Steven Gerrard’s last match for Liverpool FC at Anfield Road, 16.05.15

When he touched the ‘This is Anfield’ sign 😢

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Gerrard & Cristiano
I don’t even want to imagine when this day comes for Cristiano …

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| Take That’s Howard Donald show support to children with fatal illness

Golf superstar Rory McIlroy and Take That’s Howard Donald have thrown their support to a brother and sister with a fatal disease.

A growing list of sports stars and celebrities (Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, Arsenal and England footballer Danny Wellbeck, former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan, Newcastle Eagles Basketball team, popstar Olly Murs, DJ James Zabiela, John Bishop, Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas, Downton Abbey’s Lesley Nicol, comedian Les Dennis and Adam Smith from Soccer AM) are backing Ollie Carroll, four, and his little sister Amelia, two, who have been diagnosed with Late Infantile Batten Disease, a degenerative condition with no cure. Both children will lose their speech, mobility and eyesight as they get older, and are unlikely to survive past the age of 12. Their parents Lucy and Mike Carroll, from Poynton, have started a campaign, Ollie’s Army, to raise money into research and to raise awareness of the devastating disease. The campaign is also about funding research into the disease and funding specialist equipment for Ollie and Amelia as their health fails.

Ollie’s Army wrist bands are being snapped up by supporters and fundraising events have taken place all over the world.



Manchester United legend George Best, born on this day in 1946. What a player, indeed.

Legacy of a “Sir”

The title explains a lot about the person discussed. Retired almost 2 years ago, Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably the best manager in the history of the Premier League. Maybe Liverpool fans will disagree and say Bob Paisley is the greatest, but nevertheless, even the biggest Manchester United hater will admit SAF is a coaching legend. 27 years managing Manchester United and what a wonderful 27 they were. Although his first years weren’t very successful, but when put under the board’s pressure, Ferguson excelled and overachieved. He then went on to achieve more than what was asked of him because he was a footballer, and he knows, fulfilling the board’s expectations doesn’t necessarily mean success. SAF, is missed a lot nowadays. Pundits agree about his marvelous football genius. Only a minority wants to fire shots of hatred and mark him as a normal manager/coach.

So regardless of what people may say, these are his numbers; 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA cups, 2 Champions Leagues and numerous individual and team awards are the highlight of his career. He was not only a manager, but also a father to many players. He was able to create amazement around the number 7 jersey, only to bump head-first into Valencia. The likes of Cantona, Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo all wore that jersey. SAF was able to unite the fans of football with the club. There was also so much controversy between him and Liverpool, the FA and many referees in which he was fined or banned for a few matches, but SAF always found a way to gain the hearts of the media. Manchester United were not a small club when SAF took over them, but he made sure that he took them to become one of the elites in Europe. Under SAF, Manchester United became the number one football brand in the world for almost 10 years before Real Madrid stepped back in. He was an overall success because of his titles and his management. He also had an eye for young talent. When Cristiano was rejected by Juventus, SAF took him to England and raised him up. Helped by the fact that Cristiano is a tireless work, he created a player that will go down in the history books as one of the greats. In 27 years SAF was only able to secure two Champions League titles, with one highlighted by the dramatic “Ferguson time” win over Bayern Munchen. SAF is a great coach whether you like it or not, he is even a better manager, but what are the reasons of only two triumphs in CL?

1)      They tell you, playing the blame game is the first step to being a failure. But we can blame the English FA for a lot of the slumps of the Premier League in Europe. The second cup, the crowded schedule and the high-wage bills are all key components of Premier League’s failure overall. SAF was part of that league for 27 years, and although he used to approach one of the cups with the substitutes and reserves, that wasn’t good enough to make him better in Europe. SAF shares responsibility here for the club’s mishaps in Europe because he was not able to balance between the importances of the competitions. He was unable to figure that in Europe you can’t approach games like you approach them against Stoke.

2)      SAF as a manager handled the acquiring and selling of multiple talents. His latest mistake was letting Pogba go on free-agent the season before he retired. This also affected him when he played continental competitions. The sort of players one needs to attract for Europe, are not the same players you attract for the English game. A game were most of the play is down the flanks and there’s a lot of randomness. SAF understood that, and he forged Carrick into a regista. A player with the sense of Xabi Alonso or Pirlo. It’s no wonder that Liverpool dropped a lot in form when they let Alonso go.

3)      SAF was overly strict at times. From the shoe incident to the Pogba incident, SAF was unable to tame talent like Mourinho does nowadays. He is a talent builder, or a talent scout who then puts his touch on the player. It is clear to see that when Cristiano hugs him or how the players look up to him. Rooney’s high transfer cost from Everton and many more showed that SAF got what he wanted. But his strictness at times affected the players. Many have gone in the dark under SAF and that is part stubbornness and part over strictness. SAF knew where he stood and at times it seemed that he was content with securing the title and a quarter-final exit from the Champions League.

4)      SAF is a legendary manager. When you want to analyze a coach, you have to look at all attributes. SAF in 24 years has never slipped from being in the top 3. Pundits on Sky-Sports once said that having SAF is an extra 10 points on the league table. He was that brilliant.

SAF is a legendary coach. Maybe the world deserved to see him coach elsewhere. Who wouldn’t have loved to see him coach Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munchen, AC Milan and many other clubs? Maybe that’s what stood between SAF and Champions League, that rigidness of the league and that by-the-book type of play. SAF’s numbers are beyond amazing and you can’t say that he hasn’t left a legacy and a benchmark for every other manager in the Premier League. But we can all agree that if Mourinho would stay as long, he might even do better. This is not at all a statement that says Mourinho is better, he needs years to reach that level, but in football, miracles happen and all is possible. Wenger was there for most of SAF’s period and wasn’t able to replicate his success, so who’s weakness is it?

Stay posted for: Ancelotti between greatness and normality

Feeling privileged of being one of the few people that can say they have played in old trafford, to have your name displayed on the field side electronic banners, #oldtrafford to share the field with Manchester United legends such as Quinton Fortune, Jasper Blomqwist, Dennis Irwin, Louis Saha, Ronny Johnsen and Bryan Robson…once in a lifetime experience #epsonworldcup #manchesterunited @epsonlatinamerica @manunite - live update by alfrednavarrom from Old Trafford on May 25, 2015 at 01:50AM

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Man United won't take it easy on Bruce's Hull, says van Gaal

Man United won’t take it easy on Bruce’s Hull, says van Gaal

Louis van Gaal has assured Newcastle that Manchester United won’t take it easy on Hull in the final day showdown that will play a major role in deciding the relegation battle.

Manchester United legend Steve Bruce is facing relegation as Hull manager with his third bottom club trailing Newcastle by two points heading into the last day of the Premier League season.

The Tigers need a win combined…

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