Cute Manatee (by POEETIC5)

My favourite Manatee video to end Manatee Monday

Thank you to all the contributors! 

Manatee Monday, not Power Rankings

Manatee Monday, not Power Rankings

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I usually have power rankings for you on the first of the month, if not sooner, but look. I’m moving today. And Besterns happened this weekend, with no time for me to ponder those results. SO. You’re getting power rankings later in the week instead, okay? Until then, please enjoy some pictures from Manatee Mondays past. Sneaking a drink of my iced coffee, huh? Remember that day at the zoo? All…

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the first time i saw a manatee at sea world (fuckseaworldthou) I started crying I was so happy and I wouldn’t leave the tank for an hour so my mom and brother went off somewhere and my dad sat with me while I watched them.