Four rich fathers go golfing.

One of them stays behind to pay the bill and the other three proceed to the first hole. While golfing, the three fathers start bragging about their sons.

The first father says, “I am very proud of my son Arthur; he is my pride and joy. He started working at a very successful company at the bottom of the barrel and now he is at the top!  He became so rich that he gave his best friend a top of the line Mercedes Benz for his birthday.”

The second fathers says, “My son Ivan is also my pride and joy, I am very proud of him. He went to flight school to become a pilot and managed to become a partner in the company where he now owns the majority of the assets. He became so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday.”

The third father says, “Well, well, well - congratulations! My son, Ludwig, is also my pride and joy and is also very rich. He became an engineer. He started his own construction company and became very successful and a multimillionaire. He built a mansion especially for his best friend.”

Then the fourth father catches up and they ask him how his son is doing.

The fourth father replies, "Oh, my son Alfred is gay and he makes a living dancing as a stripper at a nightclub.”

The three friends shake their heads and say, “What a shame, you must be so unhappy! How tragic.”

The fourth father replies with a bright smile, “Oh no, I am not ashamed at all! Alfred is my son and I love him just as well; he’s my pride and joy. And he is much loved by his friends too. Did you know that his birthday just passed and the other day he received a Mercedes Benz, a brand new jet and a huge mansion from his three suitors?”

“I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay. So I never did anything. When they found out that Garry and I were together, they were so happy. The reaction was so beautiful — strangers commenting, ‘Great for you!’ I’m just so grateful for it.”

Barry Manilow has officially come out as gay, telling People magazine about his marriage to his manager and partner of 40 years, Garry Kief, and how his fans have reacted. Congratulations! (via People)

Take It or Leave It


This is something new I’m trying where the reader is a Lawyer for Tony Stark but after the Avengers get back together after the Accords Ross is still coming after them. Tony Stark wants the reader to get Ross off their backs but what happens when Ross decides to play a little dirty? 

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“What is this, Tony?” Steve looked from the sheets in his hand.

“It’s a resume.” Steve stared at the man. “Y/N L/N, she’s my go to lawyer. When I met her she had only just started at her firm. She had just finished a case and was handing it in to Hayden Hughes, the Managing Partner at the firm, when I was in his office. Instead of taking me to a senior partner to sign with, he told me to sign with the girl. I’ve never regretted it.” 

Steve looked back at the paper. “So you trust her.” It wasn’t a question. 

“Listen, Rogers, if there’s anyone you can get you out of your predicament, shall we say, it’s her. Her record runs on a strictly win-only basis.” 

“She’s worth a shot, Steve. I may have only met her for twenty minutes once before when she was getting Tony to sign something but she’s a good kid. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone keep him in line as well as she did apart from Pepper.” Bruce looked up from his StarkPad to affirm Tony’s praise of the lawyer. 

“Hey! I’m not that bad!” 

Natasha spoke up from her quiet conversation with Clint. “You’re only proving his point, Stark. Besides, this L/N lady can’t be that bad; she’s from the best law firm in New York, Hughes and Wood, which means she came from Harvard, the best law university in the country. She’s used to working cases which have high stakes so she knows discretion is key.”

“What’s the worst that she can do? We’re already wanted fugitives.” Wanda quipped in her thick accent. 

“Call her, Stark. Let’s see what she can do.” 

“No need, Mr Rogers, Mr Stark already called.” You waltzed out the elevator bags scattering your body. “But more importantly, I brought the Chinese.”

“We’ve already eaten.” Steve turned to look at you front on.

You laughed. “Oh that would be a good joke if takeout menus weren’t scattered across the coffee table, members of your team weren’t holding the aforementioned menus, half the people didn’t perk up at the thought of food and I didn’t get all of your favourites.” 

“How would you know our favourites? You have never met us.” Wanda queried. Her distrust for you was clear on her face and through her body language.

“Then how can I do this, Miss Maximoff?” You plopped most of the bags on the floor apart from the food. “Crispy Shredded Beef for Mr Stark, Chicken Chow Mein for Dr Banner, Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls for Captain Rogers, Szechuan Spare Ribs for Miss Romanoff, King Prawn Chop Suey for Mr Barton, Honey Pork for Mr Odinson, House Special Foo Yung for Miss Maximoff, Special Crispy Noodles for Mr Vision, Singapore Mixed Meat Chow Mein for King T’Challa, Stir Fried Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce for Mr Lang, Shrimp Chow Mein for Colonel Rhodes, Beef Shanghai Style for Mr Wilson, Chicken Singapore Noodles for Mr Parker, and finally Crispy Chicken Fillet and Roast Duck Fried Rice for Sergeant Barnes.” You finished as you placed the final tub on the table. 

“Oh that’s it. She’s my favourite lawyer.” Clint fist pumped the air dramatically. 

You raised an expectant eyebrow. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you miss the memo? I wasn’t done. I also got Prawn Crackers, Prawn Toast, Crispy Seaweed, Spring Rolls, Crispy Wontons, Salt and Pepper King Prawns, Honey Roast Spare Ribs, Yung Chow Fried Rice, Fried Dumplings, Deep Fried Crab Claws, Aromatic Crispy Duck and finally Fortune Cookies for a bit of fun.” 

“I think I’m in love.” Scott whispered, staring at you.

Ignoring the blubbering man, you pulled out a gift bag from the collection around your feet. “Sorry I couldn’t make your birthday Mr Stark, you know I had court the next day and you can’t arrive in court under influence.” 

“Sure thing, Bunny, no worries.” The man smirked as the nickname came out again. Apparently when you were working or thinking your nose scrunched up and Tony had made it his job to entitle you with a nickname because of it; he thought of Bunny to be a sufficient name. Either way, everybody was watching with rapt attention as Tony removed the black tissue paper from the top of the bag and pulled out the box inside. Tony’s face lit up at the sight, prompting the question. 

“What did Lawyer Lady get ya, Tin Man?” Sam asked expectantly, like a petulant child. 

Thankfully Vision saved him from his despair. “It appears to be a Glen Garioch 46 Year Old 1958 Whiskey, average pricing around $2,777.” 

Low whistles ran throughout the men of the room. 

“Vis! You don’t tell people the price of gifts!” Wanda gave an exclamatory hiss in said man’s direction causing him to frown in thought.

“Damn, L/N. That’s good whiskey.” Sam addressed you but his eyes were still on the bottle. 

“If you play your cards right, Mr Wilson, you might get gifts like that too.” 

He shot you a flirty smirk. “I’ll play you any cards you want if it gets you around here more often.” 

“I’m surrounded by people like Mr Stark, and more, all day, Mr Wilson, you’re going to have to do better than that.” You pouted slightly at the man, fully enjoying the little exchange. 

“I like her. I’ve been telling you for a long time, Birdbrain, you’ve got to up your game.” James permitted himself to join the conversation. 

“Damn, and here I was thinking the only person you like was you boyfriend: The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan.” 

“Didn’t you get anything for yourself, Miss L/N?” Peter asked you as he leant forward to get his noodles. 

“I got the Szechuan Spare Ribs. They’re the best thing on the menu.” You replied with a nod towards Natasha. 

“Amen to that, sestra!” She raised her beer to you and it reminded you of the other bag. 

You pulled out the beer that you had brought with you, alongside the Chinese. “Vy khotite drugogo?” You held out a bottle for her. 

“Ty govorish’ po-russki?” She looked surprised as she took the bottle. 

You nodded. “My parents were quite pushy and strict when I was younger. They made sure I knew as many languages as I could so I would be well prepared for life.” You took a can opener from your bag; you were starting to feel like Mary Poppins. Carefully popping the cap off your bottle, you offered the opener to Natasha and she gratefully accepted. 

“It’ll be fun to have another Russian speaker in the mix.” James stirred his food quietly before taking a bite. 

“The Three Musketeers.” Clint raised his bottle to us jokingly. 

“Any other talents we should know about, Sweetcheeks?” Sam wiggled his eyebrows and you simply gave him an unimpressed look. 

“Alongside Russian and English, I also speak French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Mandarin. Fluently. Mum made me do Ballet and Gymnastics whilst my Dad made me do martial arts whilst growing up. And I had to learn the piano at school.” You listed them off with an impressive air of nonchalance. 

“You have the skill set to join the Avengers.” Scott announced dramatically whilst chewing on his mushrooms. 

“And you clearly didn’t read the resume.” You quickly rebutted, taking a swig of your beer.

“What’s making you say that?” 

“Honestly, Mr Lang, it’s obvious.” You shook your head to yourself. “The only people who have read my resume in this room is Mr Stark about 9 years ago; Miss Romanoff, Mr Barton and Sergeant Barnes all have read it because they wanted to assess my threat level to themselves individually and the team, hence why they have been carrying most of the conversation as they are trying to evaluate me; Mr Vision will have read my resume due to the fact that he has never seen or interacted with a lawyer before; and finally Captain Rogers will have read my resume as he doesn’t trust me in the slightest right now, his feet are angled ever so slightly towards me showing interest, he hasn’t spoken at all to me apart from a defensive lie at the beginning and now he’s contemplating on how to talk to Tony about me after I’m gone without causing conflict. Tell me I’m wrong.” No one said anything. You stood up from your seat and gathered your bags. “Mr Stark, I presume I’m in the usual room?” 

Tony let out a tired sigh. “Yeah, Bunny. Please just call me Tony for the millionth time.”

“Of course, Tony.” The pair of you shared knowing smiles as you picked the bags up and disappeared down the hallway.


No, Harvey. I didn’t ask for partner just so I could keep being a superwoman behind closed doors, but, to the rest of the word, be a glorified office manager. Partner is off the table, Donna.

#i’m screaming #remembering all those arguments after last week’s episode #whether donna deserved being a partner #but ofc she has a plan #she knows! #cause she’s donna

Project Partners - Taeyong

I know this isn’t superrrr great but I tried hard. I hope you like it, have a great day - Em x

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Requests: Can you do a scenario teacher put you in a group with Taeyong who you have never talked before. You think he is a typical badboy but after being partners you see him in a new light? Thank you :)

 Genre: Fluff

 Word Count: 1836

“Everyone stand at the back instead of taking a seat. Today I’m setting a project and after last time there is no way you get to pick your own partners.” Your teacher said. Everyone groaned but you knew it was true. Half of last terms projects were laughable. You were still a bit disgruntled though, one of your best friends was in this class and you could have had so much fun together. You just hoped you got partnered with someone vaguely decent.

Your teacher began to list names of your classmates. She had managed to partner everyone with someone they barely knew.

“y/b/f and Yuta,” The teacher said handing them a project pack. “y/n and Taeyong,” she called out next. If you had been cheekier you would have protested at this. Taeyong was just some badboy in your year who chased after a different girl each week and didn’t bother with anything. That’s what everyone said.

Your friend shot you a sympathetic look before turning around and grinning at Yuta. She had had a crush on him for ages, he was nice and cute so she was lucky to have him for a partner.

You sat down at a desk next to Taeyong and gave him a quick, fake smile. The teacher walked up to the board and wrote the deadline, a week from now, in big letters.

“We have done many projects in the past but I thought we would do something a bit more interesting for you this time,” she announced. “In your pair, each of you will have to present about the other person and something you have learned from each other this week. This is another reason you can’t go with your friends. You may have the rest of the lesson to discuss with your partner.”

Your teacher pulled out her laptop and put headphones in. Your social science class wasn’t always the most educational fo your classes.

You turned to Taeyong.

“Um… hey so I’m y/n,” You said to him smiling as best you could. Taeyong raised his eyebrows and grinned.

“You’re a pretty girl,” He said to you with a wink. “I’m lucky in that regard,” You internally groaned. Was it humanly possible to work with him? This was one of the many questions you had. But you ignored him.

“What days are you free?” You asked him politely. But he didn’t reply he had gotten out his phone and was texting someone. You didn’t mind faking happiness but he could at least pay attention.

“Hey, Taeyong!” You said tapping him on the shoulder. He looked up at you, seemingly amused that you were still trying to work.

“I asked you what days you were free to work, that is if you’re not too busy beating people up or chasing after poor girls or whatever you do in your free time. I don’t really feel like doing the whole project myself but I mean with you has a partner what should have I expected.”

He looked surprised by your small outburst, it wasn’t immediately obvious but you could have sworn a flash of hurt ran across his face before his smirk regained its usual place. He was about to speak but the bell rang.

“Look you can do whatever, but if you want to help meet me in the library tomorrow after school,” you told him getting up. “But don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to show.”

The next day after the last bell rang you walked down to the library with your best friend.

“Yuta is so kind and he is really good at this project, I’m having so much fun,” she gushed her cheeks blushing red when she saw Yuta waiting for her in the library. Your eyes scanned the room but there was absolutely no sign of Taeyong. 

If he was gonna show there was no way he would be early. But then you felt a tap on your own shoulder. You looked around to see Taeyong grinning at you as he sat down.

“I’m here to work y/n,” he said saluting you. He was funny, you would give him that.

“Great,” you replied, smiling earnestly this time. “So then tell me about yourself, Taeyong Lee,”

“There isn’t much to say really, I’m seventeen and I like to have a good time,” He grinned, you did the opposite and frowned.

“Taeyong seriously?” you questioned. “My part of the report can’t be ‘yeah this is Taeyong and he likes to party,’ we would get an F, you idiot,”

Taeyong shrugged.

“Not everyone is what you want them to be. I’m an out of control badboy who gets into fights, drinks, smokes and chases after helpless girls. That’s what people say right.” He told you looking down at his desk.

You looked at him sceptically. You had a feeling that this wasn’t a whole truth. Just by showing up he had shown he was different to what people said. But that didn’t really say much. It wasn’t proof of character enough.

“Fine,” you said relenting. “I will tell you first. I’m y/n and one day I hope to achieve something that shows I can be great. I want to do well and make and impression on people,”

He interrupted you, “Babe you made an impression on me with just one glance,” You cracked a small smile.

“How do you get girls with such terrible lines, gosh Taeyong, is your secret you’re a wizard?” You asked him.

“Oh, yes y/n you see I’m the Asian harry potter,” he flicked his pencil forward at you as if casting a spell. “Makeus this girlus fallus in loveus with meus!” he shouted. The whole library turned around at his sudden cry. The librarian cast you both a look that would kill.

It was all so funny, Taeyong being so childish and the shocked looks of others you couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Already you’re proving everyone wrong about the badboy. You are such an idiot Taeyong. Wait…,” you stopped. “Is the humour how you reel the girls in?” you asked curiously. Because if it was it was working.

“Nope. That would ruin my image. The humour is just for you baby girl,” He wiggled his eyebrows. “The other girls can’t avoid being taken in by my beautiful face because my face is beautiful. But not as beautiful as yours.” Taeyong said with his classic smirk back.

“Why are you trying to reel me in then, if the other girls like you more easily?” You questioned.

Taeyong blushed slightly pink. You thought your eyes were playing tricks.

“Because those girls only want one thing from me, and me from them. But that’s not what I want from you. Well, not all I want anyway. I won’t tell a lie. You intrigue me y/n, which is why I think you should go on a date with me.” He said. He sounded confident but you could just about tell the nervousness in his voice.

“Tell you what Taeyong, if we get an A on the project we can go on a date, but that means you have to tell me about the actual Taeyong. You are more than a badboy I can see it,” You answered.

“Fair deal,” he agreed. “Well then… I’m Taeyong and I don’t enjoy getting into fights, I just can’t help it. I have a slightly short temper. I feel pressured to hold up a reputation I don’t even like and I don’t know why. I sleep with lots of girls because the one I always liked from afar can’t see through my façade and I never have the guts to talk to her which in turn makes me angrier and I beat up more people. I want to be a good person, I don’t even like drinking that much. In fact, my favourite thing to do is to sing.” He dropped his face into his hands.

“Ah I can’t do this y/n, I seem so dumb,”

“Nah that was the best thing that you have ever said,” you said happily.

“Can I hear you sing?” you asked later as you were walking home with him.

“Absolutely not. No way. Never gonna happen.” He said walking faster to get away from you.

You ran to catch up and grabbed his arm lightly, just enough to stop him.

“Please,” You asked grinning, “I will do anything if you sing. Just two lines that’s it. Please Taeyong?” you asked. Both of you had just spent two hours writing up one of the bets social science reports of all time.

“Anything?” he asked eyes widening. You nodded.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“Okayyyy fine.” He said and stopped walking. “This is so awkward, here goes nothing…

It’s too much, your red lips

Un Bel Viso, all of you

Makes me imagine an image of an angel

Only mine, you got to be mine

 His voice was so beautiful. He turned around shy.

“Omg Tae that was so great, if I could sing like you I would never stop singing!” you praised him.

He smiled brightly.

“Glad you liked it baby girl. But now you have to do that one thing for me.” He said. You nodded wondering what he would say.

“y/n,” he said seriously. “I want you to kiss me,” and he didn’t have to tell you twice. You took a step towards him. He eyes flickered briefly between your eyes and lips but almost as quickly they pressed together. Your lips caressing each other softly but passionately. It lit a fire inside you.

He pulled away after a few seconds and leant his forehead against yours.

“I really hoped I proved I was different. Because I realised it doesn’t matter if other don’t know who I am. But it does matter that you do.”

“Don’t worry, I think I have a clear idea. And I like this new Taeyong a lot.”

He was beyond sweet from that point on. That weekend you went on an ice cream date and fed ducks at the park. He was the opposite of your preconceptions.

So, the next week in class when it was your turn you felt confident. Taeyong started off with a nice little talk about how people were sweet and we needed to take chances to get to know them like he did with you.

“To conclude, before this I thought I knew who Taeyong was. But people aren’t always the way they present themselves or the way people say. Sometimes it’s just easier to act a certain way. Taeyong is one of the best people I have ever met and I only know that because he had to prove it to me. We should try and see beyond people’s outward attitudes.”

Taeyong gave you a hug and a warm smile.

“Lovely.” The teacher said calling up the next pair. In the end, she gave everyone an A but you knew it wasn’t a waste of time as you walked into lunch to sit next to your boyfriend Taeyong.

Alright, I’m sick of all of this “Donna doesn’t deserve this promotion” or “Donna’s being annoying and it’s making me not like her” bullshit. We are gonna stop this right here. 

“she was more fun as a secretary, and she should go back to just rocking her role as that.”
ya know what, harvey’s not doing the greatest job as managing partner and was awesome just having his name on the door, should he just back down? No. this season is obviously going to be a lot about him growing in to his role, and rising to the challenge he has chosen to take. Donna should be allowed just the same benefit of the doubt. Who’s to say she can’t go on as COO and still be the remarkably witty character we know and love? Honestly, if the writers would just give her some damn time outside of having to defend her position to everyone and let her be her damn self, maybe we could actually see her being just as awesome as she was before as just a secretary.

“it was so unreasonable; she’s unqualified and doesn’t have a law degree. there’s no way she’d be partner in real life.”
ok umm if you have this thought, then have you been watching suits at all? the whole basis of the show started off on Mike being a fraud and then coming back to PSL after being convicted and then leaving prison. (did we all forget harvey also snuck mike out of prison so that he could see his fiance and remember how much he wants to go home???)  I don’t see Mike being a big deal for anyone else. you really wanna start on being realistic now? as korsch so kindly reminded us a couple of days ago, this is a tvshow. you can throw all the “BUT IN THE US ABA LAWBOOK #34598389457987 PART 2 A ROMAN NUMBERAL V THIS IS ILLEGAL” in the trash. we care about character development and personal growth, not how accurately this show reflects real life. Harvey’s therapist admitted she had fantasies about him, for christ’s sake. Harvey’s ass wasn’t fired on the spot for hiring a fraud who came in with drugs into an interview. 

“she doesn’t know anything, she’s gonna fuck up.”
yeah, and??? we’re all human??? you’re going to tell me that louis litt’s temper tantrums were justified??? all 6 seasons??? the time he punched harvey in the face?? the time he got upset over his cat??? the time he yelled at Stu and tried to get them evicted even though it was completely irrational?? the time he leveraged Mike’s secret to get his name on the door??? 

and don’t even get me started  on how many times she’s prevented all of these *colorful personalities* from fucking up themselves. Louis throwing a fit about Norma? Handled that. Mike and Harvey can’t make up because occasionally their heads are too far up their asses? also handled that. Louis jumping ship to Daniel Hardman? handled it. Scottie wanting to sort out her feelings with Harvey? handled it. Daniel Hardman himself? did we forget that she slapped him?

“she only got it because Harvey has a soft spot for her.”
Where the hell do you think she got that vote of faith from, buying him a bagel and a coffee every morning? No. You can’t ignore the fact that they’ve been a team for more than 12 years. If she wasn’t competent or capable, she would have been fired long ago. instead, we have scenes with Donna telling Harvey that “sometimes we need a little help” or convincing Louis to be rational and not use the tape admitting Harvey’s in therapy against him. where would harvey even be without her? probably in some jail cell with cameron dennis back in season 1 when he didn’t have the heart turn on his superior. 

“she’s so annoying now, totally ruining suits for me”

truth of the fact is, yeah, maybe it’s a far stretch, but it is nothing out of ordinary in the suits world, nor is it deserving of all this criticism. PSL is an empty shell, everyone left, she has spent a large part of her entire time being everyone’s emotional punching bag and keeping everyone from sawing off each other’s legs, and after 12+ years-

If you were a) a badass secretary who knew everyone and everything, thus making you b) a very valuable asset to the firm and c) had to dictate Louis’s dictaphone at one point on a daily basis at one point in your life, fucking look me in the eye and tell me that you wouldn’t take up this opportunity if it presented itself to you in a heartbeat.

Seeking managing partners with food/beverage experience for my new 21+ pub/club/experience, “Wet Saloon”. This seasonal, fully formed concept, with locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Ibiza, Cancun, and Marrakesh will be an oasis for parched party goers and will finally answer the age-old question, “Is your saloon wet enough?”

Yes, yes it is.

*whispers* can you believe robert sugden, a man who’s cheated on all of his partners and managed to lie about it so easy. a man who rarely ever feels guilt for his actions is about to tell the one person he’s loved more than anyone in the world. the one person who makes him feel safe and loved. the one person that’s given him a family and made him proud to be himself the truth despite knowing he could lose him forever. 

“So Money”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky, an associate at the Law Offices of Fury, Hill, and Stark, must deal with an annoying Rumlow. It certainly doesn’t help that Rumlow thinks he can get any girl in the office, including a certain junior partner Bucky has a crush on.

A/N: "Suits” serves as this piece’s main inspiration, but the reader’s character is slightly based on the character of Sara Ellis from “White Collar.” USA Network did an ace job with both shows.

Much to the chagrin of many associates and interns, the senior partners promoted Brock Rumlow to junior partner. It’s been three days since his promotion, and Brock has been ridiculously insufferable.

“Suit? Armani. Shoes? Prada. Watch me walk, see what they do for my posture.” Rumlow then makes a point of strutting down the hallway in front of one of the secretaries.

“I’m considering submitting the Law Offices of Fury, Hill, and Stark as an eligible runway for next year’s New York Fashion Week,” Bucky sarcastically spits out.

Steve takes off his glasses with a chuckle. “Come on, man, let’s get lunch. I’ll treat,” he offers.

Bucky taps the file on his desk with his pen and shakes his head at the blonde. “Nah, I have a deposition to prep for.”

“Buck, come on, you’re going to smash that deposition,” Steve tosses his glasses onto his desk and spins in his chair. “Besides, if you stay in the office for lunch, you’ll be front row and center for the accessories portion of Rumlow’s fashion show.”

Bucky groans but follows as Steve strolls towards the elevator. Along the way, the blonde invites one of their other friends and an intern who’s taken a shine on him.

The group sits at courtyard, where Steve holds court with a story about his friend Nat from the DA’s office. He’s about to get to the story’s climax when the intern suddenly chokes on his juice. Peter points. “Misurp…Mmfm, Rum.. low… Mr. Rumlow!” he wheezes in between breaths.

Heads all turn to where the intern is pointing, and everyone seems to mumble and groan as the newly promoted junior partner swaggers their way. “Damn it, why?” Bucky mumbles.

“Damn it is right, why is he -” Steve switches his annoyed face into his wonderfully fake smile. “Hey, Brock. What’s up?”

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EXO In a Restaurant

Why do I keep making these 


~  grill master

~ knows a bunch of cool knife tricks that he uses to scare zitao with

~ keeps all his awards from various grill competitions lined up above his grill

~ comes out with the orders himself

~ mumbles apologies to the animals he’s cooking on his sad days


~ pastry chef

~ doubles the sugar on most orders

~ forever covered in flour

~ insists on wearing a chef hat

~ bakes special batches just for luhan

Zi Tao:

~ catty greeter

~ only talks to hot customers

~ soft af with kids though

~ signs his name on the kid menus

~ “dude listen to my mixtape”


~ managing partner (along with junmyeon)

~ “as manager of this establishment…”

~ everything is high fashion

~ shines his golden name tag once every few minutes

~ has a mini basketball net installed in his office


~ entertainment director

~ has the best taste in music

~ keeps a kitten sat in his palm at all times

~ flashy suits are his signature

~ sends corny poems minseok’s way ever so often


~ delivery guy

~ only listens to pop music in the car

~ calls baekhyun on the phone to call him a basic bitch

~ will yell at anyone who argues for the “over half an hour and it’s free” rule

~ keeps a map of the best routes but never actually uses it


~ sous-chef

~ sings as he cooks

~ cannot boil pasta just right to save his life

~ signs his name with sauce on every meal

~ never leaves the kitchen but still gets all the deets about shitty customers from sehun


~ the most loveable waiter

~ smiled so hard once that his face wouldn’t unfreeze

~ breaks at least three plates a day

~ decorates the christmas  display every year

~ cries when he doesn’t get a tip


~ local angry manager

~ keeps an eagle-eye on his employees

~ yells at yifan all day

~ still uses a flip phone

~ at least he’s rich


~ head chef

~ garlic on everything

~ usually ends up redoing baekhyun’s dishes

~ takes photos of the food he makes for the gram

~ shamefully steals some of minseok’s pastries when he isn’t looking


~ waiter with a hint of zest

~ used to be the cutest until he realized he gets bigger tips by being just ~slightly~ sexy

~ shirt is always unbuttoned a bit until junmyeon realizes

~ tries to get away with only serving outdoor tables (he’s a child of the sun)

~ puts out bowls of water for stray dogs


~ why is he even here

~ easily offended by customers

~ fixes his hair using a spoon as a mirror and a fork as a comb

~ refers to elderly customers as gertrude and bill regardless of what their name might actually be

~ “baekhyun go spit in order 3”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I please request a scenario of class 1-A figuring out that Bakugou is actually dating someone who is also a student in class 1-A? Like would some of the classmates tease Bakugou if he lets his s/o borrow his pencil or when he waits for them to gather their belongings so they can walk together?

Hello lovely! And of course you can =) I very much hope that I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

Bakugou grins whenever one of his friends try to tease him and tells them they’re just jealous. Kirishima and Mina or Tokoyami don’t really say much about aside from that they are happy for him and they love to see him smile more, so Bakugou doesn’t really gives them much trouble.

Sero or Kaminari just get grins and growling, cheeky words back, or Bakugou tells them to bugger off if he’s not in the mood to get back at them.

All the others he ignores or growls at, if they say anything. Though if any of them manage to make his partner uncomfortable, he’s getting rather pissed and tells them to fucking drop it. What does it matter if he leaves school together with them or hands them a snack from time to time? What does it matter that they can be seen holding hands or that he likes them leaning against him?

Soon enough though, his classmates get used to it and aside from the occasional, gently and friendly teasing that turns into funny banter, they’re left to themselves.


One week ago I flew to Paris to attend my first B.A.P concert, and in the days that followed I was too busy touristing to properly write about it. But we just got back home this morning, and the post-concert depression is setting in, so here goes…

As seen in the pic above, we got great seats where we could see the whole show with no one blocking our sight (or room to breathe). We got in pretty early, and could’ve gotten spots on the floor, but were really happy with this view. It was great, because we had lots of room to dance when the DJ played. Though me and my partner somehow managed to always move to the left and push the poor old lady next to us from her seat. She seemed happy tho, lmao. And the DJ was awesome. Everyone cheered and danced and had a blast, and it rly set the mood. It was lit af and I was kinda sad when it ended tbh XD

Let’s talk about Zelo. This kid was an explosion of fanservice. Interacted a lot with the fans and threw hearts everywhere. Last one to leave the stage, and ran back in for a sec bc he’s a tease. He spoke a lot of English, which was great since I don’t speak much French, lol. I’m sure y’all know by now, but his new solo is entirely in English, and he sings. I had this song stuck in my head the next day. 

Jongup was a shy gentleman, oh my god. It was his time to pick a fan to bring on stage, and when finding out she was 18 he joked he might get in trouble with the police. We laughed. He lead her all the way back down the stage afterwards. He didn’t perform his solo, which was a shame bc it was the solo I’d been looking forward to the most.

Youngjae. This wrecker, omg. He showed off his great pronunciation when they introduced themselves in French in the beginning. He spoke a lot, probably more than Jongup when the fan was on stage. During Carnival he ran around with a camera filming the fans, and it was adorable. Wow, I love him.

I’ve wanted to hear Daehyun sing live for so long, and he was truly amazing. He performed his solo song, which was fucking lit. I haven’t watched any fancams, but I’m pretty sure he was dancing in the US. Here he barely did any dancing, and was alone on stage, but it was great. He was the bartender during Jongup’s fan event, and told the girl “ONLY ONE” when she couldn’t pick her favorite member. I’ve heard his little giggle live, oh my god.

HIMCHAN. Okay. This man is amazing. Lead the fan chants. He wasn’t on stage during Farmata, but I don’t know if he was in the US tour. Everyone cheered really loud whenever it was his parts in any song. Best moment of the whole concert was probably at the end when they were all saying goodbye, and when it was Himchan’s turn we all screamed so loud and long that he did a little bow before we’d let him speak, lmao. He got a lot of love.

Yongguk didn’t say much, which should be no surprise to anyone, but he was happy. I was just so happy to see him. He shouted a lot into the mic. During BangX2 he suddenly had a big water gun and went crazy with it while the others sang the last chorus. Everyone cheered really loud for all his parts as well. His smile is just gorgeous. He got a Tigger. When waving their goodbyes, he really made sure to direct his attention at every part of the audience. He looked deeply thankful and content.

Some favorite moments:

At one point Zelo did one of his impressive back flips, followed by Jongup, and then Youngjae came running raising his hands in the air, and I was like “wait what? is he gonna do it too?” but then he just rolled on the floor. Still raised his arms in triumf as we cheered and laughed. Jongup looked so done. Daehyun died.

During the fan event, I think someone asked the girl who her favorite was (I listened more to the Korean than the French translator) and she responded with Youngjae, Daehyun & Jongup (aka everyone on stage except for Banghim bc Zelo was preparing for his solo). Himchan got up from his chair and went over to Yongguk like “let’s get out of here” lmao

SKYDIVE. Oh my god, this stage was just so fucking cool. Watching all six of them finally perform this song on stage together was beautiful, and the whole audience shouted “SKYDIVE” so damn loud. Jongup’s part was epic as always. Wow, I saw that live.

I’m so proud and thankful for the audience. We cheered and sang along so well, stomping the floor. The boys seemed really happy with us, lol. After the encore, when we knew they wouldn’t come back up again, the DJ played Wake Me Up, and everyone stayed behind to sing the entire song to an empty stage. That was precious. I hadn’t met a single BABY irl before this day, so being surrounded by thousands was really cool, and everyone was so nice and helpful all day. Thank you, French BABYz ♡

And for those who’ve been wondering how my partner was gonna enjoy himself, he had a blast. On the way home he had Feel So Good stuck on his head, and it’s a song he’s never shown much interest in before. He was sad they didn’t perform 1004, because that was the first BAP song he really liked. His own words after the concert: “Well, at this point I gotta be at least a 8 months old fetus, right?” BABY in the making, for sure.

Go Away, Richard

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AN: Just Imagine the Second Gif is Richard Bumping Into Luke. Also this is Fiction so anything in this story is fake. I don’t know if Luke’s PR is actually a bitch and Richard, I’m pretty sure, is not single. 


“So how does this work?” You ask as you go into the living room.

Luke had asked you to be his date to the Beauty and the Beast Premier in London and here you were with Richard, Luke, Aidan, Dean, and his wife, Sarah. This was your first time at one of these since you skipped all three Hobbit premieres even though you were a stunt coordinator and one of the photographers on set. That’s how you met these four men and in return, Sarah.

“Well, Luke will probably be asked questions and to sign things so the only option you have is to ditch him and come with me or talk to his PA, ” Richard explains, making you giggle.

“Back off Armitage. She’s my date tonight. Y/n, just relax. Everyone already loves you so you’ll be fine,” Luke says. 

After Dean takes a few photos for his wife’s websites, you all leave. 

When you get there, Luke immediately grabs your hand. “You’ll be fine sweetheart,” he says as you shake a bit. 

You nod and loop your arm through his. Luke gets called over to sign a few pictures and you follow him. 

 "Who is Luke’s date?“ Some girl asks as you both walk away from the group. “Is that y/n?” you hear another voice ask and there’s more screaming. 

As he signs photographs you stay behind to talk with his PR manager. 

 "Where is his partner?“ you ask her. 

"Couldn’t make it,” she says in a short tone and that makes you not want to talk to her. It’s going to be a long night. 

You look around as you feel an arm sliver around your waist. It’s Richard.

 "Is everything alright? You look upset,“ he whispers in your ear. "Luke’s PR is a real bitch,” you mutter and he looks at the woman. She actually has a rbf.

 "Looks like one too,“ he mutters before backing away. "Evans I’m going to steal your date if you’re not going to entertain her,” he calls out. 

 Luke comes over to you and links his hand with yours, making Richard laugh. 

“Don’t you think about it,” Luke says and he drags me back over to the fans. You laugh and chat with a few as he signs some stuff. “How long are you in London for?" 

"I leave tomorrow, sadly. I’ll be coming back in May though to do a few photo shoots so I’ll probably be seeing you around if you live in the area. However I’m not doing personal shoots so I won’t be able to meet you through a schedule,” you say and she nods. 

 Luke signs a few more before grabbing your hand and bringing you over to the press. “

You need a new PR,” you say. He laughs. “Why?” He ask. “Because she seems like a bitch,” you say and he stops, laughing. 

You smile at him, his laughter contagious. “You should be my new PR,” he says as you continue walking . “Maybe,” you say. 

We stop at a few reporters. “Ms. L/N! Mr. Evans! You make such a fine pair tonight,” one report says. “This is all thanks to Sarah O’Gorman. Dean’s wife. I’m sure they’re around here somewhere,” You say. 

“Well, Mr. Evans. Are you excited for the premiere?” she asks. 

 “Of course. I’ve been excited ever since I first got the part. It’s amazing to be working alongside Emma and Dan and watching this fairy tail come to life,” he says. 

“Are you excited to watch it, y/n?” she asks. 

“Oh yeah definitely. I love seeing old disney tales come to life. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies so I’m definitely excited to see it. Also watching Emma Watson is just breathtaking,” you say. 

 “Are we going to be expecting you to be in future films?”

 “Me? Probably not. I’ll make them, but not be in them,” you say. 

“Why not?” 

 “I am a photographer, not an actor. I like how my life is right now so I’ll just stick to it,” you say as you feel an arm go around your shoulder. You turn to find Ian McKellan. You smile and pull him into a hug. 

 “How do you know each other?” she asks again.

“She was the stunt coordinator on The Hobbit and she was one of the main photographers there. I’m pretty sure her photography is what made her so popular with the crowd,” he explains. 

Ian walks off again and you and Luke move on to another reporter. 

We stop at a male interviewer this time. “Y/n. Is this your first time at a red carpet premiere?” he asks. 

“Of course. IT’s amazing really. I’m kind of glad Luke asked me to join him. Kind of bummed that I’m leaving so soon,” you say. 

 “Luke. What was it like working with Ian again?” 

 “Well, I didn’t really work with him because he’s cogs worth, the clock so he just did voice over work and by the time he actually becomes human, I’m already dead you know. I hope that’s not a spoiler. It shouldn’t be given the fact that this movie is 26 years old,” Luke says laughing.

You just smile at him. He’s such a sweetheart. You feel a body behind yours and you turn around to find Richard making Luke groan. 

 “This man has been trying to steal my date all night. Can’t keep his hands off her,” he says as Richard rests an arm on his shoulder.

“It’s not my fault she’s beautiful,” Richard says, winking at you. You roll your eyes smiling. 

“Where’s Aidan?” you ask him.

 “No idea,“ Richard explains, laughing. You shake your head. 

"Mr. Armitage. When are you going to ask y/n on a date?” The reporter asks. “Eventually,” he says smirking. “Now move along and away from my date,” Luke says pushing him away. 

You laugh. 

“Does Richard always do that?” the reporter asks. “Only if it involves y/n. Those two should get together if you know what I mean,” Luke answers. 

“I mean theres a petition going around on to get them together. Have you seen it?” he asks. “Is there really? I need to sign it,” Luke says and you laugh. 

“Yes. I’ve seen it. Last I checked there were 10,000 signatures. Keep up the good work,” you say, laughing. Luke and you walk away. You both pose for some cameras and while the flashes go off he turns towards you. 

 "Is there really a petition to get you two to go out?“ He asks. 

"Yup. Funniest thing ever,” you tell him, smiling. “Are you going to follow through?” He asks. 

“I’ve been busy,” you say as you turn back to the cameras.

“I can keep you busy as well,” he whispers leaning close to you and you laugh. 

“Too bad you’re gay. Also, Richard has his eyes on you,“ You tell him nodding behind him. You both turn and you lean over a bit to see Richard making the "I’m watching you” signal. You laugh and he smiles.

Luke sticks his tongue out at Richard and pulls you closer. Two can play at that game.

15-Eggsy Unwin

15. “I’m not drunk, but I see eight of you.”

“Merlin,” you whispered into your comm, “Please tell me you found a floor plan of this place by now.”
“I’m sorry Y/N,” he replied, “This system is a harder hack than Valentine’s. Hopefully this one doesn’t have a biometric lock in it.”

You let out an irritated sigh as you remained in a dark corner of the building. You peeked your head out just slightly to examine the area. It was oddly quiet for a building supposedly being the center of activity. Your gaze shot to another corner in the same room, settling on Eggsy.

“Well, keep working at it,” you encouraged Merlin.
“That’s what I’m planning on.”

Your eyes returned to mapping the area. You were surprised you and your partner had managed to enter on the sixth floor without being noticed. Scanning, you noticed several cameras. Eggsy waited patiently on his side of the room. You were an amazing strategist and he knew it.

“What do you see?” he asked you through the comm.
“Several blind spots closer to the walls. Their security is lacking here, but I imagine it to be heavily guarded the closer we get.”
Eggsy nodded. “At least we can have a little bit of fun then, eh?”
“Depends on your definition of fun,” you muttered before continuing, “Now, where would I be if I were guarding some of the most advanced technology on the planet?”

Eggsy hesitantly moved from his spot, sticking to the walls. He inched his way closer to you.

“Probably the center somewhere,” Eggsy suggested.
“Yeah, but which level? And how do we get there?” you paused to think. You looked behind you to see an elevator. “Merlin, is there anyway you can move all elevators to the top floor and open the door to the South Wing on the sixth floor?”
“Give me one moment,” he replied.

A ding behind her alerted to Merlin’s finished work. You smirked and cocked a brow at Eggsy. He was smirking right back.

“Bottom floor?” he queried.
You nodded. “Time to climb.”

Within moments, you and Eggsy had pulled on a harness. You looked inside the empty elevator shaft. After a moment, you attached a carabiner to a steel pipe just behind one of the main cables. Eggsy attached one to a steel pipe on the other side.

The two of you began to repel down the elevator shaft with ease. A large screeching caught both of your attention. Eggsy’s gaze shot upwards.

“Merlin, what was that?” you asked.
“Oh no. No, no, no, no.”
“Merlin? What the hell is going on?”
“I can try and stop it.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You two better get to the bottom quick. Someone’s noticed the elevator dysfunction.”
“Meaning,” you pressed.
“The elevator’s coming back down,” Eggsy finished.

Your eyes widened while glancing up. Sure enough, it seemed as if it was getting ready to drop. You turned to meet Eggsy’s gaze. Without a second thought, you pushed him closer to a corner. In the same motion, you pulled out a knife and cut his cable. You quickly did the same for yourself.

The two of you slid down the shaft, heels guiding you down. You glanced up to see the elevator increasing in size. The screeching was becoming nearly intolerable.

“Merlin! We need a floor,” you screamed.
“The first is the only one that I can seem to open,” he replied with a slight undertone of panic.

