jun closed the book and put his elbow on top of it, leaning his chin on his palm as he looked into your eyes with a playful grin on his lips. “I want to teach you a few things first, Y/N.”

You nodded, full of curiosity, and watched Jun as he pulled your notebook and pen to himself, scribbled something down and turned back to you. “Alright, repeat after me. 文俊辉很英俊.”

His pronunciation was clear, and with some struggle, you managed to mimic the words on most part, although he did correct basically all of your intonations after he had laughed at you. “What does it mean, though?”

Before answering, he pushed the paper in front of you and let you look over the characters. You pointed at three ones that you recognized right away. “That’s your name.” He nodded, pointing at the three characters following his name while snickering a little. You squinted your eyes as the characters slowly started to make sense, being some that you had seen quite often, especially when Jun would text you in Chinese just to confuse you. “Wen Junhui is very handsome? Really?”

He stared at your amused eyes for a while, merely pointing at himself. “Just look at me.” You shrugged, unable to argue with him about something that was so, well, true.

You pouted a little and grabbed his arm, swaying a little on your seat. “Can you now teach me something useful? Please, Jun?”

Jun seemed thoughtful for a moment before melting into a smile and opening the book again. Before going on to the characters, though, he explained the intonations and sounds thoroughly, not giving you a slack until you mastered each one so that he could listen to you without making fun of whatever you had managed to accidentally mispronounce.

When you finally got to the characters a few hours and play-fights later, it was a bit easier than you had thought. With his calm explanations you quickly got the gist of it, starting to recognize the radicals and understand the logic behind the meanings of the characters. The beginning of the book was very basic and some the simplicity made Jun chuckle a few times, but knowing that it wasn’t as easy for you as it was for him was enough for him to return to his serious state of mind rather quickly.

He had to explain some of the things more than once, and especially after it got too late and you started to doze off, he let out a yawn and ruffled your hair a little.

“I think it’s time to end for today,” he said and stretched, bringing you back to your senses, too.

“Thank you,” you said with a lazy smile and stretched as well, cracking your neck and trying to hold the heavy yawn in.

Jun left after giving you a tight squeeze, incredibly proud and, although he wouldn’t admit it out loud, also touched about the fact that you wanted to learn his native language. Then again, you also kept your motives a secret; while it was partially curiosity, you did also want to be able to communicate with him in the language that he knew so well, especially after the many times that he had to stop in the middle of a joke because he forgot a word in your language.

A couple of days later he was back for more of your Mandarin lessons, and you were bursting with excitement. As soon as you two had gotten to your room and he had been about to say something, you pressed your finger to his lips and calmly backed him to your door, looking up to his confused, dark brown eyes, and smiled brightly.

“谢谢你教我中文. 我爱你.” (Thank you for teaching me Chinese. I love you.)

A rare occurrence of a rush of blood on his cheeks became evident and you chuckled a little, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. After recovering from the initial shock, he looked at you, now sitting by your desk, with a scandalized expression as he started to walk to the chair he would soon sit on.

“I didn’t teach you that!”

You stuck your tongue out a little and laughed heartily afterwards, more than satisfied with the reaction you got out of the tall male. After that, every single lesson started with you saying the cheesiest things to him that you could think of, and every single time he would blush a little, unable to deny the effect that the combination of you and Chinese had on him.

- Kay 

A Lesson In Chinese

“That’s it I give up!” You said as you threw your hands up in the air out of frustration.

“Come on it’s not that hard” Kris said

“Easy for you to say! It’s your mother tongue!” You said

After being together with Kris for three years you had finally decided to take up Mandarin lessons. It’s been 2 months since you started and you’re finding it really hard. You decided to let Kris tutor you for your upcoming test but it wasn’t going very well.

“I don’t get how this goes here and I can’t read that part and I don’t even know what that is! Ugh I’m gonna fail this test” you said.

“You’re not gonna fail, I’m helping you aren’t I?” Kris said as he took your hand in his “look how about I reward you every time you get an answer right?”

“A reward?” You asked sitting back up straight.

“Yeah, every time you get an answer right I’ll kiss you!” Kris said with that gummy smile of his.

“A kiss? That’s the reward?” You asked

“You want me to help you or not?” Kris asked

“Fine” you said

An hour had passed and you were doing pretty well. You were getting all the answers right, you were finally understand things that were difficult for you but sadly Kris wasn’t doing so good. You were so into the fact that you understanding everything that you failed to notice the tent in Kris’s pants.

