one of my rivalshipping headcanons (platonic, romantic, or otherwise) is that they meet up incognito to play games at those chess tables in the park… kaiba’s wearing sunglasses and a kaibacorp hoodie #officialmerch and yuugi has his hair tucked under a beanie so they don’t get recognized and they stop to pick up drinks so yuugi has some caramel ice frappuccino thing and kaiba’s got a slurpee OR a 2 liter bottle of water. every week it’s a different game, so it’s backgammon or chess or checkers or two-player card games, and if it’s duel monsters then it’s old-school without holograms and they’re flipping cards by hand. and they just chill like that for an hour. they don’t even need to talk, they’re just quietly enjoying themselves

LIKE, i just want them to play games with zero stakes, without having to defend KaibaCorp/save their friends/save the world. both of them just LOVE GAMES! SO MUCH!! and it’s not their doing that somehow their passion for competition and games turned into life-or-death situations against evil stepfathers and the lord of atlantis. so I like to imagine kaiba and yuugi just doing their favorite thing and relaxing, zero pressure, texting each other like ‘you want to play chess today?’ ‘no. mokuba found our old mancala board’ ‘awesome! sounds great, see you at 2’ and having a nice time without being bothered by anyone. okay thanks

Her Name Was Emma

Her name was Emma.

That’s what everyone called her, anyways. Sometimes they would call her Em, sometimes someone would slip up and call her Emily. She was a part of our group of girlfriends growing up in a large town, not quite big enough to be a city but big enough that there was still privacy between neighbors.

We called ourselves the “Unbreakable Six,” because there was me, Summer, Mel, Nina, and Jules.

And there was Emma.

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superficially - curly hair on boys.. and.. i cant even say any preferences on girls bc they never cease to astound me w all varieties of Appearance.. baseball caps are extra cute all around though.. but mostly just good interpersonal skills and letting me win in mancala really get me going ;]]

Open When you want to know 50 reasons I love you

1. your beard

2. you smell good sometimes

3. you’re such a nerd with games and anime and crap

4. you always make me laugh

5. you’re so so so good looking

6. you’re the best cuddler i know


8. you make me feel beautiful and special and loved even when i’ve had an awful day

9. you’re a smart cookie

10. i can rely on you to show me funny memes and youtube videos

11. you have pretty good taste in movies

12. you binge watch shows with me

13. you have gorillaz video marathons with me

14. you buy me pizza a lot

15. your voice is sexy and sweet and just makes me happy

16. you’re gay for me sometimes

17. you let me touch your butt

18. you play pool or mancala (after you bitch about how much you hate mancala) with me on our dates 

19. i can beat you in mancala

20. you play zombies with me (and you put it on easy for me)

21. you’re so supportive of me

22. you aren’t afraid to kiss me in public

23. you’ve started to at least sing along with some of my bops

24. you worry about me, and even though i say i don’t need you to worry, i appreciate that you’re always looking out for me

25. you tell me when to cross the street because you know i’m bad at it

26. you make me ramen/gumbo sometimes

27. your mom’s gumbo

28. your dad

29. you’re my honey daddy

30. you let me steal your clothes a lot

31. you love me even though i’m weird

32. you smoke joes (i mean i’d love you just as much if you didn’t, but it’s nice that you do)

33. my parents love you and you’re respectful and nice to them

34. my friends love you and you’re always so sweet to them

35. you post lame crap about me on instagram occasionally which is pretty cute and makes me happy

36. when i’m sleeping you even tell your xbox live friends that you have to be quiet because you know i’ll be grumpy if you wake me up

37. waking up with you

38. you’re the cutest baby spoon i’ve ever met

39. you always have great stories

40. you’re good with kids

41. you’re colorblind and have asthma (i mean c’mon, what fun would our relationship be if i didn’t make fun of you for it)

42. you call and text me lots when i’m away 

43. your body is rockin (you hottie tottie with a swimmers body(; )

44. you tell me i’m beautiful even with bedhead and no makeup

45. you give great hugs and kisses (pretty lame, ik)

46. you help me figure out what to do in games

47. you pick me up and hold me 

48. you usually roast me at least once a day

49. you let me call you gay

50. you’re my dream guy

this is probably one of the lamest letters, but i love you lots and for a lot more reasons than these! thanks for everything you do, goober! i’m so glad you’re mine, baby



Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The Lady in Green loves you, but you will not survive her love. Beware.

