Speaking of WIPs, this was another thing I have been working on recently. I promised Manadyne I’d finish a drawing with Liling, the Asian Lung princess and her guardian, Heishan forever ago.

Instead I redrew it on larger paper to give me more room to experiment.

I really miss roleplaying these two; their dynamic has always been darling and it’s good proof that not all relationships in roleplays need to be romantic at all. 

I wish I had a better thing to take pictures with aside from my webcam;; it always eats away at the details of these things.


“It’s only now I realize just how unfair and cruel I was to you and Mer. I was so blinded by my hatred for demons and my devotion to the mission that I didn’t realize how wrong I was. I am…was…the archangel of Chasity, but there’s more to my virtue than just staying chaste. It’s meant to recognize and praise true devotion and love between people. Something that you and Mer honestly have. Perhaps that is just another reason why I’ve fallen now….I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive an old fool.”

(OOC: I am SO SORRY this took so long! Since these were asks that related to plot I guess I got over excited and planned a hundred different ways to draw them out. I decided on a simpler one in the end because I was over-complicating things and getting nothing done. Ha ha…

Also Astaroth has gotten more messed up since the last time you saw him.

Oh and I forgot to draw Jerry’s beard in his profile picture. He has one. Just so you know.)

A gift for Manadyne, her character/adoptable Macha. <3

She was my gift to her a while ago, and I guess she’s a gift who keeps on giving. Also, I feel no regret about drawing her as a giant ho bag– I mean what XD

Although it’s interesting when you’re drawing this in class and the guy sitting in front of you leans back and says “She’s hot”

I think I’m going to redraw Khenti to be a sexyfine beast too. Hm~ 

manadium  asked:

You have every right to be content with what you draw, I love the stylisation and the shading and everything. Anon has their own opinion and that's cool but if you're content and other people are of the view your art is wonderful then you've nothing to worry about. Don't focus on one, focus on the many! Keep at it, I love your updates. Your art makes me smile a whole lot gosh.

oh god this makes me feel so happy ;u;

i didn’t think my art could make a person feel this excited but wow


Okay, this is for Rowan, Brian, Justiina, Maria and Charlie. Rowan gets such a kick out my newfie terms. Sometimes when we’re chatting and I use one without realizing, she doesn’t understand. but bless her heart she doesn’t say anything to me until I realize I’ve said something strange to her XD SO I FIGURED SINCE ROWAN GETS A KICK OUT OF THE WORDS AND SAYINGS, BRIAN GETS A KICK OUT OF ALL THE ANIMALS WE HAVE HERE IN NEWFOUNDLAND, JUSTIINA ONCE THOUGHT THAT I NOT ONLY LIVED IN AN IGLLO, BUT ALSO THAT IT WAS ON FIRE, MARIA IS ANOTHER STRANGE AMERICAN, AND CHARLIE IS A NOT-SO-DISTANT COUSIN, YOU’D ALL INJOY THIS.