After all those kissed he was in need of some serious making out and what you were wearing wasn’t helping either. You were in a pair of home shorts and one of his white shirts. You had no bra on and he could see straight through the shirt.

“Are you ok?” You asked

“Not really no” Kris said

“You look kinda tensed up” you said

“You have no idea” Kris said “hey how about we take a break?”

“My exam is in 2 days I don’t have time to play games with you” you said

“Oh come on just one break?” Kris asked again

“I said no maybe later” you said

“Why the hell am I asking!!” Kris said as he picked you up bridal style and lay you down on the bed “you’re mine and I take you whenever I want!”

“Kris what are-” you were interrupted by Kris’s lips as be crashed them into yours without a care.

Kris’s kiss was like all his kisses passionate and breathless. His tongue parted your lips as it explored your wet cavern. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you moaned into the kiss. He ran his hands over your bare thighs as they found their way under your shirt.

“What are you doing?” You asked breathless as Kris pulled away from the kiss.

“Why is it that everything you do is such a turn on?” Kris asked as he kissed you again.

“I need to get back to studying” you said as Kris rested his forehead on yours.

“I don’t think so sweetheart” Kris said as he pulled your shirt off revealing your bare chest.

Kris attached his lips to yours before trailing them across your jawline and down your neck. Kris bit and sucked on your neck leaving on too many hickeys. You tugged on his shirt as he sat up and pulled it off before he reattached his lips to your soft skin.

His lips reached your chest as his tongue teased your cold nipples. Once he was done with your breasts his lips traveled further south. He quickly say up again as he pulled down his pants along with his underwear.

Kris yanked off your underwear making you yelp at his sudden movements. His lips met yours once again as you felt his hard member brush against your skin.

“You ready?” Kris asked as you nodded

Even after doing it so many times he always made sure you were ready for him, he never rushed you and that’s what you loved about him.

Kris pushed himself into you as you clawed his bare back. You pulled Kris into another kiss as a sign that he could now move. His each thrust drove you mad as he lazily kissed your neck. You felt yourself reaching your climax as was Kris.

“Kris I-” you said as Kris cut you off with a kiss

“I know me too” Kris said as he kissed you again.

Finally you both reached your climax as Kris slowly pulled himself out of you. He collapsed next to you before pulling you into his arms and covering both your bare bodies. Kris moved a few strands of hair behind your ear as he kissed your head.

“You’re so beautiful” Kris whispered to you as you slowly fell asleep.

A while later you woke up and noticed that Kris wasn’t in bed with you. You turned around and saw him sitting at your desk, a smile crept on your face as you slipped your clothes on. You walked over to him as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” You asked in a sleepy voice

“You couldn’t study because of me so I’m making notes for you” Kris said as he kissed your cheek.

You smiled to yourself as you playfully bit his ear and kissed his cheek.

“Come to bed” you said

“I’ll come in a while, just let me finish this” Kris said

You pulled the pen out of his hand as you turned his chair around and sat on his lap. Kris’s hands automatically wrapped themselves around your waist as you kissed him.

“Come to bed” you said against Kris’s lips

Kris just smiled as he picked you up and carried you back to bed. You knew what was coming a very long and tease full round 2.

Get ready for my failed attempt at a bullet-list headcanon

  • once upon a time, there was an aspiring baker named tom dupain. during a trip to china, he met an up-and-coming merchant named zheng huiling, more commonly known as sabine cheng.
  • they fell in love, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl whom they named marinette dupain-cheng
  • the dupain-chengs lived a peaceful and wonderful life in wenzhou, china, tom and sabine’s businesses growing more and more each day
  • they decided to tom’s home country; france. why? for tom, it was to show his beloved country to his new family and introduce them to his parents and siblings. for sabine, it was to experience tom’s world.
  • once there, tom inherited the family bakery and sabine and marinette were adapting quite well despite the language barrier. they often need tom to translate for them but they are trying to learn french to lessen inconveniences
  • marinette was amazed by this whole new world and her eyes were always shining with a curiosity that only small children seem to have
  • she made her first friend during a day in the park with her mother, a blond boy with beautiful green eyes, though they weren’t able to communicate much because of the language barrier
  • through the assistance of tom, the boy had promised to learn mandarin for her so they could communicate properly
  • in turn, marinette promised to learn french for him.
  • the boy was also the one to plant the seed which would grow into marinette’s passion for fashion designing
  • however, disaster soon struck in the form of a car accident
  • the family didn’t receive much injuries but marinette suffered amnesia
  • she had to be retaught everything so the boy wasnt able to see her anymore
  • he was confused, where was his friend?
  • years later, they move on with their lives
  • but adrien still continued his mandarin lessons in hopes of finding his friend again

this is more nostalgic than angsty but eh

Submitted by Anonymous

The Mandarin (SuperVillain!Calum)

