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“When I was a kid I woke up on a Sunday and I put on plays with my brothers and sisters, and we made movies with my father’s video camera. Not for something. We did it because it was fun! It was what inspired us. It was raw and it was pure and it was beautiful. It wasn’t to make rent and it wasn’t to be congratulated. It wasn’t for validation. It was because it was it. And somewhere along the way, in your profession, you start losing a hobby and gaining a job. I don’t want my hobby to become my job.” — Chris Evans


“It’s difficult to hear criticism from people you consider your peers and who you believe are on the same side. But, you know, I just carried on, and some of the stuff made me more thoughtful and questioning of my approach. But some of it you just have to not engage with, and you become more robust. And, of course, sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Feminism can be humorous, and we all have a different way of approaching that. I often wonder what mischief I can make to spread the word in a playful way. You can’t take everything in life seriously, can you?” — Emma Watson

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It’s been a year and two months since I started posting seventeen stuff~ I started this blog as an exo (as seen from my url) but I didn’t post much, I mainly used it to stalk ppl lol and reblog stuff. But seventeen was the group who MADE ME post stuff. There’s so much I love about them and I had to share it ^^ THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO SEES THIS ANW!

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“Acting wasn’t inevitable for me. I’ve always wanted to do something that is active and engaging and helps people. I would have been a firefighter. Up till a few years ago, acting didn’t pay well for me. Until recently I was still bartending in LA and San Diego and working as an actor. I was working multiple jobs and did it all – construction, car-parking valet. About five years ago I was like, ‘I’ll give it till the end of the year and see’, because I can just go and be a firefighter. A couple of times I was about to throw in the towel. Then I got a role, made some money and gained momentum. In reality you can be hot and then you can disappear.” – Scott Eastwood

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I love Amanda and Sonny's friendship so much and like I'm just imaging Amanda showing up at sonny's apartment cause they had planned to watch the game together or something, and Sonny opens the door just enough to poke his flushed face out, hair wild, and Amanda has to remind him of their plans which he had absolutely forgotten because, "Manda, I'll level with ya. Raf has been on a work trip for 3 weeks and he just got back and I'm about to get lai-" "La la la, don't tell me anymore"


Just Sonny and Amanda, being bros, but Sonny just being such a puppy dog for his boyfriend and being so excited!! that!! he’s home!! that he completely forgets the plans he’d made with his BFF.

And I love Amanda being so understanding and supportive of her best friend, whose finally gotten the guy that he’s been in love with for the past two years.

Like you know she’s kinda pissed because Sonny left her hanging at the sports bar that they were supposed to meet at, and he hadn’t answered his phone either, and what the hell was that about??

So she’s totally planning on chewing Sonny out as soon as she figures out why the hell he bailed on her, but when she knocks on his apartment door and sees her best friend, pink-cheeked and a sparkle in his blue eyes that hadn’t been there in three weeks, Amanda immediately knows the reason why: Barba is home.

As soon as Sonny sees her, he’s going wide-eyed, saying, “Shit, Amanda, shit! Oh my god, I’m so sorry! It’s just–Rafi got home and I–I was just so excited to see him, and -”

That’s when Amanda notices the lack of shirt, the mussed up hair, the blush that’s traveling down Sonny’s chest, and she smirks, and asks, “You’re about to get laid, aren’t you, Carisi?”

Sonny just bites his lip and nods quickly, blush on his cheeks deepening.

Amanda gives him a quick pat on the shoulders, and says, “It’s alright, you have fun in there with Barba. You can pay me back for forgetting me with cannoli, you got it? Oh, and please spare me the details tomorrow, alright?”

Sonny nods, and smiles at his best friend, watching her walk down the hallway, more thankful for her than he’s ever been.

Falling for a Girl

In a small clump of trees in a rocky woodland area far from any city or town a tall skinny ginger-haired boy in an overly large cotton tee and an overly small pair of old blue jeans stood with his fly open cursing his manhood. He’d been standing there for the better part of ten minutes but the tree trunk he was aimed at was still bone try and his bladder was still bursting full.

He wanted to go. He wanted it with every fiber of his being. But somehow he couldn’t get his little faucet to turn on. The nervous young man had a hard enough time using a public restroom. Here there were no walls. He felt unprotected and he knew there was a chance his business could be heard or even seen.

He tried to relax. He closed his eyes and took deep regular breaths and did what he could to forget where he was. He felt something coming. A little bit of liquid had made it past the barrier and was trickling through the channel. He heard a slight drizzle on the leaves below. Just then he heard a voice. Laughter. Girlish laughter. Manda’s voice. His passage instantly clamped shut. He knew there was no hope of relieving himself now. With a sigh he zipped up and walked back to where his fellow campers were waiting.

