Surreal-Portraits by Manu Pombrol

Manu Pambrol is 35-year old photographer from Spain who has created a number of interesting surreal self portraits.
As you can see from the following photographs, Manu has emerged with pretty unusual style of making portrait photography.
Those images are made by combining a number of photos and every of them seems to have some unique message.
I think that Manu has managed to express his thoughts very well with those self portraits. I specially like that self portrait where his brain is filled with pop-corns which he tries to reach with his right hand and he drinks a huge glass of cola using his other hand.
Also, the last photo is pretty interesting, it reminds me a little bit on “The Matrix” philosophy.

OH MY FREAKING NUTELLA!!!! He should ALWAYS do this, you know, lift his undershirt~ or better yet, he should NOT wear any undershirt at all!! *drools* MANU NEUER JUST KILLED ME 1000000000000000000000000000000x!