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I’m sorry but, I just had to point this out. The fan-account: @TCAs_2014 (on Twitter) is insulting Austin & Ally for no reason. I get if he/she doesn’t like the show but, they don’t have to trash it. It’s just a Disney show for kids. You don’t have to enjoy it or watch, for that matter.

Also, the account promotes Liv & Maddie SO much. Like, it’s a TCAs account. Last time I checked, Liv & Maddie had nothing to do with the TCAs… Or am I missing something here?

THEN, it says Austin & Ally is the worst show ever. Okay, let me point this out:

- Got a TCA nomination before it got a KCA.

- Is the first ever show to get fan-renewed.

- Got Disney the number 1 ratings for Disney in the year, 2013.

- And has over 900,000 posts on Tumblr & Instagram…

That’s REALLY bad.

Also, the twitter account said that it’s pointless. I honestly think that’s because it isn’t a show that involves family. Because they said they like Liv & Maddie, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie (Who doesn’t though), Shake it up, A.N.T. Farm (Remember Cameron?) and I didn’t do it (Lindy & Logan are twins). Austin & Ally are the only show who are all friends but, it’s not pointless.

1) It teaches you that whole journey of getting into the music biz can be easy and hard. (Ally got reject in the show by Jimmy, remember?)

2) Fame isn’t fun without your best friends. (Learned that in Meatballs & Managers

3) It’s hard to mix your work with your relationships. (Auslly’s relationship) 

4) Criticizing (Critics & Confidence) 

5) Learning how to forgive others. (Rockers & Writers)

And a lot others! I know he’s/she’s a hater but, I had to address that because it’s a “TCAs” fan account. Yet, it criticizes everything all the time.

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