Taurus: Your future echoes like thunderous footsteps in the night. Sleep with the window closed.

Gemini: The universe seeks chaos. Balance must be preserved. Even the smallest thought can tip the scales.

Cancer: Do not let others keep their insecurities with you, the burden is theirs to carry.

Leo: An angel of the night sits at your local cafe with a Mancala board. Play with them, they are lonely.

Virgo: By its nature, love is a constant force and therefore easy to take for granted. Carve I love you into their forehead.

Libra: Allow frustration to be fuel for change lest it fester into anger and resentment. Don’t let anything fester really, festering is bad in general.

Scorpio: The stars like to doodle when they are bored or sad and think perhaps it might help you. Expression is the only way to feel better in the long run.

Ophiuchus: The hole in your heart cannot be filled with love, it must be filled with a nice fat ass.

Sagittarius: The mistake is thinking that its your fault. Blame is usually an unproductive concept.

Capricorn: You really don’t want to see the lengths they’d go to for you.

Aquarius: Being up front about things takes real bravery, but its almost never a bad option.

Pisces: The ancient Lakota king buried under your home loves the music you’ve been playing and asks if you’ve checked out the new Childish Gambino album.

Her Name was Emma

Her name was Emma.

That’s what everyone called her, anyways. Sometimes they would call her Em, sometimes someone would slip up and call her Emily. She was a part of our group of girlfriends growing up in a large town, not quite big enough to be a city but big enough that there was still privacy between neighbors.

We called ourselves the “Unbreakable Six,” because there was me, Summer, Mel, Nina, and Jules.

And there was Emma.

Emma started off as a practical joke by the other girls in the fourth grade. It was probably Jules that started it. She was always playing pranks of people. In high school, she even got suspended once for going too far, and had to babysit for hours to buy that girl a new cellphone. Or maybe it was Summer, who always seemed too busy with music and band to think of such an elaborate prank. Or maybe it was Mel and Nina, who were best friends and could have lived without us, always conspiring together like they were twin sisters.

Either way, I bought my lunch, cold cut sandwich and carrot sticks and a pint of orange juice (I couldn’t stand milk; it would account for how short I ended up being) and walked over to our lunch table. Jules looked excited, waving me over to them.

“Lotte! Look!” I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be looking. “This is Emma. She moved here from Los Angeles!” We lived far inland and into the boonies. Los Angeles was glitzy and glamorous and chic compared to the flat houses and half-rate high school football that was the only real source of entertainment in the area.

“Uh, what?”

“Los Angeles, dummy,” Jules said, rolling her eyes. “She’s not in our class, she’s in Miss Lark’s, but she’s the same grade as us. Isn’t that cool?”

I still wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be looking. I sat down with my tray uneasily, wondering what I was supposed to see. “Who?”

Summer jabbed me in the side. “You’re being rude,” she hissed quietly. Summer was all about rules and manners. “Say hi to Emma.”

I looked around our table, from Jules to Mel to Nina to Summer and back to Jules, who was waiting impatiently. I don’t know. I was weak. I wanted to fit in. I didn’t get it.

“Hi, Emma.”

They seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief, like I was making everything awkward. “Charlotte’s weird sometimes, but her brother has a Nintendo that he lets us play sometimes.”

They kept on talking, chatting about whatever fourth grade girls chat about, and I ignored it. If they wanted to play that prank, then that was fine. I wasn’t going to buy into it. I was always a precocious child; I knew that what they were looking for was a reaction.

That’s how Emma became a normal part of our lives. It was crazy. We would buy her birthday presents, and they’d disappear like they were taken. I wonder how many candle making kits and Mancala games Jules had piling up in her closet after all these birthdays. One year, Mel even got Emma a really nice necklace, and that disappeared too.

We never went to her house. I asked Nina about it when I was sure that “Emma” wasn’t there.

She gave me this scandalized look. “Lotte, don’t be rude. Emma’s family doesn’t have that much money, she’s embarrassed to let us come over. She told Mel that, who told me, and it makes sense. I mean, what she wears all the time… I mean, we still love her, we’ll always love her, she’s one of us. But don’t rub in the fact that we can’t go to her house. That’s mean.”

After I was scolded so whole-heartedly by Nina, I didn’t ask again. They were covering their bases really well, and by seventh grade, I had to accept that they were taking this prank all the way.