This was supposed to be a fun excursion. His first time camping without any grown-ups around to supervise his vacation. Because he and his friends were now grown-ups. At least they technically were even if they didn’t feel like they were. Chett was no experienced outdoorsman and the wilderness always had some misery to dole out but this camping trip could still have been fun. It would have if it hadn’t been for one factor: Girls.

What was planned as a camping trip with his two best buds had changed into a trip with two guys and one of their girlfriends and somehow further morphed into a trip with two boys and three girls. When Chett was with the guys he was just hanging out but with girls around he was always on edge. It was like being at school or work.

The girls weren’t total strangers. Chett had become a little friendly with the girl named Manda. Had a couple private conversations with her. Gotten to know her somewhat. She was a robust brunette who looked great in flannel and khakis. Her face and hair always seemed flawless even though she was staying at a campsite with only the most basic amenities. She was bright and optimistic and receptive and had a certain warmth he’d never felt in a girl. Except maybe his mother. To sum it up simply Chett sort of liked Manda.

Ironically that made him more nervous in her company than when she was just another girl. When she was around he could never relax. The hardest part to relax was the muscle that held his bladder shut. Just hearing a fleeting giggle from her had been enough to electrify his wires and shut off his plumbing.

Chett emerged from the grove and rejoined the group. So much time had passed since he’d excused himself that he couldn’t admit he hadn’t done anything. He would have to make a different excuse if he wanted to break away from the pack again. That was the only way he’d be able to relieve his ever-growing bladder. There was an outhouse at the campsite but that was a long way to go and he wanted to catch back up with the group before too long. His best bet was to go off on his own and find a secluded spot without anyone following him.

For the time being they were hiking a trail together. Bella was the first to break off from the group. She found an edible fungus and wanted to go hunting for more. Chett searched his brain for excuses but couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t get him funny stares from his fellow campers. It wasn’t easy to concentrate on a problem like that with a full bladder in tow. All he could think about was the large amount of liquid sloshing around inside there and his inexplicable difficulty getting it out.

“Do you hear water?” Tommy asked.

It threw Chett off for a moment because he was carrying a lot of water but didn’t think anyone else knew.

“A waterfall,” Bella observed as she pointed out the distant stream. It gave Chett an idea.

“It’s beautiful!” he said in exaggerated wonder. “I’m going to go look at it up close.”

He now had an excuse to walk in almost the opposite direction from the group. It looked like there was some pretty dense vegetation near the waterfall where he could hide himself while he tried to go. The sound of the running water should ease things along and mask the sound of his stream.

The plan failed however. The whole group wanted to look at the waterfall. Manda was so enamored with it she wanted to take pictures. She asked to use Chett’s camera rather than the lousy one on her phone and her eagerly obliged. After a short while they resumed their hike. Each step made Chett’s bladder sting.

The next one who broke away was Sarah. She was feeling claustrophobic and wanted to get back out in the open field downhill. Her boyfriend Liam went with her. Chett suspected it was her excuse to steal some time with him. It gave him an idea for his own excuse. If they were going downhill maybe he could go uphill. He announced his intention at the next fork in the path.

“I think I’ll see how high up I can get. Take in the view. Take some pictures.”

Tommy, Bella, and Manda acknowledged him but continued along the path they’d planned. It was perfect.

Chett’s legs carried him quickly because his desperation gave him energy. After he’d gone a ways he had to leave the beaten path because it was going into an open area. He needed bushes or tall weeds or crowded trees but most of those were dangerously close to the trail his three comrades were walking.

Finally he spotted the perfect place. There was a lush thicket that would hide him perfectly for his unmentionable task. It was nice and isolated sitting above some limestone bluffs. Chett believed he had all the energy and motivation he needed to do some rock climbing.

After he had reached where the second story window would’ve been if the rock face was an apartment building he heard a cheerful girlish voice that made him freeze in place like a gargoyle on the side of a skyscraper.

“Chett!” Manda called. “Do you want your camera?”

He’d forgotten he didn’t have a camera with him when it was essential to his excuse. After a moment of embarrassed scatterbrained mumbling he twisted around to face the girl while putting on an air of confident masculinity.

“Thank you but I don’t need it after all. I’d rather take in the sights with only my own eyes. It’s more special that way.”

Manda bought that story and even remarked positively about his way of thinking. That solved one problem.

The problem of getting up the bluff was exacerbated however. It was much harder to climb knowing a girl was watching. Not just any girl. The girl he kind of liked. Motions that had come naturally to him a moment earlier were now difficult and deliberate. In the next ten minutes he only ascended a few body lengths.

