ok, since some people couldn’t actually see the Larry Kiss in the video, I edit a hell lot of it to make you see it.

So all the credits to this person, sorry that got it wrong at first :)

so what I did was get the frames and put form the shades of their bodies:

  • Louis is Blue
  • Harry is Red

and this is how it looks in a gif:

and here is without the names:


P.S: sorry for the tears :)

recently i was approached by boom studios to do a cover for their comic, LUMBERJANES ! this is the second cover theyve asked me to do but maybe not the last, who knows !! im definitely in the mood for a blanket fort right about now though

Amour Sucre: The Mystery Text (Book One: Chapter One)

Translation: Kissise
Scaning/Layout: Lottie

So I there are a few bubbles i couldn’t quite figure out how to word properly but its not bad. A big thank you goes to Kissise, she did  FANTASTIC job translating. Chapter 2 will be out soon. Please do not repost/strip the credits off, Including the official credits please! If this happens I won’t continue this project on for the second manga.

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