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Casey Affleck’s acceptance speech for Best Actor for ‘Manchester By The Sea’ at the 89th Academy Awards 2017

My heart was broken. It’s always going to be broken. And I know yours is broken too.
—  Manchester By The Sea

2017 Academy Award Nominations — Winners

Best Feature FilmMoonlight, dir. Barry Jenkins

Best Actress— Emma Stone, La La Land

Best Actor — Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

Best Actress in a Featured Role — Viola Davis, Fences

Best Actor in a Featured Role — Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Best CinematographyLa La Land, Linus Sandgren

Best Foreign Language FeatureThe Salesman, dir. Asghar Farhadi

Best Animated FeatureZootopia, dir. Byron Howard, Rich Moore

Best Documentary FeatureO.J. Made in America, dir. Ezra Edelman

Problems with Oscar  2k17

- Jimmy Kimmel shouldn’t have done so many comedy bits in between the show, the entire thing would’ve gone faster. 

- Why the fuck are people so against Nate Parker releasing a movie but hot on Casey Affleck winning an Oscar? 

-It should have been Denzel.

-Taraji should have been nominated for best actress and she should have won instead of someone who didn’t care that she was white washing. Especially since, Taraji reinvented the superhero role.

-When it was revealed that the Best Picture belonged to Moonlight (rightfully so) Jimmy Kimmel had the audacity to say: “Oh I think LaLa Land should keep it anyways”  First of all: That’s not his call to make so stfu. Steve Harvey made a mistake in reading the right card improperly however, he still crowned the right person in the end. To even suggest that “Oh Best Picture is Moonlight but let’s not hurt their feelings and let LaLa Land keep it” is extremely insulting. Yeah, Kimmel was probably in an awkward position but he knows, Warren knew, that it wasn’t their fault to begin with. That bit just annoyed the shit outta me.

-I’m sorry I grew up on Bollywood. La La Land ain’t shit compared to what I’ve seen. A musical about dreamers in a film industry? So… Om Shanti Om. Don’t get me wrong I see the appeal of La La Land, it’s cinematic and the coloring and effects are spectacular but it was also hyped up. 

-Loving the play, I would have loved Fences to win Best Adapted Screenplay but I’m so happy Moonlight took it.

-Mahershala Ali <3 

- Viola Davis <3

- Asghar Farhadi’s statement