“I’ve been very fulfilled by my studies. English has helped me think in an analytical way. It’s helped me see the world from new perspectives. Diving into these stories and characters has given richness to my own life. And now, when I read scripts or look at stories, I have these references for a larger understanding of humanity. I’m sure it will make my job as an actress more interesting.”

“Oh God, I would never give Emma any kind of advice – she doesn’t need any! She is great, very strong. When I played Fleur in the final two films five years later, she, Daniel and Rupert had become wonderful adults – it was extraordinary to see. Emma is a national treasure, and they are all so smart. Growing up in that situation could have affected them badly but they managed to stay so focused and so humble, which amazes me.” – Clémence Poésy on Emma Watson

Our band tentatively was called Octopus Jam…I don’t know how we came up with the title. Logan’s actually like a classical composer. He actually composed a piece of music for his part in Perks and he composed a piece of music for me, and for Ezra, so he’s very talented. He was more classical and then Ezra’s more rock and roll, and I was somewhere in the middle just doing my own thing really!” – Emma Watson