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Only Look At Me (GD Scenario)

In which he’s jealous.

“Are you sure this is alright?” You ask again as you follow him down the crowded corridors of the backstage.

“Why wouldn’t it be?” He just continues to walk as all the people bow in front of him, curiously trying to see you face hidden by the black cap you’re wearing.

“I don’t know,” you mutter under your breath. “Can’t they kick me out or something since I’m not a staff member? What?” You frown after bumping your forehead in his back due to his sudden stop.

“You’re with me and for the nth time, it’s completely fine! Everyone has one or two people here, so you’re not the only one,” he smiles, his hand caressing your cheek for a second before walking away. “Plus, you always said you wanted to see us live, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but I was thinking of a concert rather than this,” you mumble, curiously looking around. The stage was all illuminated by a colourful neon background, the staff directing each other as they tested the lights and the mics before the actual artists came up on the stage.

“Do you think you can remember the way here? ‘Cause we should head back to the waiting room,” Jiyong’s gummy smile seems to apologize for taking you away so fast from that busy world.

“I’ll manage somehow,” you place your arm around his neck, trying to match his height, “if not I can always ask. I think people will be very curious about why I ask about the almighty G-Dragon, won’t they?” You grin, stepping away from him as soon as you enter the busy corridor that leads to Big Bang’s waiting room.

“I hope you used protection, kids,” Seungri appears behind you two after the door closes behind you, his big grin making your ears go red.

“I’ll give you protection that you won’t be able carry,” you crack your fingers, threatening him with your fist.

“Kids,” you hear T.O.P chuckling from his chair, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone.

“Says the one who needed me to open an Instagram account!”

“EXO!” Daesung breaks in from the bathroom, shamelessly zipping his pants in front of you.

“WHERE?!” You shout back, your heart crazily beating inside your chest.

“There she goes. Nice, Daesung, very nice,” GD comments from his seat, frowning at his bandmate while keeping his eyes on you as you make him signs to shut up, your eyes glued to the LCD’s screen on the wall.

“Who’s your fav?” Daesung whispers, ignoring GD’s threatening staring.

“Kai. He’s such a cutie pie,” you smile as Kai flashes his trademark smirk to the camera, earning some shouts from the fans in the public and some squeels from you. “And he’s hot,” you shrug, trying to keep your focus.

“Hellooooo??? Boyfriend in the room!” GD agitates on his seat, making the make-up arts sigh as the brush slips on the artist’s skin. “Just in case you forgot, of course,” he quickly adds when you glare at him after he made you miss your favourite moment of the song. “She doesn’t like me half as much as she likes EXO… or BTS,” he mumbles when you clap enthusiastically as BTS take their special stage on.

And he stares at you through the mirror as you wordlessly watch the other group’s performance, the tip of your feet tapping against the floor. He’s jealous although he knows he shouldn’t be. He’s your boyfriend and yet you never acted that way around him. While he knows that he fell for you exactly because you saw the man and not the performer in him, he still wishes at times you’d fangirl around him.

“Come with me,” he just grabs your wrist, pulling you out of the room, the other members of Big Bang elbowing each other.

“But they’re performance,” you try to protest, but just eat your words when he turns to you, his eyes sparkling dangerously. “Okay,” you say, unclasping his fingers from your wrist and holding his hand instead. “I’d follow you anywhere. You know that, right?”

“What did you say?” He stops abruptly, turning to you.

The corridor is empty, semi-obscurity hiding his features as you look straight at him.

“I said I would follow you anywhere, Kwon Jiyong,” you tighten you squeeze his hand.

“It doesn’t seem so.” Your eyes adjusted to the low light see his cute pout and you smile. “Don’t laugh at me! That’s how I feel! You know how hard it is for me to talk about my feelings, but I… I sometimes wish you’d look at me like you look at BTS or EXO,” he continues. “I sometimes wish you’d only look at me.”

“Is the almighty G-Dragon jealous?”

“Only look at me,” he demands, his hand on your cheek bringing your laughter to a halt. “Only look at both of me. Or at least fangirl around me too,” he steps back, the same cute pout breaking through his charisma.

