i hate how older men constantly complain about marriage and their wives ‘nagging’ when realistically it’s the woman that gets the rough end of the bargain when it comes to marriage - doing more (or all of the) chores (as well as working full time), having a manchild to look after, doing everything for the kids, copping abuse from your husband (and kids when they learn off their fathers), and much more like men have NOTHING to fucking complain about they get an easy as fuck ride and should shut their mouths and be nice to their wives for once!
The Worst: Spider Man
Kicking off a new segment on the channel with my favorite hero, Spider-Man

Before I start off let me make my conclusion up top.

This is yet another reason to hate the direction editorial has driven Spider-Man down since 2006. Because of their wretched characterization of Spider-Man for the last 10 years there are now people who not only like Spider-Man based upon a false impression of the character but straight up think he is a bad character because of those poor mischaracterizations of him.

There are now people out there for whom the manchild fuck up douche loser Spider-Man that Doc Ock was superior to on every level is the actual character.

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“Grow up and stop watching cartoons!”
“Ok. As soon as they stop being so fucking fabulous.”

hey so just letting you guys know!! fisk is coded very autistic in the daredevil show and his actor is autistic as well, so don’t call him a “manchild” or “childish”, etc. cause guess what!! autistic adults are often called children to remove their agency or to disregard them as humans!! so please, call him a jerk, call him evil, call him whatever, but don’t call him a child.