manchester united match


“One of my lasting memories of playing here was winning the Premier League and walking around with Brooklyn when he was 18 months old. I was very proud. He’s 16 now and a bit difficult to get on my shoulders! Thankfully, the manager agreed it was something we should do. It was special. I wasn’t expecting to go back on, play with him and pass to him but Campbell got injured. It was amazing. He did well for the 15 minutes. His first cross was great and his corner onto his dad’s head - I’ve never been any good with my head!” David Beckham about playing at Old Trafford with his son.


“It’s a great night and a proud moment for me in my career, something I’ll never forget.  It’s a huge and emotional moment and something I’m proud to share with my family and all the fans tonight, who have been fantastic to me over the last 12 years. I really appreciate their support.” Wayne Rooney

It was amazing to see Brooklyn go onto the field because one of my lasting memories being at Man United was walking around the field with him after winning the Premiership, so to see him here today, go on the pitch, replace his old man, and be out there in front – and then obviously, for me to come back on and pass the ball to him – it was nice.
—  David Beckham via the MyEye stream