“But I am looking only at you,” you protest. “You don’t see it, but I am looking only at you! I temper my enthusiasm around you because I don’t want to make you tired. I’ve listened to all of Big Bang’s songs and to your as well and I can’t pick a favourite because each and every single one of them seems to fit with one of my dispositions. I’ve got them all on repeat and… you don’t see that because that’s usually how a fan behaves. Do you think I’d act the same around EXO or BTS if I were to meet them? Heck no! I wouldn’t want them to think I’m crazy or anything! Just like I never wanted you to see the way I fangirl over you,” you approach him, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him.

“But I want to see that. All of that! Please?”

“Fine, fine,” you sigh, “but you’ll be ashamed with me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

“Deal!” He laughs, pecking your lips before pulling you back to Big Bang’s waiting room.

Their performance stage was up and you made your way through the crowd of fans, your light stick on one hand and the luminous board in the other. He always seemed different once on stage, more charismatic and playful and a complete goofball towards the fans that encouraged his every move.

“Kwon Jiyong, I love you!” You yelled during one of those musical breaks in which every fan was screaming something else. His chuckle confirmed that he heard you clearly despite the noise before he moved to a different part of the stage, Daesung taking his spot in front of you, cocking his eyebrows. “Oh, shut up,” you laughed, joining the fans in the chant that was making the floor vibrate.

“Is there anything else I need to know about my fangirl girlfriend?” Jiyong leans closer and closer, invading your private space and staring at you with a playful smile as his manager drives you two back to his place.

“Well, I run two fan blogs and an anti tag” you turn to him, your smile mirroring his.

“What?! Why? What did I do?” He pulls away, taken aback.

“Nothing. That’s the way I relieve my love for you when it’s getting too much to handle,” you shrug. “Like tonight,” you show him your blog page with a video from their live stage.

“Kwon Jiyong, you bastard, of course you went there, who ripped his jeans???, okay no, go away, I hate you tbh, thank you for the ride to hell, god have mercy,” he reads out loud. “God have mercy indeed!” He laughs, kissing you.

“You’re not… scared? Disappointed? Embarrassed?” You push him away after a few seconds, scanning his expression.

“Of course not! It’s cute! You’re adorable, God have mercy on my soul,” he kisses your temple before returning to your phone. “Ohhhhh! Someone uses Photoshop,” he quickly discovers your fan art.

“Give it back!” You struggle in his hug.

“My girlfriend is my number one fan,” he tells his manager who smiles back.

#53 Amnesia | The breakup | Part 2


So this is like a flashback thingy :3

Read part 1 HERE 


”You know, that talking thing sounds really good right now.” Ashton lifted his head from his pillow, squeezing his eyes because of the sudden light from the hallway, Luke standing in the doorframe leaning against it with his duvet in his hands. “Come sit then.” Ashton welcomed as he was sitting straight in the bed now, moving a bit for Luke to join. As Luke sat down, he pulled his duvet up to his chin cuddling into it. “How about we start from the beginning? You haven’t really told us anything about you guys so it’s hard for us to help you.” Ashton said and Luke nodded his head in agreement before letting out a sigh.