It was weirdly comforting in a way. There was this silent friend that I never saw, but she was always around. We would leave seats open for her, and when we did the buddy system someone always had Emma, walk into the bathroom by herself. When we decided that we wanted to be lame and come up with a name for our group of friends, we decided on the Unbreakable Six, even though there were really only five of us.

I was curious in sophomore year of high school when we were having a sleepover. Summer was at band practice late and Emma couldn’t make it, she had to work on her science project, according to Mel. So I asked Jules, the likely mastermind behind it all, “If you were going to write a story about Emma, like her biography, how would you describe her? Down to every detail?”

Jules loved stuff like that. She wanted to be a writer someday. “Well, she’s taller than you, which isn’t hard.” I threw a pillow at her that she dodged deftly. “She’s medium build—” Jules dropped her voice to a whisper, “—even though she gained a little weight recently but we’re not gonna tell her and she’s still beautiful.

“And… she has green eyes and brown hair, and she’s got freckles. She hates getting her picture taken. She’s nice, but quiet, and she dances really beautifully, I mean, you’ve seen her, right?” Of course, that time a few months ago when we turned on some music and danced around together to practice dancing at homecoming, so we didn’t look weird or do it wrong. We stopped after a while and oohed and ahhed at empty space for a while.

I didn’t ask any more questions. I knew that they would keep up the charade for as long as they could manage.

It was in our senior year of high school that it happened. I don’t know why it set me off, not really. It was something little, something stupid. We were hanging out in Nina’s pool, even though it was still too cold to swim. Teeth chattering and goosebumps rising on our skin, we were waiting for the Jacuzzi to heat up to jump in. The cold sunlight cast a long shadow, and the wine coolers we snuck earlier was making that shadow seem menacing. It was annoying for me for reasons I can’t place.

“Look at Emma, Lotte!” Jules called. She wolf-whistled and hooted, over the top like Jules always is. “Hot mama, look at that booty!”

I didn’t know where to look, like always. Like for the past nine years of my life, I didn’t know where to look. Since the fourth grade at our lunch table, dancing in Summer’s living room, homecoming, football games, at the park, in class, anywhere, I didn’t know where to look, because Emma wasn’t there.

That’s when I snapped.

“Fuck Emma!” I screamed. “And fuck all of you! Have you been waiting for this! The moment I completely lose my fucking mind! Well, here it is!” I waved my arms around, manic and furious. “Emma. Isn’t. Real. Emma isn’t fucking real!”

I looked at their confused faces. “Oh, you’re gonna keep this up? I fucking hate you guys, you’ve always done this, made me the butt of your stupid prank for almost ten years, guys! TEN YEARS!” I slipped a little on the wet concrete but regained my balance. “Fuck you, I hate you so much.” Tears welled in my eyes, years and years of pent up frustration finally spilling over. “Emma was some stupid prank that got out of hand and I can’t believe that none of you ever had the balls to tell me that it was a stupid prank! No, it had to keep going, you had to keep laughing behind my back! It’s not fair!”

Summer was furious. “Lotte, don’t fucking be this way, Emma is right there and you’re being a bitch, why are you doing this? Are you mad?”

Mel spoke up in a tiny voice. “Lotte, you look hot too, I mean, you look good in your bathing suit too.”

“Yeah, but don’t take out your anger on Emma, god,” Nina said, rolling her eyes. Nina walked over to the side of the pool and reached out a hand, like she was rubbing someone’s back. “It’s okay, Emma, Lotte’s just under a lot of stress right now, figuring out where she wants to go for college.”

“Shut up!” I howled miserably. “Stop it, stop it, stop it! Emma isn’t real! She’s not there! How could you guys do this to me?”

They were starting to look scared. They were really invested in this prank. I wondered what the endgame was. When were they going to start laughing, when were they going to jump up and say, “Gotcha!”

I had enough of this. If they wanted to play charades, then let’s play charades.

The next part was a blur. I don’t remember it, not even now. But I walked over to where Emma was and I kicked at the air. I heard a scream and I slipped on the slick, wet concrete and hit my head. There was blood everywhere. There was so much screaming, but I kept on kicking and punching and fighting until I blacked out completely.

I came to a day later in the hospital. My parents were there, and so were my friends. They were pale and tired and miserable looking. My heart panged. I must have really scared them. When my parents left, Jules approached me. She took my hand.

