One of my (non-henna) related highlights of my Manchester trip was definitely my visit to the beautiful Manchester Jewish Museum, in the former Spanish and Portuguese synagogue, and the incredible Rylands Library, where I had a wonderful afternoon with the curators of the Hebrew and non-Western manuscripts. They even let me turn the pages of the medieval masterpiece of the Rylands Haggadah - a true jewel in their collection (no pictures, unfortunately). What an amazing treat! I’m already hatching plans to be back soon…
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@swifthavenx we did it. We broke the distance. I love you sooooo much and I miss you sooooo much I would take anything to have that day on repeat for the rest of my life because I’m only me when I’m with you I just quoted @taylorswift but idec cause it’s the truth and @taylorswift thank you so much for writing and making music, because of your music we found each other and I found my BESTFRIEND I don’t know what I’d do without you Rachel I love you so much and I’ll see you soon yea fingers crossed for summer 😘😘😘💕💕💕


Magic, Witches and Demons exhibition at the John Rylands Library. 

Photos not permitted in the actual exhibition but the first photo is looking into the smallish room with it in. Worth going to see for John Dee’s drawing of the cinnamon girl in his copy of Gesner’s Book of Little Known Remedies, and the sigils/codex in Compendium Magiae Innaturalis Nigrae. The rest of the library is gloriously Gothic and ornate too!