If Nekoma had a Manager!

Okay, I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, and finally decided to just DO IT. Because honestly, Nekoma is a super cute team and it would be even cuter if they had a manager in their midst. ; v; I have more planned for Nekoma Manager-chan (a whole story actually) but I’ll do more if there is popular demand??

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First Meeting Headcanons

  • I imagine she has a slight interest in volleyball? Or is familiar with one of the members and decides to give it a try? 
  • Idk point is, she pokes her head in the gym a few times and is amazed at how cool Nekoma is. 
  • But, she’s a little intimidated by Kuroo’s appearance. She’s like “oh no! he’s the captain but he looks scary and strict! if i become manager i’ll have to interact with him!”
  • Honestly she wants to be a part of something cool like a volleyball team so she musters up the courage to talk to Nekomata and Naoi (because captain is scary - not)
  • Kuroo introduces Manager-chan to the team and they all look happy to see someone new join the family team! In order not to hold off on practice, Nekomata has them begin right after the quick introduction.
  • As vice-captain Kai introduces himself. He states from the get-go he’s glad she decided to help them out and is looking forward to working with her.
  • After practice, first thing Yaku establishes if she needs help, she can ask her, especially when dealing with these rowdy bunch. (but we all know Yaku loves his team)
  • Yamamoto can’t believe it! A real life GIRL MANAGER right before his eyes!! He really badly wants to talk to her, but how can he?! The whole thing is nerve-wrecking; he can’t even concentrate properly during practice. After practice, he proceeds to text Tanaka about this grand moment. For some reason he wants to gloat about the cute new manager on his team, so he decides to snap a photo! …Unfortunately for him, Manager-chan sees him attempt to take a picture of her. Is scolded by Yaku and Kuroo. …Not the best first meeting.
  • Manager-chan sees Inuoka and Shibayama picking up the volleyballs and decides to help them (because they are the less intimidating of the group). Inuoka isn’t afraid to strike up a conversation and ask questions about her. Eventually Shibayama does the same. A nice initial meeting overall.
  • Lev is another member who isn’t afraid to start a conversation. He’s a little overbearing at first, but Manager-chan learns Lev can be a little excitable at times. She’s still a little intimidated by his height and sharp eyes. Lev is about the tell Manager-chan about Yamamoto always wanting a girl manager, but is stopped by Yamamoto, who doesn’t need any further embarrassment.
  • The two team members she has a hard time interacting with are Kenma and Fukunaga.
  • Fukunaga does offer a handshake when she introduces herself to him, but doesn’t say anything after that. Manager-chan is worried she did something wrong, but Yaku reassures her that Fukunaga is just being Fukunaga.
  • Manager-chan introduces herself to Kenma. She manages to get his name but that’s about it. Manager-chan worries that Kenma doesn’t like since she would get one word answers to her questions. Kuroo sees this and tells her it takes a while for Kenma to open up to someone.

Mchanzo au where Mccree is a punk rock wedding photographer who isn’t afraid to mess up the venue to get beautiful shots and produces incredible niche pictures that are one of a kind.
Hanzo, the wedding planner, is terrified and would greatly appreciate if Mccree would get off of his roof and no, cowboy, you can’t take more pictures the ceremony starts now? Please bring the bride back??


(I am not sure if I will have time to draw a blushing RK for the next day so I shall upload Mango Magnamon. The blush meme RKs will continue tomorrow)

Do your friends ever just get really fun ideas so you draw them?? Yeah? Here is the precious Mango.

[Remember that you can send requests, unless they have a limited time to be sent like the blush meme, whenever you like. Including any ideas for other fruit/vegetable Royal Knights you might have.]

I said “Can you give it back to me?”
She said “Never in your wildest dreams.”

Lucy & Loke from We Are Young: Track 19
…because no i’m not crying you’re crying

“Sometimes I miss the partner I used to call my friend, I miss our ships,I miss the things we used to talk about, I just miss them in general and despite us not being good for one another..I would give anything to bring them back into my life even if they might be toxic and wrong. I know I am just too kind and forgiving but I can’t help it, I can’t let go of someone else I was very close to. Not again.”


a bunch of screens from our game! we had five ppl in our group and now we’re down to threeish, and tbh only me + one other member are really doing Anything, but.

a week left until it’s due!!! lots to do! this is a wip shot, not a final product.