Luke smashed the door closed as he came in through it, throwing his jacket onto the floor, not really caring about hanging it up as he went into the living room, seeing you sit with your chin against the couch cushion, staring up at him. Luke showed no expression on his face as he went over to the kitchen, before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and afterwards went over to the other couch, placing himself onto it. You pulled the blanket closer to your body as you stared at Luke almost emptying his bottle. “How was recording?” You asked quietly making him give you a rather tired glare as he threw the bottle onto the coffee table. “Fine.” He said as he didn’t care, leaning back and closed his eyes. You sat up straight, “I was thinking we could watch some movies tonight.” You suggested making Luke squeak one eye open. “Not today Y/N. I’m too tired for that.” He mumbled as he raised himself from the couch, heading towards the stairs. “But we never do anything together anymore.” You said making him stop in track at one of the steps. “What do you mean by that?” He asked, making you sit on your knees on the couch so you could see him better. “I mean that we barely see each other anymore. You’re never home, we don’t have any quality time together anymore, and you won’t even kiss me hello!” You pointed out with aggression in your tone. Luke rolled his eyes at you as he went down the stairs, heading towards you before giving you a light peck on the forehead. “Satisfied?” He asked as you were a small child. “No I’m fucking not satisfied.” You said in disbelief by his action, raising yourself from the couch. “Y/N can we please not fight today, I’m not in the mood.” Luke almost moaned, rubbing his temples with his fingers. “Luke this is what I’m referring to. We’re not a couple anymore. We’re just 2 people who constant pick on each other and live in the same apartment.” “Y/N don’t be ridiculous.” Luke mumbled turning his back to you as he went up the stairs again. “Luke you’re leaving for a tour in 3 weeks. How are you gonna fit me in there?” You yelled after him, making him stop in track yet again. “I’ll slip you in between breaks or something.” He shrugged, his voice raspy. “Luke I’m so much more worth that.” You said more quietly, heartbroken by his cold state. “You’re an fucking arse.” You yelled all of the sudden, anger taking over you. “Oh so I’m the ass here? At least I’m not clingy as fuck.” He said with a loud voice back making you roll your eyes at him. “I just want time with my boyfriend is that so hard to let it happen?” “Yes it actually is.” Luke shouted with wide eyes. “Fine, if it has to be like that, I don’t think this relationship should continue.” You yelled. “Fine. I don’t need you in my life then.” Luke yelled without realizing his words. It made the both of you shut your mouths as you stared at each other, none of you wanting to say anything. You nodded your head as you gave him one last glare before grabbing your coat heading towards the door. It was when the smack of the door appeared that Luke realized what in the world had just happened.

When Luke was done talking, he exhaled for a bit, his thumb gazing the stuffed penguin that he still had in his hand. “Man..” Ashton mumbled feeling so bad for Luke. “You know, I’ll do anything to help you get better.” He reassured making Luke give him a puppy look. “Can you get my girlfriend back, since I’m an fulltime ass who hasn’t got the balls to call her?” He asked almost timidly making Ashton chuckle. “I’ll see what I can do. We’ll sort it out mate. We always do.” Ashton reassured. “I hope so.” Luke mumbled, grabbing onto the stuffed penguin tighter in his fist.  


“Did you remember the list?” Ashton asked taking his eyes away from the road to look at Luke who was sitting in the passenger seat next to him. Luke’s eyes widen as he had forgotten looking pleading back at Michael who was holding the list in his hands, waving it in Luke’s face. “Michael’s got it.” Luke mumbled leaning back in his seat, flicking the paper away as Michael waved it in front of his face again. “God, you’re an idiot.” The blond laughed as Michael sat back in his seat. The 4 of them were driving to the local supermarket, ready to buy basically everything they needed in their house. Ashton looked in the back mirror and as he did he noticed Cal sitting with his phone almost in his face, too occupied to do anything else. “Dude you’ve been sitting with that phone for hours. How about you leave the technical world for a bit and tell us what the fuck happened between you and Y/N.” Michael pushed on making Cal place his phone in his lap, ready to talk.