She began crying. The others stared crying too. “I’m sorry, Lotte,” she wept. “I’m really sorry.”

It was almost frightening, looking at the way my friends were. They were beside themselves in the privacy of the hospital room. I started crying too. I wasn’t sure why, but I started stammering apologies too, like if we all said sorry things could go back the way they did. “I’m sorry,” I cried.

Summer was the only one who didn’t look like she forgave me completely. She looked at me, eyes red and cheeks pink and wobbly chinned, and said, “Are you?”

I didn’t have to answer. The nurse came in to change the bandages on my head.

For the rest of the year, no one mentioned Emma. Emma only belonged to our tight-knit group of friends, so there was no mention of Emma. One time, a cop came to the principal’s office, and Mel and Nina were quick to drag us away.

After the accident, I withdrew from everyone. I didn’t talk to anyone. I didn’t go to Summer’s recital, I didn’t go to Mel’s birthday party, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t go to prom, just stared at the ceiling, wondering what had happened. Emma was in most of my life, and now she felt like a ghost.

I graduated high school and left immediately to go to a university far away in Southern California, where the weather was always perfect and the beach was a five minute walk away. I started to recover. I realized that I was depressed after what had happened, understanding that my best friends chose a punchline over me. Unbreakable Six, yeah right.

I got good grades, volunteered at an animal shelter, found a boyfriend. He was so nice to me, even when I got quiet when he asked about high school. He never pushed, just held me when I had bad days and made me pancakes.

It was four years later when I was about to finish up college when I ran into an old classmate from high school. Her name was Annie. She hung out with a different crowd than me and my friends. Most people did; the six—the five of us were a clique of our own, separated from everyone else.

I ran into her in our apartment complex. It turns out that she was living there the whole time and we didn’t know. I wasn’t necessarily friends with her, but overreacted the way you do when you see someone that you haven’t seen in a long time.

“It’s been forever!”

“Oh my god!”

I went to her apartment for coffee and saw that she was packing up her things. “Moving back home for a while until I find a job, yuck.” I saw a thick book on the sofa. “Oh, yeah, that’s our senior yearbook. I was flipping through it when I found it in my bookshelf.”

I didn’t bother getting a yearbook. I didn’t have friends at the end of high school. But I was curious to see what I looked like back then, if I had gained or lost weight, if my skin had gotten any better. I opened up the first page and was instantly confused.

“‘For Emma’?” I read aloud from the first page. It was a dedication. My mind raced; was there someone named Emma in our year?

“Yeah, it’s really sad what happened to her,” Annie said, handing me a mug of hot coffee.

I flipped through the yearbook, looking for a trace of Emma. Then, I found it. My heart stopped, mouth going dry. My hands shook as I held the yearbook, looking at the photograph.

It was a picture of the Unbreakable Six. We stood with our arms slung around hips and shoulders, sticking close together for the photograph. There was Summer at the end, then me, then Jules, then Mel, then Nina, then…

I had never seen this girl before in my life. Never. But there she was. I can’t even remember getting this picture taken. She was right there at the end. Green eyes, brown hair, muffin top, shy smile, threadbare shirt and ripped jeans, looking straight at the camera like the rest of us. She looked as normal as can be, just another teenage girl.

Annie looked over my shoulder. “Oh, there you all are. What did you call yourselves again?”

“What happened to her?” I couldn’t even touch her photograph, just let my shaking finger hover over her face.

Annie fell quiet. “Well, I guess you might not really remember that well, after your head injury. And you just kind of faded away from everything, stopped doing much at all. But Emma disappeared. Out of nowhere. The cops came by once to ask questions, but her parents were both poor and junkies, so no one really cared. Just another girl that disappeared.”

I left Annie and went back to my apartment, the one I shared with my boyfriend. He took one look at my face and started boiling some water for tea, grabbed a blanket to throw over my shoulders. I pulled away from him, locked myself in my room. I stared at the ceiling. I was eighteen again, lost and confused.

The girl’s green eyes haunted me. Emma’s eyes haunted me.

I went on facebook and found my old friends, my best friends, and I told them, “Please meet me back at home. It’s important.”

I returned back to our big-town little-city, went to the newest Starbucks and waited. They trickled in, one by one. Jules, small time blogger who works at an Italian restaurant until she made it big. Summer, brown and freckled from band camp, coaching kids for their field shows. Nina, the hot librarian at their old high school. Mel, her belly swollen with her second child, wedding ring secured to her left hand by her high school sweetheart.

