12 Tips for Chinese Etiquette and Culture
Developing insights into the Chinese etiquette and culture will help you avoid miscommunication. Just one rule: Do as the Chinese do when in China,

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hi! i am applying for a scholarship to go to china over the summer and learn mandarin. could someone please give me feedback on one of my essays? i just need to know what i should change to make my essays sound more genuine and authentic. it would be greatly appreciated and i will love you forever. please message me if you would be able to read it! xoxo

OKAY GUYS I DON’T KNOW IF THIS HAS BEEN DONE BUT I NEED TO TALK ABOUT BILINGUIS. ya’ll, this site is amazing. it’s a site of free, public-domain bilingual books. and there are SO MANY LANGUAGES. it’s not just french and spanish, but also dutch, mandarin, ukrainian, esperanto and way more. there are only five books but they are all classics and they are all amazing! 

see that? that’s Alice in Wonderland in Esperanto and English. AND IT GETS BETTER. in certain languages, YOU CAN PLAY THE AUDIOBOOK ALONG WITH IT AS YOU READ. it’s also worth noting that you don’t have to have it in english and another language. you can have it in any two of the languages offered. 

anyway, here it is. so please guys, spread the knowledge, because it’s totally great and i have a new addiction. 

10 Tips for studying foreign languages

So I thought that I would make a post on how to boost your grade in languages at school, or just get more fluent in general!

1. IMMERSE YOURSELF EVERYDAY - Repetition is the key to feeling more fluent in a language as the more you practice, the easier and more natural it will feel to speak it.

2. TALK TO NATIVE SPEAKERS - Even better if they also are trying to learn your language so you can help each other. You speak to them in your language, then they reply in theirs. It is a very good way to learn how they form sentences and what sounds right in that language - you could even ask them to explain a few things that confuse you too! 

Visit here to find people to chat with! Or even go on the Habbo site for that language and sign up! 

3. START A JOURNAL - Write a journal completely in the language you are studying! You could include doodles with captions, song lyrics, lists of useful vocab, or just diary entries about how your day has been - anything! 

Useful phrases for French journals here and here and German journals here 

4. LISTEN TO MUSIC - Native music is a very fun way to learn! make a playlist for all the music in that language on youtube and play it atleast a few times a week and make sure to translate the parts you don’t understand! 

I only study French so can only recommend some french artists: Stromae, Coeur de Pirate, Louane, Joyce Jonathon and Indila! Also, Selena Gomez sings some songs in spanish, and most Disney songs have versions in other languages e.g. French which is good as you already recognise the tune! My favourite is “Il en Faut Peu Pour Etre Heureux” (The Bear Necessities in french!)

5. WATCH CARTOONS - Youtube has an array of cartoons for kids in foreign languages, have a browse and see what you can find! Easy for learning vocab as you can pause and translate! A great way to practice your listening skill too as learning written language and learning spoken language are two completely different matters, one may be harder for you than the other!

Peppa Pig in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish

6. START A VOCAB BOOK - Grab a cheap A5 notebook and write down every piece of new vocab / phrase that you see! Be sure that its correct first though. Every few weeks make yourself read through the whole book so that you remind yourself of the words!

7. READ - Read books in the language! I’m currently reading the French version of a John Green book (La Face Cachee De Margo) and i love it! Many popular books have versions translated into a number of languages so you can find something you know that you will like! If you are finding it hard to translate, start a word document and type up everything that you translate so that you can remember next time you pick up the book! It doesn’t matter if it takes you months and months to finish the book, its just something you can do every so often! You could also read the news on a website from their country! 

Here is a new site in French

Also the girls site ‘Elle’ is translated into many languages, find yours here!

8. PRETEND THAT YOU ARE A NATIVE - As you go around your normal daily routine, try to think in the language. Making a cup of tea? In your head (or even out loud) say ‘Now I’m going to boil the kettle’, ‘I like my tea with 2 sugars and a splash of milk’. If you cant say a word, translate it, or write it down to do later! Be sure to write the translated words into your vocab book too and try to see if you remember how to say it the next time that you make your cup of tea! For everything that you see, try to repeat the word in that language in your head.

+ I 10000% recommend Duolingo! They have an app too which is amazing and actually fun!

+ Reverso Dictionary (website here) is a great app if you’re not sure if Google translate is quite accurate (which it isn’t a fair deal of the time). It translates the word that you enter in context so that you can see it in a sentence, and is pretty much always correct as it finds it from online sources! You can also see lots of examples so that you’re sure its correct.

+ Just do an app store search for something in that language, for example search ‘mots mêlés’ and you will find french word search apps!

10. STAY MOTIVATED AND HAVE FUN! - Learning a language happens a lot easier if you find it fun and not just a chore that you need to do for school. Find a friends and learn it together, chat in the language and just joke around! If you dont like learning languages, then I can guarantee that you will find it 10X harder to learn.

Bonne chance dans vos etudes mes amis!

hello hello hellooooo! (or bonjour bonjour bonjouuuur, I must say!)

okay, i’ve had a few messages about learning French soooo I’ve created this masterpost on studying foreign languages! I’ve been learning the French language since I was four and I am now studying French at Higher level and hope this post helps a lot of you!

please note!!!!!!: like any other skill, it takes a lot of dedication and effort to learn a language. it won’t be easy but if you practice a little everyday you will be totally fine!! i’m here if anyone needs a hand x 

reasons to learn another wonderful language

∙        you make lovely friends when u go abroad

∙        it’s like speaking a secret language cause you might be the only one in your friendship group/family that know the language

∙        you can curse under your breath without ur parents knowing??? hahaha bonus

∙        uhhhh it’s fun?