“When were you planning on telling me?” You asked a little bit too loudly than necessary making Calum jolt in the bar stool he was sitting on in the kitchen. He looked away from his phone to see the magazine you had thrown onto the cold marble counter, knotting his eyebrows in thought. “You don’t believe in this do you?” He asked, placing his phone onto the counter. “Well it for sure isn’t Photoshop Cal.” He grabbed the magazine looking closely on the front page – a picture of him and some younger girl having a peck on the lips. He thought for a minute, trying to memorize the event. “For god’s sake Y/N, she was a fan, she kissed me!” He said defending himself. “It doesn’t look like you’re resisting.” You said crossing your arms. “You know how the fans are.” He tried, but you just shook your head at him. “You know Calum blaming your fans all the times is starting to get a little bit used.” He was totally taken aback at this point, smashing down the magazine in his hands. “You know maybe I like getting kisses from them? They show more affection than what you have ever done.” Ouch. You stared at him for a few seconds, his words working into your mind making your bottom lip tremble. Calum noticed immediately regretting his words. “Y/N you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He mumbled trying to capture you into his arms, but you ducked making him catch the air, before you sprinted outside to your terrace, shutting the door after you. Calum watched you outside the window as you sat on the edge of the rocks, letting your legs dangle in the air. He knew you needed time. So he waited an hour or so before he opened the door and went over to sit next to you, the both of you keeping quiet, the only sound around you was the cars far away on the road, the darkness had taken over the city. “Cal to be honest I don’t think I can be in a relationship we’re the constant fear of you cheating on me is there.” You mumbled not daring to look at him in the eyes. “So it’s because you don’t trust me at all. Great.” Calum said sarcastically, shaking his head in disbelief. “Of course I do but it’s hard, you have girls craving for your dick 24/7 trying their best to get your attention. At least 78% of those girls are ten times prettier than me. It makes me so insecure I barely dare to show myself naked to you. I don’t feel comfortable.” You almost shouted but in a timidly way making Calum form a pout on his face. “Babe you know you’re the only girl for me.” Calum reassured, sliding his arm around your waist pulling you into his side. When he felt how tense you were he let go off you, and you pulled yourself up from the stones. “You deserve so much better than me. And you will totally get one, there’s no doubt. But I just don’t think I’m the girl for you Calum. Maybe we can hang out sometime.” You smiled as he stood up as well. “I can’t believe that we’re actually breaking up.” He said shaking his head giving you a sad smile. “Me neither.” You announced quietly before giving him a tight hug, him daring not to let go of you, but of course he had to.

Hey Y/N, can you go grab some milk?” Chase asked with a smile and you nodded your head, heading over to the cold part of the supermarket, looking around for the specific milk you and Chase usually drinks. But the sound of a hollering around you made you turn around in confuse, seeing 4 acquaintances boys, yelling around with the trolley. Your eyes were fixed on Calum’s as he was walking with his phone, clearly not a part of the other boys’ game. “Calum.” You half shouted without registering it, placing your hands over your mouth in shock. “Y/N?” He almost asked as it was in a surreal, at first he seemed but happy but his face expression changed as Chase came up next to you, making him turn around ready to leave the shop.


“Michael? Michael?!” Luke repeated, snapping Michael out of his trance as he was still standing in his spot looking out at the window. “Should we go sit back or do you wanna go for a walk?” He asked, pointing towards the table they were sat at before, holding the chocolate cups in his hands. “A walk sounds nice.” Michael said, trying to swallow the lump that had started to form in his throat. Luke gave him a nod and they both headed outside the coffee shop, crossing the road, heading over to the park. As the spring had started, everything was turning into a green color, the sun shining bright and kids running around playing with a football. Michael and Luke walked for a bit, Mikey letting out small deep sighs here now and then. “I really wanna help you Michael. Could you uhm – tell me about that night. What went on?” Luke asked unsure, nervous for Michael’s state. Michael let out one last sigh before looking at Luke’s waiting eyes, splitting out the content.  