My friends were not the same, and neither was I.

I cut to the chase. I couldn’t spare a moment for small talk. “What happened to Emma?”

They exchanged uneasy glances. They knew this was coming. “Nothing,” Jules said with finality. “Emma wasn’t real.”

“She was just a trick,” Nina said softly. “She was a prank.”

I figured they might pull this shit. I reached into my bag and slammed the yearbook down on the table, making our drinks rattle and one fall over, spilling tea onto the ground. No one moved to try to pick it up. They stared at the yearbook instead. “Emma was real,” I finally whispered. “Emma was real. What happened to her?”


“Cut the crap, Jules,” Summer snapped. She turned to me. “Lotte, you killed Emma that day by the pool. You went nuts and kicked her and kept kicking her when you slipped and fucked up your head, and you bashed her head and she fell in the pool and it was too late to save her and we had to worry about you and—”

“Summer!” Jules shrieked, swatting her in the arm. I was silent, absorbing what Summer said.

Mel spoke up in a tiny voice. “Lotte… we weren’t going to let you go to jail.”

I looked up at my friends, tears running down my cheeks. “Why?”

Nina reached across the table and took my hand. She squeezed it, hard. “Because we’re the Unbreakable Six. We don’t break because one went crazy and another’s dead.”

I excused myself to the restroom and wept for what seemed like hours. It couldn’t have been that long, but there were angry knocks on the door from other patrons who needed the restroom. I sat there on the dirty floor, sobbing, until I had cried everything out.

I came out where my friends—my best friends—were still waiting. I sat down in my seat and faced them. “I want to turn myself in.”

There was an outcry of different responses. Summer seemed willing, ready to have me turn myself in to the police. Jules yelled out about them all getting in trouble. Mel started to cry. “You don’t have to,” Nina said. “You don’t have to, we got rid of all the evidence, we buried her far away where no one would find her.”

“I want to turn myself in,” I repeated firmly. “I killed her. I’ll tell the cops that it was just me, that I buried her. Tell me where she is so I can tell them where I put her. None of you will get in trouble, it wasn’t your fault.” I thought I had finished crying, I thought I had nothing left, but I choked out what I wanted to say for so long. “I never saw her.”

They looked at me expectantly.

“I never saw her, not even once. I thought… I thought it was just a big prank you were playing on me, I didn’t want you to laugh at me… The girl in the yearbook, I had never seen her before. I just played along.”

Nina nodded. “I thought it was weird that you were always so cold to her. Like you didn’t even acknowledge her.”

“She really liked you,” Mel said. “She thought you were so smart, that you were going to go out in the world and do amazing things. She would always talk about that.”

I felt as though my heart would burst. “I swear I never saw her. Something must be wrong with me, but I never saw her or heard her…” I cleared my throat. “Show me where you buried her.”

We got into Summer’s car and drove out far, into a park in a different city. The park was huge and overgrown, like no one had been there to take care of it in a long, long time. I got out of the car, and left behind by a worker long ago was a rusty shovel. I took it with me.

Jules led the way, deep into the park, deep through the trees, until we came to a small clearing. The dirt wasn’t fresh, there were no markers or indicators, but the way my friends’ faces paled at the sight, I knew this was it. Emma was there, under our feet.

“I gotta see her,” I whispered. I dug the shovel into the ground. “I gotta see her.”

Mel didn’t want to see anything, so she and Nina left back for the car. Jules and Summer found different tools, a hoe and a rake, and we started digging. Blisters rose and popped on my hands from the old shovel, but I kept digging as beads of sweat rolled down my neck, my back.

The three of us worked together in silence, digging up our best friend. Suddenly, Summer jumped back in disgust, throwing her hoe aside. Jules did the same, stepping out of the hole. We looked down. Summer gagged, covering her mouth and nose, and Jules shook her head at the sight.

Me? I laughed and laughed and laughed, tears streaming down my face, laughing until it hurt as I looked down into an empty grave.


EDIT: explanation

The teaching fics are so bountiful with Destiel. Dean sidling up behind Cas to show him how to hold a gun or play pool, lingering touches and glances over late night poker teachings. Cas still not quite understanding why these games are played, to which Dean eventually replies a gruff “Fun, Cas. For fun.”

“But why do people bet money?”


“Why is that?”

“I don’t know, Cas. Maybe they do it to stay alive.”

