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well im not doing the name thing anymore but im gonna answer this one because she is very important

i met Lauren in a psychiatric unit. it was my third admission, and all the patients i knew weren’t there anymore, so i was super quiet and my social anxiety was really bad. Lauren was with the other patients quite a lot and they were throwing sticky lizards on the ceiling. I was wearing band merch, and Lauren said ‘omg i love your hoodie’ so i opened up to her quite quickly, talking about bands and concerts and stuff. we played just dance on the wii together and i taught her how to play mancala (my favourite strategy game). Lauren is so chatty and always cheered me up when i was feeling bad, and gave me space when i was having an episode. we messed around a bit and gave the staff some grief, but it was fun, and she made my 3rd admission to hospital a lot easier to deal with. She’s outspoken and has the hair i wish i had, and she’s beautiful (i must admit i had a bit of a crush on her when we first met). i wish we could see each other more because she’s such a great friend and we always have lots to talk about, but we’re both moving far away :( love you lots Lauren xxx



I always used to want to play this game at the after school care program I went to in elementary school BUT I remember knowing that I was never going to because I was a girl. If even the guys had to argue with each other to play, there was no way I was ever going to get my hands on it…so I just watched from a distance…as I played mancala…every day.