“Where have you been?” The sound made you scream in fright, turning around quickly holding on top of your chest panting. “Mikey you almost scared the crap out of me.” Michael just rolled his eyes at your statement, crossing his arms leaning against the doorframe. “I asked you a question?” He reminded as you took off your coat, hanging it on one of the hooks. “I heard you. I was at a friend’s house.” You shrugged giving him a light push determined to get him to move away from the frame so you could get to the kitchen. He eyed you as you walked over to one of the cupboards opening one before grabbing a glass. “Which friend?” He pushed on, his eyebrows furrowing in suspect. Rolling your eyes at him, you placed the cup on the counter before turning around to look at him, crossing your arms. “Since when did you become the fun police?” You tried as polity as possible to ask but yet it still came out harsh. “Since my girlfriend has been sneaking out with friends for more than 2 weeks now.” “Why do you call it sneaking out, it’s not like you have a word said in it?” You asked frustrated as Michael went fully into the kitchen. “But I don’t like having you be outside alone when it’s dark.” “Michael I’m an adult it’s not like that when the second my foot touches the ground outside I’ll get raped.” Michael took a deep breath trying to calm his temper down from your stubborn attitude. “Give me your phone.” He suddenly announced reaching his hand out for you to give it to him. “No?” You said in disbelief whilst shaking your head, taking a step back. “Y/N just give me the damn phone.” Michael yelled, startling you and you shook your head once again. “Why the fuck would I?” You yelled just in the same tone making him shake his head. “I’ll give you 5 seconds to give it.” He said and crossed his arms. You shook your head at him again in disbelief. “I’ll give you 5 seconds to get out of my face.” You mumbled before giving him a light push so you could get through to the hallway. “Y/N stop running away from problems.” He yelled after you walking over to you, making you turn around. “Micky.” You said quietly looking him deadly in the eye. “What?” He asked in utter confuse staring at you with his eyebrows knotted. “The answer to your question.” Michael kept on looking weirdly at you before his mouth opened agape, all the pieces falling into place. “You’ve been at your ex-boyfriend’s house?!” He yelled in almost an anger making you flinch by his words. “I knew that if I told you, you would react like this.” “Of course I do, he’s your ex Y/N, as in you used to fuck and love shitty something. How did this happen?” “I ran into him at a coffee shop.” You mumbled avoiding his eyes as you ran a hand through your hair. “So you’re cheating?” Michael concluded. “Would you stop concluding shit you don’t know a fuck about?” You yelled grabbing a plate from the dresser next to you, throwing it towards Michael’s face yet he did manage to duck before it hit him. The sound from the plate crashing as it connected with the wall was the only sound volume as you both was lightly panting staring intensely at each other.

“And so on the fight continued.” Michael mumbled now having his hands massaging his temples. “What happened afterwards?” “She left. I thought she would come back. But this time, she didn’t.” Luke nodded his head at Michael’s words like he was in a thought. “You really want her back don’t you?” Luke asked making Michael cross his arms whilst looking at the blond-haired boy in disbelief. “Of course I do.” “I think we should come up with a plan then.” Luke demanded making Michael chuckle. “She doesn’t want anything to do with me. She barely talked to me before.” Michael said, fiddling with his fingers in his lap, looking back again at where the two of you just stood and talked not more than 15 minutes ago, Luke giving him a challenged look before grabbing his phone, dialing a number.


“Feeling better?” Calum asked throwing yet another slide a pizza onto Ashton’s plate, him grabbing it immediately, almost throwing it down his throat. “Much better.” Ashton said with a nod, before grabbing his glass taking a sip of it as he finished his pizza. “So uhm are you ready to talk now.” Calum asked timidly but in a pushing way. He had wanted to ask throughout the evening since he came in through the door, but never felt the time was right before now. Ashton placed his glass carefully on the table by the mention of you, sitting up straight as he pulled on a serious face. “I still uhm… Love her. But I don’t uhm… Really have the balls to go call her up or even text her. I’m so afraid of being rejected it’s effecting my whole life currently. I just feel really stupid.” Ashton said quietly. “Why do you feel stupid?” Cal asked placing the pizza back on his plate, giving Ashton his full attention. “Because I accused her of cheating with her cousin.”