“Wow,” cooed Manda despite Chett’s shortcomings. “You’re quite a climber.”

The compliment made the boy weak in the knees. It was a bad time for that. He lost his footing and fell head over heels.

The next thing Chett knew he was lying in Manda’s arms. Her right arm was cradling his back and her left arm was holding him up at the knees. The tough young woman had caught him before he hit the ground and she hadn’t even fallen over in the effort.

Chett was humiliated. He’d carelessly embarked on a dangerous activity and almost gotten himself hurt through his own clumsiness. Stacked on top of that was the shame of failing at something manly and having to be rescued by a girl.

The combination of burning embarrassment and heart-jolting fear made him breath rapidly and sweat heavily and blush profusely. But the fall had another effect on his body that humiliated him more than anything else about the disaster: He was having an accident in his pants.

It didn’t stay in his pants for long however. His tight blue jeans and bent legs made sure of that. The cotton and denim absorbed a little of the hot golden liquid but most of it flowed right out of the bulge in his jeans and onto the rocky soil below. It flowed and flowed. His uncooperative body had forced him to hold an outrageously large volume and it was all pouring forth freely now.

It felt like an hour went by. Neither one of them said a word. The strange situation had frozen them in place. Manda held Chett in her arms and looked at him with an uncertain expression in her eyes while his eyes struggled to hold hack tears while his bladder held back nothing.

Once the bladder had become empty and the ground had become a small lake Manda raised her right arm and lowered her left arm and set the boy safely on the ground. Chett tried to speak but stopped himself in an instant because he was afraid he’d sob. His eyes were welling with tears. Then Manda did something unexpected: She hugged him with all her might.

In a comforting voice she said, “You poor boy. I never knew you had a cute side.”

Chett was astonished. A girl had called him cute. She’d said it in a context that was strange and almost insulting but she had said he was cute and the boy knew he had to capitalize on this moment. He felt speechless but knew he had to speak anyway so he managed something.

“You remind me of my mother,” he said. He scrambled for something better to say and came up with “You’re so sweet.”

“Let’s go,” Manda said enthusiastically while holding his hand. “Now’s a great time to go swimming in our clothes.”

“I hated school so much… look at a picture of me before I was 15. I am a boy. I wore my brother’s clothes, dude! Not like I cared that much, but I remember being made fun of, because I wasn’t wearing Juicy jeans. I didn’t even think about it. I wore my gym clothes. But it’s not like I didn’t care that they made fun of me. It really bothered me. I remember this girl in sixth grade looked at me in gym and was like, ‘Oh my God! That’s disgusting – you don’t shave your legs!’

I was tagged by @mari-musing to list five things that make me happy :)

1. Reading an addictive book, one that is so enthralling that I can’t stop until the last page has been turned.
2. Burning candles. Tonight I’m testing a pomegranate & sage soy wax candle that I made last night - so far so good, the house smells divine!
3. Absorbing the warm winter sunshine. Hence why I love this time of year - the summer sun in Australia is too harsh, but the winter sun warms my soul.
4. Coming home to my husband, my dog, my home…I feel so grateful and content.
5. Lying in bed at night and feeling the fluttering of my lil boy moving about inside my tummy. Right now, nothing beats that feeling.

Tagging my pregnant buddies @growinginthemountains, @light-on-dumyat, @marissaandhermister, @manda-says and @dearoldschooldiary - what’s making you happy these days?!

Making Contact Part 2

Summary: Humans!AU. Roman and Logan are professional ghost hunters. They get a call from Patton and Virgil about a ghost problem but it may turn out to be more than they can handle. There’s something weird about this Virgil kid, and will Roman even survive this?

Honestly it’s better than it sounds, please give it a chance. If you read any of my writing, let it be this!

Warnings: This gets pretty intense and dark. A lot of blood, wounds, trauma, abuse of many kinds, guns, etc. If I need to tag anything else let me know. Basically if you’re looking to be stressed and enjoy some angst, here you go!

Part one is here

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Hi everyone!!🙌🏻🙌🏻
My name is DiamandaISFJ but you can call me Manda. I’ve been here for a few month and I want to starting to make a studyblr.

