Picked up a phone call at work...

Me: “Thank you for calling (store), how can i assist you today?”
Customer: “I need to speak to your manager!”
Me: “Yes sir. I am the manager, how can i assist you?”
Customer: “I was in your store about 10 minutes ago and I can’t believe how rude your front cashier was to me!”
Me: “I am so sorry to hear about this sir, can you please tell me what the cashier did to upset you?”
Customer: “Well, when i walked up to the register, the cashier was showing off her new tattoo to the other cashiers. I cannot believe how unprofessional and disrespectful they were!”
Me: (confused*)…. “So, they were showing off tattoos while you were checking out?”
Customer: “Well, not as i was checking out, but as i was walking up to the register, yes! That sort of thing shouldn’t be talked about in front of customers! I’ll have you know that i spend over $50,000 at your store every year!
Me: (understanding that this bitter old man is literally complaining about people talking about tattoos) *sarcastically* "I am so sorry sir, i will definitely make sure my cashier will no longer disrespect our customers again, have a great day.
Customer: "Yeah, you better make sure they don’t!”

(I’m literally trying to hold back laughter before I hang up the phone.)

Coworker: “What was that all about?”
Me: “Some bitter old man was upset because he saw me showing off my tattoos to you earlier, he has no idea i was the manager.”
Coworker: “What an asshole.”
Me: “Yep.”


“I don’t know of anyone who truly enjoys the annual employee review. Human beings aren’t good at taking criticism, even when meant to be constructive, so employees dread them. And to be honest, as a manager, I usually have much more pressing demands on my time. It’s no surprise to me that big corporations are reconsidering the idea.” says, Benjamin Wey


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