tiffany even went down to the floor area to get another banner ONLY FOR TAEYEON <3

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hello! do you have any idea why sones refer to tiffany as manager hwang at times?

Uh- not only sones but also soshi. SNSD gave her the nickname Ti-Manager because she often takes the role of a manager. She monitors their image- from dance formation down to her members’ tongue. Nothing gets past Manager Hwang!

2011 - Remember her leg injury during Hoot promotions?

TY: We will give this honor to Tiffany, who is watching us w/ her injured leg in the dorm. 

2010 - Taeyeon and Tiffany said they are snsd’s mothers because they are in charge of waking up snsd.

MC: Tiffany is closer to a mom?

Yoona: She’s more like our manager.

  • Trying to get the members’ attention [x]
  • Counting the members [x]
  • Taking attendance [x]
  • Taming the kid leader [x]
  • Coordinating with the staffs..

  • Checking her members’ mouths(?) before recording..

Tiffany should get a major salary raise tbh. Right Park Bom?

During Tiffany’s photo shoot  the child accidentally urinated on her. (Instead of getting distraught), Tiffany said, ‘Children’s urine is like medicine for the skin. It’s good for you.’ I realized then that Tiffany did not have just a pretty face but a beautiful heart as well. It really made me see her in a new light.”

credit : VITALSIGN

woori Miyoung a warm hearted woman..salute you~