How’s your mancabulary?

You’ve heard of manboobs, you’ve got a man bag, but how are the rest of your “man-amalgamations” holding up?


A candle that smells masculine, or is indeed manly enough to e lit in the presence of another man, without causing confusion.


To groom oneself, with specific regard to all things hair related. Includes waxing, shaving and general de-furring.


Vanity: defined as excessive pride in one’s appearance or achievements. When displayed by a man – manity.


A sandal designed for a man. Characteristics include thick leather straps, a solid sole and definitely no gold stripy bits.


1) A “support” garment worn for medical reasons, e.g. twisted knee. 2) A pair of tight (often a few sizes too small) jeans.

Article via Esquire UK Edition