manchester orchestra simple math

Pensacola | Manchester Orchestra

I am the greatest man that never lived and now i never sleep
I never lost a fight but never knew I started one the same
I never knew how capable I would become

I’m tired of talking to a wall when I could talk to someone else
It’s got seven days without a word and you’re with someone somewhere else

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Manchester Orchestra

We built this house with our hands, and our time, and our blood
You build this up in one day to fall downward and rust
You built this house with your hands, and your time, and your blood
We built this up in one day to fall downward and rust

Thanks for the tag @blakedeservesbetter c: 

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A - Age: 24

B - Birthplace: El Paso

C - Current time: 2:50

D - Drink you last had: Pepsi

E- Easiest person to talk to: Hmm, I think right now it’s my sisters.

F - Favorite song: Currently, Can’t take that away by Brother Ali, Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra, basically the entire migrant album by Dear Hunter. It’s hard to pick just one lol I’ve also been a musical mood recently too.

G - Grossest memory: eating deviled ham for the first time, it was really gross. 

H - Horror yes or Horror no: nope lol 

I - In love?: no lol  

J - Jealous of people?: Sometimes, I try to not to lean into jealousy when i’m feeling it

L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: Not a real thing

M - Middle name: I like girls so obs it’s Alex lol 

N - Number of siblings: 7

O - One wish: I wish tomorrow that someone buys me lunch, preferably Chick-Fila c: 

P - Person you called last: My sister 

Q - Question you are always asked: “Can you draw me something” 

R - Reason to smile: Katie Mcgrath, potlucks and carshows coming up c: 

S - Song you last sang: I am usually singing literally all the time but i don’t remember specifically the last song i sang lol 

T - Time you woke up: 9 something, 

U - Underwear colour: mind ya business 

V - Vacation destination: maybe ruidoso soon, and hopefully vegas next year c: 

W - Worst habit: sleep too much 

X - X-rays: Just dental ones to my knowledge 

F - Favorite food: Chicken, pizza and french fries

Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

I tag whoever feels like doing this c: