So this is gonna be my redesign for my sheep girl. Thinking of Brii for the name… modeled after the idea of that little goat that jumped constantly, including on the other goats.. so a bouncy derpy hyperactive sheep girl it is!!

STICKY! I did it. I’ll make a final one after I get done with commissions and friendart. Help me sex her preez

Dis my Cubone. I’m still getting used to the whole digital art thing, but I feel I have a much more natural affinity to it than traditional art (to my dismay) but nonetheless!

Yay! Panties! for no good reason!!

and speckles :3

Slugbox’s pokemon drawings inspired the idea of doing one, so I tried to find one a bit out of left field..

Edit: not sure what dafuq the bg was doing on tumblr, worked fine everywhere else…