This is a Super Villain Calum AU in which Calum is essentialyl the Mandarin. For those of you who don’t know the Mandarin is a villain in the Iron Man universe. Now, before you start recognizing him from Iron Man 3; let me tell you this. The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 is pathetic. That is in NO WAY the Mandarin from the Iron Man comics, which Calum’s is based on. Iron Man 3 made me cry it was so bad compared to what the comics make him. It’s like… It’s like when you watch a movie based on a book you love and they’ve absolutely destroyed it. That’s what it is.

Brief history lesson, The Mandarin is a mix of magic/technology/and strength. He draws magic-like powers from ten rings he fashioned from alien technology which must be worn by him in a particular order on his fingers to work. Without his rings, he is also a master of martial arts, who has mastered meditation and chi and can therefore survive months without food and water, and he essentially feels no pain. For more information go here, but that will be plenty to bide you through this imagine. 

Also, this group of supervillain imagines go out to my friend feministirwin who brainstormed this idea with me for two whole days.

My Masterlist

Calum growled under his breath as he was thrown roughly into the back of the prison transport, banging his shoulder into one of the metal bars at the front. He didn’t feel it. He rarely felt pain anymore, but it still pissed him off. His eyes flashed to the two guards at the van’s doors and made a mental note of their names for later. He had bigger fish to fry than these two puny goons, but perhaps in his down time, or maybe for sport or practice, he’d get around to them eventually.

“Look at the big, bad Calum Hood now,” The one with the darker hair spoke to Calum in a babyish voice. “Not so high and mighty without your rings and an alias, are you?”

The other one, a short tubby brunette, barked out a laugh, “Rings! What kind of super villain gets his power from a set of rings?!”

The two laughed at their own humor as they slammed the doors shut, locking them into place. They hadn’t even bothered to get Calum onto one of the benches lining either side of the van. They left him there on the floor to his own devices as they cracked all sorts of ring/villain jokes loading into the front of the van. Calum pushed himself unceremoniously up onto one of the benches as the two guards pulled out onto the street.

Calum was very familiar with the drive they were making. He’d been to this prison four of the times he’d been caught before, not that he was caught often. The first time he was locked up there it took him a week to escape. The second time: five days. The third time: three. Last time he had escaped the next morning. So he had high hopes for his stay there on this particular occasion.

The drive there would be kindly defined as ‘rocky’. The two guards in the front were speeding going into every turn, slamming on the gas when light’s turned green and braking at the last second for red. They were doing everything they could to throw him around in the back of the van, but Calum was unmoving from his position. He was not going to let two petty guards think they stood a chance against him.

After all, he was the Mandarin, or rather… the Mandarin was in him. Two people in one body: one a cocky young adult with a knack for trouble, the other a ruthless super villain with strength that defied anatomy and powerful weapons at his disposal.

Two hours later, after an hour through the city during rush hour and an hour through the suburbs to the prison beyond, the doors to the van finally swung open. The two guards, who’d been giggling like school children at the pain they thought they’d caused their prisoner, fell silent.

Calum wasn’t on the floor where they left him or the bench he pulled himself up on. Instead, he was standing in the middle of the van, barefoot, balanced on one leg with the other tucked behind his knee which was bent to keep him from hitting the roof. His arms were in front of him now, palms pressed together, and his eyes were closed in meditation.

They were frozen in confusion for a moment, and the dark haired one reached to place a hand over the gun on his belt.

The second his hand moved Calum’s eyes snapped open and stared him down.

The guard froze on the spot. Calum’s gaze was intense, and there was something different about him. No longer was he the cocky, young boy who’d been offended by being thrown around in the truck. Physically, there was no difference or change between the two stops on their drive. The difference was his presence. This… This man standing before them felt twice the size of the boy, twice as strong as the boy, twice as smart as the boy, twice as powerful as the boy. Somehow, without changing a thing, he suddenly demanded their respect.

