I really cannot be trusted

With this Food TV prohibition. Not even a little. Those programs come on almost every channel now! How do you people not just sit in your houses and eat all day?

And how do you watch people like Zimmern? Every time that bastard opens his mouth, he somehow manages to say something culturally insensitive. It’s just stunningly ridiculous!

Let me set the scene: standing at the opening to a marina, where fish are routinely unloaded from the vessels that catch them. The marina is dilapidated and the people are just moving through their usual activities. One of them sets up their portable cooking station and makes for him a seafood soup. He eats it and marvels over the perfect flavor, and says…

“If we weren’t eating out of plastic bowls and with plastic spoons, standing *looks with disdain at the cracked concrete and weeds* on a concrete gangplank, you could have this ins any haute cuisine dining room!…Good things come in unexpected places!”

You ass! That’s their dock! It’s precisely the place you should expect to see seafood! And who asked you to judge their marina infrastructure anyway?

I really cannot stand him! He grates on my nerves! And yet he comes on the travel channel after that man who travels around gorging himself for acclaim.

*shakes head*

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oh my god..... what if patrick..... comes back.... to twitter..... for his birthday.....bc of the fob thing....unlikely but nobody suspected his tinie ass was going to tweet about star vs the forces of evil either s o,

I mean i hope so but I doubt it, I think just the fob twitter and pete will post. We’ll get a retweet or a thanks, at tops

So I’m still not over the amazingness that was chapter 20 and one of the things I love the most about it is how it’s flipped so many things I originally thought on their head. Koogi has managed to create something that was completely unexpected yet so perfect. I mean it’s her story so it was obviously going to feel canon but y'know sometimes in media when the creator goes for the surprise twist it falls flat? That definitely didn’t happen here. Anyway this is just a quick post organising my thoughts on things I’ve talked about a fair bit over the course of season 1 and how the start of season 2 has affected it.
1. Murder Husbands
2. Sangwoo going to prison/Bum getting help
3. Role of Seungbae

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`.⋆¸• ★ Happy 25th Anniversary Kirby ★`.⋆¸•

Heeey! I could finally manage to draw something for one of my fave games of all the time: Kirby!! I love those games so much!! Actually I wanted to make a pic for the 20th Anniversary too but I wanted to make the perfect pic, with tons of characters and ended up being overwhelmed, so that I couldn’t finish it. I found the old data and looked at the unfinished pic and cringed a little haha So this time I just drew what came to my mind… Kirby with a sparkling star, fluffy clouds, dreamy colours and a rainbow ♡ it’s been fun! I cant believe it’s already 25 years. I hope there will be tons of wonderful and dreamy Kirby games in the future!!! ♡♡♡

Alright so here’s my story!

Basically around the time when I was first watching Jack’s videos he talked a bit about going to college for hotel management. So at the time I thought that his job was being a hotel manager and YouTube was something he did occasionally, I quickly learned that wasn’t the case 😅


nct challenge
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Inquisition characters reacting to catching teen!quizzy sneaking out past their curfew? Preferably not gifs please! :)

Cassandra: “You’re out past your curfew.” she snaps bluntly. “Go back to your room and don’t leave again. We will discuss your punishment in the morning, young man/woman.” May or may not be drag them by the ear to their room.

Iron Bull: “Having some fun, huh?” he teases. “Come on, let’s get you back to your room before anyone notices. Hide behind me if you don’t want to get caught and get grounded.” He gets them to their room and doesn’t tell the others.

Blackwall: “Psst, I see you. It’s past your curfew.” he warns. “You ought to head back before anyone else sees you. I won’t get you in trouble, but someone else might.” He points to a back way to their room and wishes them luck in evading notice.

Sera: She giggles. “Ooh, out past curfew? Whatcha up to?” She hangs out with them and keeps a sharp eye out for anyone who would care– she might even give them something to obscure their face, lest the others notice.

Varric: “Up for some midnight shenanigans, Inquisitor?” he says with a chuckle. “Nice try– you almost made it past the door. Or maybe you already went past there and I didn’t notice.” He casually waves a hand. “I’m not gonna say anything, but be more careful if you’re going out. Don’t want the Seeker catching you.”

Cole: “Soft, candle lights flickering, keep to the shadows, a shroud of safety, into the air of freedom. You’re having fun, and you’re happy. Good.” he says cheerfully. “Some of the others won’t be happy if they see you, though. Why do they not want to see you outside between some hours…?” He’s confused about the point of a curfew.

Dorian: “Ah, getting into a bit of trouble, I see?” he teases. He asks what they’re up to, and if it’s innocuous, he leaves them be, but warns them that while he won’t get them in trouble, others will. “I would know. I did the same out-past-curfew things you do, but with more alcohol.” he laughs.

Solas: “You should return to bed before Cassandra notices. Or become more proficient in the art of stealth.” he says bluntly, surprising them from his quiet spot. He offers no further comments and merely glances up from whatever he’s doing.

Vivienne: “And what do you think you’re doing out at this time?” She surprises them, and they peer up at her in terror. She stares at them, wholly displeased. “It is well past your curfew. I will have a guard escort you back to your room, and I will be informing the others about this misbehavior.”

Leliana: Her agents see them and report to her, of course, and she just tells them to keep quiet and watch them, but not intervene. If they succeed and return to bed without being caught, she’s quietly proud of them. If they get caught, she just tells them the next day that they need to practice their stealth skills.

Cullen: “What do you think you’re doing up?” he asks, arms crossed, and he escorts them back to their quarters, and posts a guard by the door. “I’m sorry to do this, but you know the rules. I’ll have to inform Cassandra about this.” He feels a little bad as he leaves– the look they give him is hurtful.

Josephine: “Young man/woman. It’s well past your curfew.” she says dryly, and they turn to see the ambassador standing, arms crossed, staring at them with a raised eyebrow and disapproving frown. If she’s working, she has someone take them back to their room– after she issues a scolding about the dangers of going out late alone.

Fleur Delacour

I had this great shower vision of how every time Yuri says “well I was messing around with a routine in Detroit and Phichit liked it but I thought it was pretty flashy”, Victor just pulls out a bottle of vodka and starts chugging instead of screaming “WHY DIDN’T YOU SKATE LIKE THIS AT THE OLYMPICS? I WAS SO BORED AT THE OLYMPICS.”