Amour Sucre: The Mystery Text (Book One: Chapter One)

Translation: Kissise
Scaning/Layout: Lottie

So I there are a few bubbles i couldn’t quite figure out how to word properly but its not bad. A big thank you goes to Kissise, she did  FANTASTIC job translating. Chapter 2 will be out soon. Please do not repost/strip the credits off, Including the official credits please! If this happens I won’t continue this project on for the second manga.

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~ We can make it through, if you believe -   If you believe in me ~

Some Soul Eater fan art. I saw Soul Eater Not! character designs for the first time while doing this. Yeah…someone wake me up when this moe shit is over. It already just rubbed it’s fat shininess all over Soul Eater, Metabots and Pop’n music.

I can’t believe it’s 2015 and I’m saying “you know what I take back my complaints about Naruto and Inuyasha being too long. Those…are like master pieces now.”


For those of you who don’t know I am an avid collector of all things nerdy. Growing up I was the chubby girl with glasses. Personally I always wondered why plus size girls in anime were not seen as cute as other characters. I am super excited that Nitrous has released another mascot, Super Pochaco. Super Pochacho is adorable and portrayed in a cute way. They don’t use her as comedic effect and she rocks outfits better than her predecessor. Work it gurl! I am glad to see there is finally more body acceptance.