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roshytsunami  asked:

Headcanon that Bruce and Clint knew each other at the orphanage but because Bruce didn't have to stay there as long as Clint because his aunt fostered him he doesn't remember Clint until they both are fighting a battle in the town where the orphanage was and Hulk remembers the blonde bird with the missing tooth and strong Iowa accent since Hulk has always been with Bruce even before the accident.

The team is nervous when the battle is over and Hulk doesn’t immediately change back into Bruce. Instead, he lumbers off and Clint follows him straight to the orphanage. Clint’s got memories of that place, but he pushes them aside because he needs to make sure all those kids are safe. He knows Hulk would never intentionally hurt them, but he’s big and kind of clumsy sometimes.

Still, he’s surprised when Hulk sits down and starts playing Mancala. His enormous fingers carefully pick up the tiny marbles, and Clint is flabbergasted. He’s impressed, too. It seems the orphanage finally had enough in its budget to buy a new game. This one has all the marbles.

Then Hulk looks over at him with a boyish smile that Clint can’t help but return. “Play again?” Hulk asks, and Clint remembers.

Remembers a curly-haired little boy with his eyes downcast, twice hidden behind scratched lenses. The boy was so quiet and contemplative and he always beat Clint at this stupid game. The only words he ever heard from him were those two. A quiet ask if he’d like to play again.

Clint sits and plays, again and again.


I always used to want to play this game at the after school care program I went to in elementary school BUT I remember knowing that I was never going to because I was a girl. If even the guys had to argue with each other to play, there was no way I was ever going to get my hands on it…so I just watched from a distance…as I played mancala…every day.

National Game of Africa

Whether you call it Wari, Woro, Awele, Oware (Owari), Kboo, Kbo, Ayo, Ayoayo, Kale, Aghi and in Mandinka, Mancala. Those who have played know that this game can be very addicting. So addicting that you can spend days on end playing the game, telling stories around the game, taking breaks just to eat and even having intense arguments —or maybe those are just my experiences with it.

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