i’ll do a proper drawing in the future but

i’ve always found near/sayu to be a cute ship and in dramaverse it’s also gay so yes (i’m not saying near is a girl by saying this, every nonbinary person i’ve met including myself doesn’t really consider it possible to be in a “straight” relationship)

[1:53:43 PM] the real kira has, in fact, stood up: near deserves to have fun and eat cake and kick ass and kiss a cute girl

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Katee Sackhoff Dishes On Stripping Down For Longmire & Riddick

BTS - Running Man

When you and the rest of the Bangtan members appeared on Running Man— what would be their reactions if you’re a cutie and a sweet one at home and at their dorm, but you’re totally a beast in RM?


He watches you as you ran to Gary and ripped his nametag fast and roughly, and pushed him to the floor. A few seconds later, GARY OUT, GARY OUT has echoed the building. When Jungkook saw you looking at him, he gulped. // *gif*

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“J-Jagiya, you know oppa love you right?” 

When you ripped his nametag

“I’m sorry, oppa, I love you too,” you replied before roughly turning him around, and wrestled him to the ground, his chest facing the floor. “Y/N-ah!! Bad girl!! Bad! Let go of your oppa!” but after a few seconds, instead of Gary’s name, JUNGKOOK OUT JUNGKOOK OUT echoed the building. Without even an apology, you ran away with his nametag, laughing loudly. 

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*you are RapMon* // “See you tonight at home, Jagiya.”


As if this name-tag mission was very easy for him, he wandered around the garden quietly, looking around for a victim. Not after a second, he heard a screamed– not a girl’s, but a boy’s— and it definitely was Kwang Soo. He ran to the sound, and saw you pinning him on the wall, ripping his nametag. When you saw him, he just… *gif*

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“Hey, jagiya, doing your work well, huh?” he would think you’re not harmful to him. 

When you ripped his nametag:

“Yeah, oppa, I’m doing well!” you exclaimed, running towards him to hug him, and he easily accepted, as he wrapped his arms around your waist. Just after the staffs coo-ed, you grabbed his nametag and pulled it off his jacket, throwing his nametag just like that. “I love you, okay?” you pecked his lips before running away. 

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“Okay, if like that, no more kisses for the whole week for a naughty girl.”


“Hyung, hyung! Where are you going?!” he whispered to Jongkook, who was tightly holding Jimin’s arm. “Somewhere no one can find us, so I can protect you, dummy.” but unfortunately, when they came out of their hidden place, you immediately attacked Jongkook. Jimin was in shock— h-how did she eliminate—? When you looked at him, he’ll panic a little. // *gif*

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When you ripped their nametag: 

“There’s no second chance in a competition, Jimin, so I’m sorry.” you replied ; walking towards him seductively, as you bit your lip. Jimin gulped as he felt his body on the cold wall. “J-Jagiya— There’s camera around—” before he could finish, you crept your hand on his back and quickly rip the nametag, as you laughed at the sound JIMIN OUT repeated two times. 

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*literally laughing at his own fail* 


“We’re a team? Are you really sure?” He asked you, not sure if he could trust you ; knowing that you’re a really good actress. “Oppa, after two years of us together, you can’t even trust me?” you sounded sad as you pouted. “Okay,” he sighed. So you both went hunting for victims– and one of your victims was Ha Dong Hoon, who literally was easy to be out. After you had Haha in your hands, you looked at Namjoon with eyes of darkness. “What?” he nervously asked. *gif*

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*ignore J-Hope* “Y/N, y-you’re acting weird. I’ll… leave, okay? 

When you rip his nametag:

“Oh, Oppa, where are you going? We’re supposed to be a team, so we stick together, isn’t it?” you asked, smirking slightly as you held his arm, telling him not to leave. You both walked casually, looking around. But you looked at him again, and finally you made your move, you– with your fast hands, ripped his nametag, and ran without telling him. “YAH! Y/N! COME HERE BEFORE YOU FUCKING GO TO HELL” he screamed, fake-crying. 

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*you’re V* // He sighed, “Jagiya… I’ll talk to you at home later… Good luck.”


He accidentally peeked, and saw you attacking Jae-Suk, who was screaming loudly, and so, you closed his mouth as you ripped his nametag. When you finished ripping, you sighed heavily as you turn around, to leave– but you accidentally saw him. “OH SHIT!” J-Hope screamed as he tripped on something while trying to run away from you. *gif*

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“Go away from me! Go away from me!”

When you rip his nametag:

“Hey, oppa! No escaping!” you yelled for him as you rushed to him, who was laying on the floor, not knowing what to do. You pinned him down the floor as you crawled on him, smirking slightly as you crept your hand on his back, slowly tearing his nametag. He bit his lip slightly, forgetting the nametag. You kissed him slightly, “you can get it tonight, not now.” you said to him before leaving with his nametag. 

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*Checks the time on his phone* “It’s still 6.30, how can I wait until 9?” 


“I’m sleepy,” he whined as he sat on a bench, closing his eyes slowly. He, without even a few minutes, dozed to his dreamland– until he heard a scream. His eyes immediately was wide open, as he stood up, “What was that?” he began panicking, and ran towards where the sound was. It was you– ripping Song Ji-Hyo’s nametag. “Thanks, unnie!” you exclaimed, turning around, to meet his eyes. “I’m sleepy.” he muttered, knowing you would never rip his nametag. *gif*

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When you ripped his nametag:

“Really? Are you sleepy, babe?” you asked, walking towards him as you ruffled his hair. “Hmm.” he hummed, pouting slightly. “I want a rest,” he whined. “I’ll make you rest, do you want?” Suga turned his head to the camera and smirked slightly. “How?” he asked. “Close your eyes.” you demanded, he did what you asked to. The next thing he knew, his name and the word ‘OUT’ was mentioned twice. “WhaT The– Y/N!” he yelled, opening his eyes, to see you running away. 

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“A-Ahh— This girl…” he muttered, speechless. 


“Thank you, ajhumma!” he thanked as he ate his sausage stick deliciously. But when he saw Ji SukJin screaming while running, he knew he, himself, is in trouble– since SukJin is his teammate. Then, he saw you running after him, and finally, after a few minutes, you managed to rip his nametag. After that, you looked at him, “Hi, oppa.” He smiled while he took a step back, eating his food, “Ummm Hi, jagiya!” *gif*

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“L-Let me finish my food first okay?” 

When you ripped his nametag: 

After he swallowed the last piece of sausage, you immediately walked to him, “Have you swallowed it in, already?” you asked. “Yeah.” he replied, trying to sound confident– but fail. “Good then, because obviously you don’t want to throw up here,” you joked as you began attacking him. After you success, he would sigh. 

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“I knew you would rush to eliminate me.”