A Soldier In Space (Humans Are Weird Story)

I’ve been binging on humans are weird posts (of course) and I haven’t seen many about war or the capabilities of humans to protect themselves and loved ones in times of peril. I figured I’d try my hand since I like writing!

Alarms blared, lights flashed, and the heavy musk of singed wiring and mechanical smoke clogged the scent receptors of Xol and the remainder of his haggard, beaten crew as they were corralled and proded into the ship’s cargo bay. Xol cast a wary eye towards the invaders of his ship, his nostril flaps widening in anger. Nalfari, he cursed himself for not being more vigilant. The sector they were currently exploring was notorious for it’s pirate and raider population, and his newly commissioned expeditionary class starship was a prime target.

“Do what you will with me, but spare my crew!” Xol’s translator necklace chirped in the federations common language as he rose off his knee’s to confornt one of the many captors.

In a deafining crack the Nilfari’s pincered claw struck Xol across the head, sending him shuddering to the floor in a cacophony of his crew’s angered cries.

“Be silent or die like your comrades!” the Nilfari chittered, its mandables clicking in time with it’s bretheren’s chitonous laughter.

Xol slowly pulled himself into a sitting postion, gazing upon his crew with the unfamiliar feeling of fear prickling the spines along his back. Many members of his crew had been killed when the boarding party had first attacked, but…. Where was the human…

Almost as soon as the thought had crossed his mind, shrill insectoid screams began to creep through the cargo bay door from the hall. The Nilfari whirled on the sound, pincers coming up in a defensive position. The largest of them gestured towards the door emitting panicked clacks as two of the beings scuttled towards the entrance.

They came to an abrupt halt in the threshold, slack pincers slowly dropping to the sides of their bodies. With a noisy squelch the lifeless bodies slid to the floor, their green bio-luminescent blood casting the silhouette of a hulking man.

As the human crossed over the bodies the crew gasped. Glowing green blood splattered the bare chest and face of the large man, his flowing red hair pulled up into a loose knot and his beard matted with the blood of recent kills. In the glaring light of the cargo bay, the crew and raiders could see the missmatch scars that covered his body and face.

With a thundering roar, the human charged the remaining Nilfari. The large knife clasped in his right hand flashed, along with the fury in his eyes.

Moments after the last Nilfari fell a hushed murmur rose from the crew as they stood, collecting themselves and gazing in awe at their human crewmate. Xol slowly approached the man and gingerly placed his hand on the human’s shoulder.

“Human-Andrew… You’ve saved us..” Xol said quietly.

“No one,” Andrew huffed in a labored voice, “hurts my friends and gets away with it.”

Humans, Xol thought to himself as he and his crew made their way through the ship to collect the injured and dead, what an amazing race he got to call his friends.


Phylum Arthropoda - Subphylum Hexapoda

The most notable characteristic of the phylum Arthropoda is the presence of jointed appendages. A second major characteristic is an exoskeleton. Unlike the cuticles seen in nematodes and tardigrades, the exoskeleton of an arthropod is made primarily of chitin and can be reinforced by the process of biomineralization (the addition of tough minerals and hardened proteins). The anatomy of arthropods divides the body into three main tagma. These tagma include the head, thorax, and the abdomen. In some cases two or more tagma can be fused. When the head and thorax are fused it forms a cephalothorax. When the thorax and the abdomen are fused it is called a trunk.

Subphylum Hexapoda (”six-footed”) contains insects. Their anatomy contains all three segments: head, thorax, and abdomen. Hexapods have one pair of mandables, one pair of antennae, and one pair of maxillae on their head. Additionally they have lips called the labrum and labium. This subphylum is characterized by its three pairs of leggs. Typically insects have two pairs of wings. Hexapods, like myriapods, use spiracles (holes along the side of the exoskeleton) and tracheal tubes (tubes that allow oxygen transportation around the body) for respiration.


Above is the basic version, followed by 6 premade ones that are in the natural skin colors/tones that they come in, for a new race of adoptable sexy ladies i made called Nilmaw, they have a humanoid body type, with the main differences being their 4 arms, tail which also has a mouth, claw like nails, 4 solid blackish eyes, lengthy 3 pronged tounges, and lips/jaws that can open like a normal mouth and like the mandables with the lower jaw opening up similar to  that of an elite from the halo franchise. for reproduction, they swallow their mate, regardless of gender, via the mouth at the end of their tail, which leads to a special womb like chamber in their body where their body adapts to have the proper organs insider the chamber which it uses with the mate, once their body has adapted with organs thar are compatable with that of the mate’s in the chamber for about a week, then the mate is sent back out via the tail, and then if the impregnation was successful and was done with a mate that would make the Nilmaw the baby carrier she’ll proceed like a human woman would though their gut would look about 3 times larger than a  human woman’s. They can speak many languages thx to their unique tounge, have excellent eye sight, and instead of hair they have a head of tendrals, some of which are hard and stiff into a bit of a frill or crest like thing similar to mass effect’s asari. Nilmaw naturally come in 6 different skin colors/shades, any other colors are usually the result of their environment cause thing to under go mild mutations. Most Nilmaw, especially high class ones greatly enjoy whine, as Nilmaw need alcohol in order to survive and thus have a high resistance to alcohol poisoning and a high tolerance before they can get drunk.

this is a colorless base that for $6 i will color and customize for u, or for $5 u can get 1 of the 6 native colored ones, only 1 of each will be sold, though custom ones will be unlimited, for those interested plz contact me via note/pm and i’ll send u an invoice or at least give u my paypal address so u can send the money, if i wind up not being able to figure out how to make an invoice. you’ll have 24 hours from the time of me sending the note to respond and pay, else i’ll wait for the next person interested, if people simaltaniously wanna adopt or want to in close enough time frame to each other, i will go with the one willing to pay more and let u know if there is another buyer, once payed i’ll send u a copy of the pic and update this to show that she is now your’s, the copy of the pic will be sent via note.

graze-it-up-blog  asked:

If you didn't randomly attach your inane comments onto others' posts that had nothing to do with you again and again, then I wouldn't have sent my message. But because you're a piece of shit, I guess I will be too. Humans are omnivores. You cannot deny this. The incisors are meant to tear flesh and the molars are meant to chew plant matter. I have no problem with eating meat because I don't get mad at animals for doing the same, so doing so toward humans would be hypocritical.

Hey I know you dont know this so ill inform you

“Canine” teeth are a myth

I’ll tell you why

Theyre “vampiric” deer that have sometimes 5 in. Incisors!!!

They are fully herbivorous. And use those teeth to dig up roots and other munch coarser vegan choices.

If youve eaten fully plant based ever you would realize that without those pointy guys in your head youd have a hard time breaking down certain items…

Furthermore if youre omnivorous …why can’t you eat raw meat? Also I implore you to attempt to tear flesh from bone through skin with your feeble human teeth..let me know how that turns out.

Also how do you explain the charts explaining how were 95% alike to all herbivorous creatures

No claws for hunting
Side by side chewing mandables
12 x our length in intestines
Etc etc.

Take your time finding biased sources…with your sustainabke meat diet thats causing most gas emissions and nearly taking up half the livilable land space.

I hope youve learned a thing or two.

If you have any further ignorance I challenge you to check out bitesizevegan for further factual info