“So who’s Nathaniel?” Ashton asked with his arms crossed as he was leaning against the counter in the kitchen, you looked at him wide eyed in confusion. “Okay can I get a chance to at least put my stuff on the counter before you start up a whole interrogation?” You mumbled, walking over to the counter before placing your jacket and purse on it. Turning around to Ashton, you lifted yourself up on your toes in a trial of giving him a kiss on the cheek. But Ashton rejected by turning his face away from yours making you fall back onto your heels giving him a weird look. “Who is Nathaniel?” He asked yet again, his face expression never changing. You gave him a questionable look, not getting what he was referring to but as your eyes landed on your unlocked phone next to Ashton on the counter, your eyes widen in anger and surprise. “You looked through my phone?” You almost shouted, your eye brows knotting as you looked at him. “Ashton suddenly felt bad as he saw how wrong it actually was of him to look through your phone as you had forgot it before you went out shopping. But as the messages he had read felt back into his head he started to grow furious again. “You think you can just cheat on me behind my back without telling me?” He asked grabbing your phone before shoving it into your stomach. Grabbing your phone you unlocked it, seeing through the messages from Nathaniel. “Ashton Fletcher Irwin you are the most pathetic person I’ve ever met.” You said in disbelief looking deadly at him before turning around heading over to the counter where you placed your stuff. “I’m the one who’s pathetic here?” He asked walking closer to you. “Yeah because everyone cheats on their boyfriend with their cousin.” You shouted sarcastically at him, making Ashton let out a spurt of hair, looking at you in disbelief. “Don’t give me that bullshit Y/N, your cousin’s name is not Nathaniel.” “What is it then Ash?” You yelled as you grabbed your jacket. “Nathan.” He yelled without realizing the logic in it, you giving him a death glare waiting for his brain to progress what he just said. The silence felt over the both of you and that was went all the pieces felt back on place in Ashton’s head making him let out a small “Shit.”. “Yea… Shit.” You said quietly, putting your phone back in your pocket. “Ashton relationship is based on trust..” You said hesitantly and he nodded his head knowing where this was going. “I think we maybe need some time away from each other.” You mumbled. “So we’re breaking up?” Ashton asked even though he had said in his head 30 times that he shouldn’t ask. Knowing that if you said something out loud, you would break so you just nodded your head at him before grabbing your purse, swinging it over your shoulder.

“I’ve been feeling like shit. I lost my freaking girlfriend because I thought she was cheating with her cousin. Y/N is right I am fucking pathetic.” Ashton said, fiddling with his hands in his lap. “Nooo man don’t blame yourself. You just gotta win her back you know.” Calum tried to help making Ashton raise his head in confusion. “Like how?” He asked making Calum let out a giggle before grabbing his phone. “First of all, get yourself together and go clean this flat. It looks like world war 3 has started.” Calum laughed as he was in the middle of sending a message. “Yea I guess that’s a good idea.” Ashton mumbled already standing up from his chair, grabbing his and Calum’s plate. “But what about after that?” Ashton asked confused as he placed the dishes into the dishwasher. “Just let me and the boys deal with that.” Calum winked making Ashton give him a nervous but also curious look.



Fic: Friendships and Fandoms VII

Including a cameo by our very own @woodelf68! I hope you enjoy, dearest!

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] [Part Six]


Part Seven

In which Mulan deals with fandom drama, Belle makes a phone call that she immediately regrets, and Graham starts a revolution, sort of.

Also, a sneak preview of the Star Force series finale…


The first thing that Belle did was switch the lights on, watching Mulan blink against the sudden brightness, before she came over and looked at her friend’s dashboard over her shoulder. She could see a lot of speculation on the script leak and several known bad apples from the Greenskin fandom crowing about their ship becoming canon, but so far nothing of any substance as to the contents of the script itself, and no sources.

“That seems somewhat suspicious to me,” Belle murmured as Mulan continued to scroll. She gave a tremendous, if involuntary, yawn, and muttered a curse. She’d been awake since two o'clock in the morning and she simply didn’t have the energy to deal with fandom drama right now. “Everyone’s claiming to have seen this thing, but no-one’s actually showing it.”

Mulan nodded her agreement. “That’s what I was thinking. It must all have stemmed from one person saying ‘I’ve seen the script and this is what happens’. There’s no substance behind the claims, it’s all just talk. I won’t believe it until I see it myself.”

She refreshed her dash again as a couple of messages dropped into her inbox. A couple of the other prominent Lacey/Stiltskin shippers were holding the fort in the arguments, citing the lack of evidence and lamenting the fact that everyone had become so up in arms about a rumour that might not even be true.

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