Dear men,

Whether you’re waiting for the next train or in line for coffee or driving down the street or whatever, it is never okay to cartoonishly leer at, make comments towards, or TOUCH women around you.

This happens to me almost -every day- in one way or another. It’s usually irritating but I can ignore it. This morning as I waited for the train a man elbowed me to get my attention so I took off my headphones so he could tell me that he thought my hair was cute.

Why is this something he finds acceptable?! I had to walk away from him TWICE. I was significantly taller than him so physically I was not intimidated but just–

Hello men, please don’t do this. You have no idea what it is to sit uncomfortably beneath the male gaze and “complimented” and critiqued as if you’re something there for men to look at. As if you’re something less than a person.

It isn’t as if I’m some delicate flower who wilts beneath the patriarchy I am a grown ass adult I’m just so fed up with it all. Leave women alone and let them be people in public.



It had been a while after their last ‘conversation’ ( dispute, truly, a better word ), that he decided to meet him, and - for the moment - it was only possible to catch this man during training.

So he did, merely waiting for Kimblee to finish his training sometimes soon ( as Daryun knew he had been seen, the Alchemist was an astute man ), the glances from left and right ignored deliberately. It had probably not only one reason they would simply stare at him.

While waiting for the A train, a man named Money came up to me and asked if I wanted to work at the strip club. Did I give him my number? You betcha. Times are tough.


- 15th August 2015 -

If we hadn’t already had our fair share of weird in the cities so far! We were just about to get it. After a really nice day, walking around the city, and seeing some really ‘me’ shops! and some bike shops for mark, we were waiting for the train, when this man dressed as a monkey came strolling along the street on all fours!
Clearly hoping to be on the Westend or Broadway one day, he sang at the top of his voice, hoping to be picked up by some off duty director!

Time to get out of the city, back to where we think we belong, The countryside!
Especially with a van!!
Hemingway and abortion (and where the title of this blog came from!)

When deciding to create this blog, one of the biggest dilemmas was what to title it! I knew I wanted to blog about various creative outlets that dealt with abortion and somehow knew I wanted to reference one of them. When I came across Ernest Hemingway’s short story Hills Like White Elephants, I was intrigued (please click title above to be brought to a link of the story!). The symbolism had nothing and everything to do with abortion. In short the story is of a man and woman, waiting for a train, discussing a procedure the woman is to have. Although the story never comes right out to say it, they are discussing an abortion. In the beginning of their conversation, the woman comments how the hills, “They look like white elephants”. Seemingly an unrelated observation, when doing a little research about the title and history of white elephants, I learned that white elephants used to be given as a gift in Asia by kings. The elephants were highly regarded and in certain places worshipped. Because of this, the elephants were great symbols of wealth and virtue and were never used for anything, including labor. They cost a lot to maintain, and were often not worth the effort. But alas, the recipient became stuck with this huge animal, thought to be a gift, but it could really drain some pockets. In the West, we have adapted the term ‘white elephant’ in reference to possessions that are useless and difficult to maintain.

I realize I am condensing all of this- the story, the history, the explanation, but what is clear in my eyes is that unwanted pregnancies are quite a lot like white elephants. Possibly seen as a ‘gift’, your body (maybe in a way your partner as well) have given you this thing that is useless to you now, that you may not actually want, that others may view as sacred, but that will also, in reality, cost you a fortune- both financially but also physically and mentally.

There is more symbolism throughout this story- the image of the elephant perhaps referencing the phrase “the elephant in the room”- an issue that everyone is aware of but afraid to speak directly about. I also think of the elephant as a family oriented, maternal animal- making the image of a white elephant in this context perhaps ghostly to me. To be completely honest, this story is one of Hemingway’s more well known and there is a plethora on the internet interpreting and analyzing it. I just skimmed the surface and encourage further investigation if you are interested! By no means am I a scholar with my explanations…

I will end this with the line that ended Hills Like White Elephants. I found it to perfectly reflect the outer skin I feel like a lot of women feel they must have when going through an abortion, if not for their own sake, then for the comfort of those around them (a topic I am definitely passionate about and will touch on in another post…)


p>'Do you feel better?’ he asked. ‘I feel fine,’ she said. ‘There’s nothing wrong with me. I feel fine.’

I sat next to a Native American man while waiting for the train and I just looked at him and felt the sadness that he had in his eyes. He was a beautiful man by the way