manchester event


June 29, 2007 - Alan Rickman (with a glimpse of Rima in the background) after performing a concert reading of “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” in Manchester.

(See an additional photo from this event).

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Yesterday at work I got to help set up our stand at the North West Wedding Fair at Event City, Manchester. So much fun, the stand looks so pretty (the top picture)! So many of the stands were so beautifully staged and I’m a bit in love with the photo booth caravan. If you happen to be going today, make sure to go check out the Norma & Dorothy stand!


Hey everyone.

So, I’ve been away for a lil’ while now. Been pretty busy as of recent. Not long entered a relationship with a really amazing girl, so quite naturally I’ve been spending most of my free time with her during days off work. Then I’ve been busy during the weeknights catching up on my reading. Oh, and recently I recorded a brief piece for the Socialist Voices podcast on my experiences [so far] as a trans woman living in the UK (I’ll post a link up to it later on in the week).

Anyhow, managed to get a bit of spare time before bed this evening, so decided to whack up a few more piccies from my drunken night out in Birmingham last May.

I’ll be attending the Sparkle event in Manchester next weekend, so hopefully I’ll return with a bunch of new piccies to post. If anyone else happens to be there and you spot me, do feel free to pop over and say hey.

Much love

P.S. I’ll be sure to respond to any messages left in my inbox later on in the week.