Mana Beast, The Final Battle.

I know i said i was going to post just sketches, But this happens to be one of my favorite pieces. And I wish to post it here just cause.  

I drew this, I am the artist Saij Spellhart. You can find me on DA

The dragon here is the mana beast. And this is a rendition i drew of how i perceive the final battle of Secret of Mana to have looked like. Both the Dragon and the Heroes are the powers of good. And the fortress they battle upon is a device used to wreak havoc on the land. The dragon is trying to destroy the fortress, but it is too powerful, and if it were to cause the destruction of the fortress it would end up destroying the world. So the heroes of secret of mana must stop it. 

Secret of mana is one of my favorite childhood games, and always will be.

((It took quite a while, but someone on the stream finally guessed correctly. It’s Flammie from the Mana series (Seiken Densetsu)! Unless you’re an old git like me, you probably never played Secret of Mana or the sort, but trust me, great games.

Had fun drawing it, but kind’ve sped up at the end because… *yawn* … it’s late. But oh well. Looking forward to the next stream.))



After being forced to transform into an Ultra Beast, Guzma is introduced to some people that Wicke calls grunts. Upon seeing Guzma’s new appearance, the grunts see Guzma for the first time, and are very…scared…Wicke payed the grunts a lot of money to “cover” for her and the beasts, so they cannot say a word about them, no matter what..

Au by me!


Monobrow meets Secret of Mana!

Well, that and a unique blend from Final Fantasy VI and Terranigma sounds.  Not bad for her first SNESology submission.

She tells us:

This song was originally supposed to be a really quick excersise before I started a real SNESology song, but it turned into much more.  It’s became very emotive and changing.  I named it “Secret Inside Me” because I think it’s the kind of song that would express feelings bottled up inside, that you don’t reveal.  Also it has that “Fear of Heavens” ending motif :J

Pretty!  Also the Mana Tree in her video is quite lovely!


Raven’s WoW RP Characters

“Blogless Edition”

   I thought I’d put together a list of my best characters that don’t have Tumblr blogs so that people have a reference when perusing my main page.

  •    Hesperos Stonehorn - A golden-topaz stone drake that mainly illusions himself to appear as a Kaldorei. Former Alliance soldier and war veteran, now a stalwart champion of the Valarjar. Likes cigarettes, ale, and a good fight. Heterosexual, engaged. Face Claim: Jon Bernthal. Status: In-Game
  •    Korva the Illusionist - A flightless winged Arakkoa and shadow sage that illusions herself as either a human or a sin’dorei depending on where she is. Exiled from Skyreach and found her way to Azeroth after the war in Draenor came to an end. Likes spectacles, coffee, and shortbread cookies. Heterosexual, in a relationship. Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario. Status: Retired
  •    Anaïs Alais - A sassy Nightborne insurgent and masterful huntress who Specializes in mana-beasts and tracking leylines. Has a prosthetic right arm and left leg which bear technological similarities to the guardian constructs in Suramar. Likes arcwine, traveling, and a good hunt. Heterosexual, in a relationship. Face Claim: undecided. Status: In-Game.

   While I do have a few other characters, I don’t play them as much as those listed above and have yet to settle into a proper connection with them. This could change in the future and more could be added to this list.