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hello i am a the licensed Gender License Distributor and i am so sorry for the delay on ur ManCard(tm) hq is really slow to update me sometimes. dont get me wrong tho theyre all nice people and my boss is fun. fyi on the ManCard(tm) basically u show it to ppl who are rude and it makes them legally obliged to go fuck themselves. here u go, and have a nice day~

thank u v much licensed Gender License Distributor of the licensed Gender License Distributor Inc.

Mancard? Get at me Bro.

LOL. How would you define mancard? It’s something that represents being a “man” right? LOL. I can’t help but laugh when I get called out by other guys for adding letters to my wordsssssss like thissssssss and for writing poetry and for supporting gay rights and for being so close with girls without trying to get in their pants. You know what society? Take my mancard. Do it. I dare you. See what I care. In fact to all the guys who say they are clipping a corner off my man card, I am twice the man you will ever be, and I am quite confident in that statement. You want man points for stealing a girl? My last four relationships involved me taking a girl from her boyfriend or girlfriend (yeah I said girlfriend). Am I proud of that? Not really, but things happen. But guess what?! Instead of being a dbag I’m still friends with most my ex’s. You want more man points? I wear a uniform. I’m in the Fire Department. GET AT ME BRO. I don’t spend my Sunday’s laying on a couch watching football, instead I’m at class LEARNING HOW TO SAVE LIVES. Pretty sure that’s pretty damn manly. Just sayin’. Hmm…more man points? ok. I have a little brother, who is my entire world. I have always defended him. I have always had his back. I have always been there to teach him. I have always been there to pick him up for school when our mother couldn’t make it. I have thrown people into walls from almost running into him as they run from the police. I have given the shirt off my back to drape over him as he was young when we were stuck in a rain storm and he needed to keep dry and warm. I have always been there when YOU guys get hurt, to patch you up. I have always been there when YOUR family needs things done that YOU won’t do. I have always stood up for YOU when someone laughs and talks about taking YOUR mancard. 

So all I have to say is this. Next time you want to call me out for writing poetry, blasting Taylor Swift from my truck, or watching Glee; think twice before you get at me bro. I will end you. 

Being an individual who is not up to date and not aware of the Tom Brady “fiascos of the past” (Liddle) this advertisement is effective to an audience such as me and people who are not up to date with the media and Tom Brady’s status. The different shots and scenes of the obviously athletic, muscular, and strong Brady, although the audience like myself might not recognize or be aware of who he is just by seeing video of him, all show signs of masculinity which could contribute to the acceptance of advertisement  for an originally female-targeted shoe company.

 There is a percentage of people in the world who rely solely on credibility of athletes, actors, and singers, however, who could recognize this man as Tom Brady and form their own opinion about the product or effectiveness of the ad. Some people would simply purchase the shoes because Tom Brady was the actor involved and he posses fame and is well-known throughout sports. If Tom Brady can rock uggs or girl’s shoes why can’t I? This is an example of ethos because it “works as a rhetorical strategy by establishing the goodwill or credibility of the writer or speaker.” (Envision in Depth-ch. 2) I, on the other hand cannot make the judgment if the ad is effective when the targeted audience is individuals who are aware of Tom Brady’s past when I am clearly not one of those people.

I can image though, that if Tom Brady claims he “lost his man card” and people aware of that claim that they would not be interested in purchasing some shoes that are generally purchased by females. That is not an effective way of adverting and trying to sell your already unusual male version of a female shoe to people who are interested in keeping or maintaining their man card.

To sum it up…the advertisement is not effective for individuals who know Tom Brady’s past and who would like to keep their man card…It is effective for people who are clueless (me included) and who might not care what others think of them…or the presence of their man card.