+ mancer-of-mechros

How could someone so young look so worn? Featherlight scars and signs of more recent scuffles peppered the girl’s fair skin, and Grill couldn’t help but be drawn in by how exotic she looked. A girl was a rarity for sure, but one so weathered? He’d marry her on the spot if he were younger.

For now, though, he’s content to sit and stare, as he usually does.


Gaige gasped for air and even let out a breathless laugh despite the tears, still very much present in her eyes. “You’re gonna squeeze me to death if you keep that up.” She giggled though she was very happy for the comfort. “I just had a stupid nightmare is all.” She sighed softly to herself brows drown together, she felt kind of dumb for being so worked up over a bad dream. 

Aww,” Grill purred as if to tease her, to playfully insult her for being so upset over ‘nothing’. Sure, she said it didn’t bother her, but those tears threatening to streak down her cheek said otherwise. And, to be honest, he’d had his own fair share of gut wrenching nightmares that had him up and crying in the middle of the night, though more often they had him snapping awake in a blind rage.

Bad dreams must come with living on Pandora.