About me:
- High school kids
- This month I’ll have 16 yo
- I’m from Indonesia ( if you are a Indonesian studyblr let me know 😊)
- I speak Indonesian and english (Bu
t i still learned it)

Interests :
- I like photography, a natural place, and watching movies
- In love with BTS ( ARMY here 👋🏻)
- poetry and q

Why I made a studyblr :
- I want develop my skill, learn new things, meet new people, and get motivated
- Cre
ate good study habits


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“I like mystery. I like not knowing about my favourite actresses and actors. I love seeing Meryl Streep up there and knowing so little about who she is outside of what she’s playing on screen. But I meet journalists and even young girls who say, ‘Oh, we just want to know more about you.’ I guess it’s become another a character, a role in a way, for actors to play – this version of themselves to present to them. But it is a made-up idea of who you are.”

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Nicknames - Manda/Mandy
Gender - Female
Star sign - Aries
Height - 5′3″
Sexuality - Heterosexual
Hogwarts house - Ravenclaw
Favourite animal - Kiwis
Average hours spent sleeping - 10-12 hours 
Dogs or cats - Cats
Number of blankets I sleep with - Two
Dream trip - Chateau de Versailles, France
Dream job - Actress 
When I made this account - Late 2014
Why I made this account - It was all the talk on social media and I wanted to see what it was like 
# of followers - 541

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Since I have a few hundred new followers since I last did this (hi guys!), I figured It’d be good to do another round of get to know me.

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Name: Amanda

Nicknames: Manda

Gender: Female

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5'9

Sexuality: Straight/Deansexual

Hogwarts house: Pottermore keeps saying Slytherin, but I’m not so sure. I think I’m the sweetest of Hufflepuff mixed with some Ravenclaw.

Favorite animal: Giraffes!

Average hours of sleep: 7-8, but I still feel exhausted a lot. I sleep very restlessly.

Current time: 6:58

Dogs or cats: Both

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 because I get hot easily.

Dream trip: Scotland/UK

Dream job: Teacher (which is my job, lol) and mom

When I made my blog: Last week of January 2017. I started writing mid-February

Followers: 605 (Y’all are the best!)

Why I made this blog: I became obsessed with Supernatural and started reading fanfiction. Eventually I found Tumblr and fell in love with the SPN family, so I made a blog.

Reason for my URL: I wanted to include my name so people knew what to call me and I couldn’t think of a great SPN name, so I went basic.

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delilah1331 replied to your post:                    I hope this isn’t rude or weird but I was…                   

I didn’t know you wrote fanfics! Is it possible to get a link to one?   

Oh! Yeah, sure, if you like. I tend to post my fic stuff under this tag:

Not everything is in there, since I imagine I was way too lazy to go back and properly tag every fic post that I’ve made, but that’s at least some of my works. Thanks for the interest, though! I’m honored that you would consider wanting to read anything of mine.

“I’m not an adult by any means, but I’m so glad I threw myself into [cooking], because the fear that I had was growing up in an industry where everything is done for you. I worked, absolutely. But if I wanted a cup of tea, somebody made it for me. We are being picked up every morning and dropped off, and you don’t really have to think about that stuff. I didn’t want to grow up like that. I didn’t want that to be my reality. It just gives you perspectives on things.“ – Saoirse Ronan


Hair has nothing to do with the reason we playing music. It’s a style. Something that will never last as long as the songs we play and the words we sing. Listen up ladies in bands, I’m so proud to be one of you and I don’t care if we all look exactly alike or if we are all carbon copies of each other. We have things to say and it’s up to us to get people to not just look but to L I S T E N !” – Hayley Williams

Edogawa Manji Twitter Post 01.26.2015:

The curtain has safely lowered on the Hakuouki musical Toudou Heisuke-hen. Thank you for your attendance and your support.

It was a performance that made the unity of the “Mohaya Gekidan*” even stronger. I hope to continue to receive the kind cooperation of all the theater company members.

The picture is of my teammates for this performance. Even though they betrayed me. 

*“Mohaya Gekidan” literally means “already a theater company”. I believe he’s referring to the cast members that he’s been with since the beginning.

You know, I have seen a lot of Undertale Let’s Plays by now. A lot.

And every single one of them in which it is a guy playing/LPing, save for ONE, they have said that they think Toriel and Asgore will get back together.

There is nothing wrong with saying that, of course. I just think it is interesting that pretty much everyone defaults to putting Toriel right back with her ex instead of acknowledging that she no longer even wanted to be friends with him, much less anything else.

Granted, I do believe that they will become friends over time again, but I would think that anyone with eyes and ears could tell that Toriel is not going to make that easy and she has a lot of things to come to terms with, first. She literally put herself in complete isolation after leaving her husband and the throne. It was not a decision she made lightly, I’m sure.

But time and time again, everyone I have watched, save for just one, has thrown that to the wayside when Alphys asks that question at the end of the game.

Out of curiosity, what did you guys say when you played it?