Just as he finished speaking, you saw Eggsy snap his legs together. He managed to do a backward somersault out onto the first floor. He peeked his head back in and held out his hand. Gritting your teeth, you mimicked your partner’s actions. In the middle of your roll, you reached out a hand. Eggsy snatched it and pulled you to safety just as the elevator swept passed and continued downward. You knitted your brows.

“I thought you said the first floor was where we’d end up,” you told Merlin.
“You are on the first floor.”
“So that means-”
“There’s a basement,” Eggsy finished with a huff.

A sarcastic clapping reached both of your ears. You turned with a quirked brow. It was such a cliche to sarcastically clap for dramatic effect. Yet, here you were. The man standing in front of you was wearing a janitor’s outfit. But, you could tell from his posture that it was merely a cover. You and Eggsy shot to your feet.

“Janitor hmm? It actually seems to suit you,” you taunted.

Without a reply, the man suddenly began to shake to the point where his body began to blur. Confused, you moved a hand to your gun. Eggsy gripped his umbrella. Suddenly, the two of you were surrounded by that one man. Your eyes widened with shock.

I’m not drunk, but I see eight of you,” you told the janitor, “You see it too, right?”
“Yeah. Bloody confusing,” Eggsy muttered.
The man smirked. “The power of advanced technology, love.”
“I don’t suppose this is the part where you begin a monologue?” you chanced at asking.
“Like an idiot? No. This is the part where I end you.”
“You’re a bunch of cliches aren’t you?” you taunted again.

You raised your gun and shot at the one in front of you. He dropped dead. Eggsy ducked lower and opened his umbrella as the other seven shot at the pair. The gentleman spy turned the handle to kill before firing many shots. You pulled out a knife, while shooting at another one. This copy ducked.

“Merlin,” you called, “I don’t suppose there’s a way to blow up this hell hole.”
“You want to blow it up?” Eggsy called.
“Better than having the tech available,” you paused to cut one of the men on the shoulder, “Don’t you agree, Merlin?”
“I was able to download all that we needed.”
“Even better,” grunted Eggsy.
“I could short circuit the entire building, bottom up.”

You pushed Eggsy toward the glass front doors. You were thankful it was after hours for those who didn’t know they were working for a malevolent corporation. There’d be no civilians hurt. You continued to shoot at the multiple men, even throwing your knife at one, as you headed toward the door.

“Do it,” Eggsy commanded.
Merlin nodded, pressing a bottom. “Good luck avoiding this.”

The remaining four copies halted their attacks as the ground began to rumble. You and Eggsy took the chance to bolt from the building. You glanced over your shoulder just in time to see sparks traveling up the office. The electricity was quickly followed by a massive inferno.

Eggsy pulled you into his chest before ducking into a nearby parking garage. It was as if a train’s horn was blasting right in your ear. Gritting your teeth, you covered your ears. After a few long moments, the area fell into a semi-silence. The only sounds being heard were sirens and fire crackling. You turned to Eggsy.

He shifted his gaze slightly before pulling you back into his arms. You knew the moment wouldn’t last too long, considering you had to become shadows. Despite this, you gripped tightly onto Eggsy. They may have been the bad guys, but that never made the killing any easier. You calmed your breathing in an attempt to compose yourself. As the sirens grew louder, you let Eggsy go.

“Merlin. Erase the footage from the parking garage across the street.”
“Copy that. Good work you two.”

Want to Request? : Prompt List (Closed)

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hc for todoroki, shinsou and monoma reaction of their s/o fighting a villain but got hit and the villains quirk turns their s/o into a small child that'd be so cute please and thank youuu :)!

I fear I didn’t make it as cute as you wanted, I apologize for that! Aside from that, I hope that I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!


- As soon as he realizes what happened to his partner, he races to their aid. As a child they’re practically defenseless against the villain and he will do everything to ensure they don’t get hurt.

- As soon as the danger has passed and his partner has been checked over by doctors to make sure they are okay and that there are no other repercussions to the villain’s quirk, Todoroki allows himself to relax a little for the first time since they were turned into a child.

- His partner has to stay in the hospital for supervision and Todoroki makes sure he can stay as well and he asks them if he should pick up anything from their home or if there is anything he can get them.

- Aside from that, he’s treating his partner pretty much the same. They’re talking about the same things as before and he brings movies to watch and their favorite snacks, while they wait for the villain’s quirk to wear off.


- With a curse, he makes sure to rush to their side and defend them from the villain. He won’t allow for his partner to get hurt even further, not if he can help it.

- As soon as the villain has been subdued, Shinsou makes sure to get his partner to a hospital. After checking if they’re okay with it, he picks them up gently, so they don’t trip over their oversized clothes and carries them to an ambulance with long strides.

- In the hospital and as soon as the doctors can confirm that his partner is unharmed aside from a few minor wounds they got while fighting, he releases a silent sigh of relief. Now it’s just a matter of time until his partner gets their usual form back.

- He stays the night with them, since the doctor kept his partner for further supervision and they stay up for a while, talking and joking. Shinsou falls asleep last, pulling the blanket properly over his partner and he finally relaxes when it truly settles in that they’re okay, safe and sound.


- With a curse, he steals another hero’s quirk and derails the villains path and forces them to back up, to make sure his partner won’t be harmed further.

- As soon as the fight is over, he rushes to his partner’s side, worry badly hidden on his face and he checks them over, asking if they’re hurt, if they feel okay and if they can remember everything. When his partner manages to reassure him that they’re fine, his shoulders sag with relief.

- If his partner is okay with it, he picks them up and lets one of the on-site doctors check them up. Monoma keeps a close eye on the villain and waves at the police to stop before they can take the attacker away. Leaving his partner with the doctor, he jogs to the villain.

- Tapping the villain’s shoulder once, he leaves with a snide comment and quickly returns to his partner. With the stolen quirk he turns them back into a full sized adult. He still ushers his partner to be checked over properly, though now he’s teasing them a little about how cute they looked as a kid.