“S-Step over the cuffs and get your hands back behind your back,” The brunette stuttered.

Calmly, Calum lowered his raised leg over the cuffs and lifted his other one over after it. He ignored the shoes he’d abandoned in the van and stepped forward towards the doors of the truck.

The dark haired guard drew his gun and pointed it at Calum with shaky hands. “Watch it! I’ll shoot! We didn’t tell you to move!”

“Didn’t you?”

Calum trudged to a stop in front of the prison door, and with hands still cuffed behind his back, he used his head to knock.

A slat in the door slid to the side, and the tip of a rifle was shoved in Calum’s face. “Hands above your head where I can see them!”

Calum rolled his eyes. Would they ever learn? “I am cuffed behind my back and unarmed.” He took a step back and turned to show his hand. “Please open the door. Two of your guards need medical attention.

The door swung open with Calum’s back turned and five sets of feet filed out behind him, three with guns pointed at his head.

With his back to the door, the bodies of the two guards that he’d dragged behind him all the way up the road were now in front of him.

“What happened to them!?” One of the guards not pointing a gun at him knelt down beside them to check their pulse.

Calum shrugged, “He threatened me.”

“We need a medical team outside, now.” One of the armed guard spoke into the walkie on his shoulder. “You’re coming with me.” He grabbed Calum’s shoulder and swung him around, waving the two other armed guards to follow.

They led Calum up into the prison, guns still trained on his head, to some kind of circulation desk. “We have a new prisoner.”

A head popped up from behind the circulation desk. It was a woman, the first one he’d seen in this place so far. She had glasses perched haphazardly on the tip of her nose, and her hair was a ruffled mess. “Right-o, boss man.” She mumbled to herself and began searching an incredibly messy desk in front of her for some papers. “Here we are, The Mandarin, Cell Block C.” She picked a file up off the corner of her desk and handed it to the guard with a nervous smile, “Anything else?”

“No ma’am.” The guard nodded to her, “Have a good first day.”

Calum stood stock still as the guard tried to guide him away. His eyes still fixed on the girl behind the desk. There was something about her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but she looked oddly familiar. If this was her first day, then he’d definitely not seen her here.

“Come on, ‘Mandarin’.” The guard snorted at his assumed name.

The second the guard said his name he realized what was odd. The guards who transported him here hadn’t known who he was till they read the file they were given. The guards with him now only knew the name she’d just said, but she had his name without asking, before she glanced at his file. There was something familiar about her, and it was her first day.

The guards jerked Calum away from the desk and headed him off towards one of the halls. He shot one last, swift glance over his shoulder, eyes finally meeting with hers for that briefest of seconds, and in that moment she winked. Oh yes, Calum chuckled to himself as he turned back around. He recognized her. He’d recognize those eyes anywhere. In a picture, across a room, down a hall, face to face, behind some glasses… behind a mask.

Calum smiled as the guards pushed him into his cell. It was fine. He wasn’t going to be here long.

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Hearing!Verse: Adopting

Previous Hearing!Verse fics can be found here


disneyprincessgleek asked you: meeting their child :)

frumiousme asked you: Will you do anything in the future with them interacting with children? their own or maybe dealing with childish ignorance? or maybe interacting with a Deaf child? idk man, klaine plus kids makes my heart sing :)

hotpink-sunglasses asked you: I’d like to see more of their firsts of anything. And fluff. Lots of it. :D  A/N: I don’t know a great deal of international adoption processes beyond that special needs kids can be adopted much more quickly. I apologize for any inaccuracies.  **** Adopting

Neither of them had been able to sleep last night, so instead, they stayed up all night putting primer up in Blaine’s old office. With all the last minute paperwork, travel arrangements, and shopping, there had been no time to do more than move all of Blaine’s old office furniture out of the room and into temporary storage. While Kurt had claimed it wasn’t important to paint the walls, they could do it later, the stress of everything eventually kicked in and he couldn’t stop explaining how dark blue was bad luck and their new little addition couldn’t possibly sleep in a room with such dark walls. 

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Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐 (gǎn ēn jié kuài lè)! Before you put on comfy pants and eat a ton of 火鸡 (huǒ jī) - turkey, learn these 感恩节 (gǎn ēn jié) - Thanksgiving words! Who’s hungry?!