Which shuts Cas up quickly, remembering all Dean did for his brother. Thankful he doesn’t have to play these games out of necessity.

But what if Cas then teaches Dean a few games. Played with beans and rocks on dusty streets with small children in the 1400s.

“This is mancala.”


“I think people still play it today. But I remember children first taking handfulls of beans or pebbles in Sumeria to lay out like this.”

Cas’s hands carefully counting out fives to place into piles.

  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand:
  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand:
  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand: fuuuuuuck
  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand: if i knew how boring self-imposed exile was gonna be
  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand: i would've
  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand: brought a board game
  • luke skywalker holding a perfect headstand: something
  • luke skywalker fashioning a mancala board out of the local resources to play mancala with himself: goddddddddddddd

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Gom+Kagami+Kiyoshi playing board/video games with their s/o?? Your blog brings me life <3

Okay so these are basically all the games i own………..

You handed Akashi the controller and he crossed his legs on the couch, crouching like he was preparing for battle. Well he was in Uncharted against the other players, but he was taking this awfully seriously. 

Once the game started he cried in outrage, “You got in my way I nearly had that kill!”


“Kneel, repent, you’re dead to me.” He snarled, trying to beat you in the game.

‘We’re on the same team you can’t do me any damage-”


Aomine placed his chin in his hand and sighed. “I don’t wanna do this…” As you placed the nerf band around his other hand and turned on the ball. 

“It’s not that hard, even someone as lazy as you could do it.” You said, placing the other sensor on your hand. “Ready?”

He sighed again and you took that as a yes before chucking it at his face. It bounced off the side of his head and he scrambled to get it before the timer ran out and throwing it back at you. “Don’t be violent!” He yelled as his throw hit you in the gut. 


Kise leaned forward to look at the game, “Mystery Date?”

“Mmhmm!” You hummed and began to set up the door.

Once you got to the first time spinning the door Kise opened it and got the “Dud” He frowned at it. “Damn it I wanted the bowling date!”

“I think he’s cute, you shouldn’t judge someone by how they dress!” You teased and he stuck out his tongue.You spun the handle and opened the door to the bowling date.

“You liked mine, so trade me, ______-chii!” Kise grinned.

You shook your head. “I like this one better!”

The two of you ended up tearing the door from the board in a fight.

Kuroko watched silently as you rolled the die and moved your pawn from the Ballard room to the conservatory. “I think it was Mrs. Peacock with the candlestick in the hall.” You accused.

“Hmm, ______, you sure seem to suspect me quiet often.” He said, flashing you ‘The Hall’ card and continuing onto his turn. “I think it was Mrs. Peacock with the candlestick in the conservatory.”

You looked at your cards and gulped. You couldn’t prove him wrong. And you were in the conservatory. You looked up at him and a menacing smile was on his face. “It was me.” he whispered.

Midorima looked skeptically at the game in front of him. “I don’t see the point of this.” He held up the card board credit card that came along with Mall Madness and sighed. 

You handed him the board that showed all the things he had to buy. “Just pretend these are the lucky items you need for the next week, maybe you’ll catch a sale!” You grinned.

He seemed to actually consider this and when he bought a cassette player on clearance half way through the game, he was actually smiling and seemed to be enjoying himself. 

Murasakibara grinned maliciously as he slammed down on the lever repeatedly trying to get all the balls he could. Murasakibara wasn’t always super big on board games. But when you replaced the marbles in Hungry Hungry Hippos with skittles he was all for it. He was so fast that you hardly had a chance.

When every single one of the candies was on his side he smiled innocently at you. “Thanks for playing with me, _____-chin~”

He only liked it because he won…

Kagami scratched his head looking at the mancala board. “This looks hard.” He groaned.

You smiled smuggly. “Oh it isn’t hard! You just have to use math and quick thinking to figure out how to get the most marbles in your side.” Your grin widened. “That shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?”

His scowl deepened “You’ve done it… You’ve found the worst game ever…”

Kiyoshi pulled out the jenga block with the most serious expression you’d ever seen him wear. The tower swayed dangerously, but of course it didn’t fall. He hadn’t lost yet, always pulled the last solid block and left you with the impossible choices. 

“I thought you were nice Teppei.” You sighed as the tower toppled over and sprayed bricks everywhere.

“Let’s play aga~in.” He grinned and you chucked a brick at his chest.