manchester canal

Historical Map: Manchester Ship Canal, England, c. 1928?

Not a “traditional” transit map, but it does show an important transportation network in a simplified strip map form, so that’s good enough for me! 

This absolutely gorgeous two-colour map straightens out all the kinks in the eponymous canal, presenting it as a dead straight line from one end to the other. The variable scale is indicated by the mile markers on either side of the map: the less interesting parts of the canal get condensed into very small spaces, while the important bits get more room (just like modern transit maps). 

Of particular note are the lovingly rendered bridges that cross the canal, each drawn individually and precisely. Their identifiable silhouettes act as landmarks along the canal, so this is a very nice touch.

The source of this map dates it at 1923, but it uses Gill Sans as its primary typeface. Gill Sans wasn’t released until 1928, so that date seems unlikely.

Our rating: Simply gorgeous. 5 stars!

When I made that post telling Jack we’d understand if the videos paused for the tour.

When I said that we just wanted him to excel and enjoy it.

When I asked him just to keep in touch with us on tour.

This is exactly what I was hoping for. I look forward to these little clippy, happy updates of new places and experiences from the gang.

Happiness by proxy.

Proud of you, boy.


Manchester 100410 (12) par Jane Gee

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