∙        u can get a better job

∙        it makes u feel pretty awesome when you go abroad and understand things

∙        improves your first language (grammar etc. etc. etc.)

∙        gain respect for someone elses culture

∙        u can move/live abroad

∙        the opportunity to do more things abroad with ur extra language skill

∙        there are loads more reasons but it would take up the whole post:)))

so u wanna teach yourself??

∙        bbc languages - choose from 40 languages to self-teach

∙        duolingo - good ole’ duolingo is an amazing smartphone app (and u can use it on ur laptop etc) that lets you teach yourself a language

∙        languages online - more grammar based work on languages that you can do yourself

∙        babbel - online lessons on learning a foreign language - there are 14 to choose from (you get a trial but after that i think you have to pay)

∙        hellotalk - an amazing app on your phone that allows you to speak to people in your target language and you can help them learn English etc. it’s a win win situation guys

∙        101languages – amazing site. just visit it. okay thank u!

∙        polyglot club – meet people just like u who are wanting to learn language!! fun right???

∙        youtube – there are loaaaaads of channels on youtube which help you to learn a language. check out some of these :)))

∙        digital dialects – games based activities for over 70+ languages to choose from to begin learning

∙        forvo – basically this is a dictionary but it pronounces the words for u

∙        lyrics training – this is mainly European languages but you are to fill in the gaps from songs :))

∙        babadum – one of my favourite websites! You can pick and choose which languages you learn, it’s great

∙        livemocha – you can learn and teach people languages

∙        memrise – a fun way to learn vocab


specific languages

-          spanish

∙       udemy – learn spanish (beginners)

∙       spanishdict

∙       mi vida loca – spanish course for beginners – it’s pretty good!

∙       spanish with paul (youtuber)

∙       fluencia

∙       spanish radio stations


-          french

∙        bonjour – learn french using this site!! it’s brilllll

∙        francolab

∙        français interactif

∙        vogue – read the French edition of Vogue for reading practice

∙        comme le francais (youtuber)I watch these videos regularly! They are so helpful with grammar and vocab

∙        ls french

∙        french radio stations


-          german

∙       deutsch lernen- online lessons on German

∙       der die das – phone app which helps you learn noun genders

∙       mission berlin - german adventure game which helps with vocab

∙       german connection – kids vocab games

∙       germanpod101

∙       german  (duolingo) – everyoneeee knows duolingo, its basically a handy little app that lets u learn loads of languages


-          russian

∙       russian lessons – videos and activities on learning all things russian

∙       dictionary (russian)

∙       quizlet – revision, games, flashcards and tests on russian

∙       master russian - various activities/topics in russian

∙       bbc: a guide to russian – website to teach you the basics of russian

∙       learn russian


-          chinese

∙       mandarin lessons –audio clips provided to help u learn chinese??

∙       bbc: learn chinese – website to teach you the basics of chinese/mandarin?? (sorry I don’t speak it)

∙       chinese tools

∙       digital dialects (Chinese) – vocab games

∙       hello world – games to help you learn mandarin


-          arabic

∙       my easy arabic - learn basic Arabic (including alphabet and vocab)

∙       salaam arabic – beginner or intermediate levels of learning :)))

∙       madinah arabic – online courses in Arabic! They also offer a free 1-hour tutoring session via. Skype

∙       Haliae’s Arabic masterpost - @rockinspired.tumblr.com



other language masterposts

∙        areistotle - omg i am in love with basically all her masterposts but this is her ‘foreign language learning’ one, it is fab-u-lous!

∙        z-co - this is a masterpost and a half!!

∙        romancing the languages – variety of language resources can be found here!!

∙        language adventurer – maaaaaassiiiiiive language resources masterpost :)))))) I loooove this!

∙        les langues sont ma vie – masterpost of helpful websites to use when studying languages! it is huuuuuge


extras??? Who doesn’t love those??

·          aesthetically pleasing notes- rewrite notes as revision and make them pretty. it makes them easier to read/come back to

·          listen to the radio (in your target language) – to listen to French, I personally listen to Ado FM (it has the right balance between English and French music/speech)

·          take a break – learning a language takes time remember!! u r constantly learning so chill out sometimes :))

∙       word reference – rather than using Google Translate, try using this app because it tends to be more accurate and requires you to put in a little bit more effort. like a dictionary, only its electronic??? if that makes sense

[ If you need a study buddy or just someone to talk to, give me a message or ask and I’ll help u out!! ]

Problem people say u will have with German: Cases

Problem u actually have with German: Prefixes and compound words make words look similar and vocab hard to memorize. Also adjectives.

Problem people say u will have with Mandarin: Tones

Problem u actually have with Mandarin: LITeraCY

Problem people say u will have with Persian: Finding native speakers

Problem u actually have with Persian: ABJAD FckIGN ScRIpT DOESn’T WRiTe VowEls

Problem people say u will have with French: Pronunciation

Problem u actually have with French: Native speakers do not enunciate like at all it is a language of mumbles

Problem people say u will have with Spanish: People talk too fast!!!

Problem u actually have with Spanish: Ok so I take this ending and put that here but only if this word is over here and wait is this Argentina bc then it’s the opposite also el Athento de Ethpaña

Problem people say u will have with Swedish: They all speak English

Problem u actually have with Swedish: ^ That’s it actually 


so much to do, so little time… looks like it’s going to be a long night ahead!

on the other hand, I got back half of my results and so far i have only gotten As or Bs (and im Super happy because I got a B for Chinese!!). nervous for the results tomorrow though, i really don’t want to get any Cs!

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