Victuuri Week // Day 1 // AU: A Different Career - The Artist & The Barista

I can totally imagine Victor as an artist (wanted to add tattoos, but I suck at drawing, so maybe whenever I get more free time to do them properly) and Yuuri as a drawing hobbyist/barista, one day out of the counter and the poor soul gets the foreigners’ attention. Imagine the kid getting on eros mode lol ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’m so sorry for joining so late, I better run if I want to catch up with everyone.

Edit: The idea was referenced from one of Viria’s drawings. In a rush, I forgot to post it before, thankfully an anon reminded me. I’m so embarrassed ( ´△`)

All of You (I Want All of You) | (Part 2) | (Part 3) (Part 4)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

A/N: This was a request, hope I get it right. :) My first post-negan era smut piece. Daryl is in the Sanctuary still and is approached by Negan’s daughter (Reader), she takes a liking to him and smut ensues. I didn’t get to the ‘Negan doesn’t approve’ part of the request, may have to make a second part if people like it.


Y/N hated it here. All the men constantly eye fucking her and making lude jokes when he wasn’t around and all the women disgusted by her because she was his daughter. Not like you had any choice in the matter, if you had had a choice you would rather be out on your own taking your chances with the dead. You claw a little at your bedroom window, high above the sanctuary, staring jealously at the staggering walkers you see clawing their way toward the Sanctuary’s gate. One of your father’s men put it down immediately. You sigh in dissatisfaction and close the white lace curtain over the frame again and plop down on your bed.

I am so fucking bored. You say to yourself and begin to play absentmindedly with your hands. Suddenly your door slams open and your father makes his presence known.

“Y/N, I thought I told you I wanted to have dinner with you tonight? Get your ass over to the dining room.” Negan gruffly cried out, the vein in his neck popping from your disobedience. You roll your eyes and sit back up.

“Sorry, dad. I lost track of time.” You huff and walk out the door in front of him and head down the hallway to the small dining room his men had set up for us. You sit down at the four post wooden table and notice that the meal is already laid out for both of you, complete with placemats, utensils lined up on the right side, wine glasses, and a bowl of some sort of soup, still steaming with heat.

“What the fuck is this a five-star restaurant?” You scoff and slump down into the chair, disrespectfully.

You father sits down on the opposite side of the table, smiling to himself at the scene. His demeanor changes slightly at your words, “You’d do well to remember how good you have it Y/N.” He growled with a hint of anger.

“Oh yeah. How fucking good I have it.” You roll your eyes and begin to slurp your soup, you can taste corn, tomatoes, and green beans, as the hot liquid slides down your throat.

One of Negan’s men saunters into the room with a bottle of wine, ready to pour into both of your glasses. You allow him to fill your glass, after he pops the cork, you nod in appreciation. Alcohol was one of the only things that got your through with these assholes some days.

The man walks over to fill Negan’s glass and he looks up at the servant, covering his glass with his hand.

“Timothy, fucking tell me this is the merlot and not that fake grape shit again.” He glares at the man.

The man steps back a little, with fear in his eyes, looking again at the bottle, “Yes, sir.”

Negan removes his hand and nods, in a gesture to the man to continue. With now shaky hands the man pours Negan a glass, setting the bottle on the table.

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You know I've just seen the carpool karaoke with Ed Sheeran and James sang along every song.He does that with all the artists.He either sings with them or he laughs about something. Do you know when he didn't do that? Do you?Yes,you're right. He didn't sing along Harry's Sweet Creature and he didn't laugh. He just sat there and stared for a while with the smile of a man who has witnessed some crappy sappiness.


snoozingcat  asked:

i'm not feeling well (so just like the last time I sent you a crappy day prompt, I think). I have a sore throat like you wouldn't believe, so-- maybe something where 1/2 of stevetony loses their voice? or goes off grid during a mission and scares the bejeesus out of the other. hope you feel better soon!

aw yuck. i hope this helps!

The fiasco is Tony’s fault.

He’s second in command, so it’s his job to tell Steve he’s being a moron when he’s being a moron. And going on a mission after nearly being choked out on a mission two days prior is being a moron.

But then, what kind of moron does that make Tony for not putting his foot down and benching him?

Supreme moron.

Steve’s voice has only been audible over the comms because they’re such good quality. He’s nearly incomprehensible in a non-tech enhanced conversation because the bruising around his trachea was so bad he’s about one yell away from losing his voice entirely.

Which, again, is why Tony is the Supreme Moron.

Everything is going fine until the swarms of A.I.M. lackeys start riding Tony’s ass with laser cannons. He has to pull his focus from keeping-an-eye-on-everyone-and-especially-Steve to making-A.I.M.-agents-sorry-they-ever-signed-up-for-this. 

That is, naturally, when he a) loses track of Steve and b) hears him attempt to yell something. He only gets three syllables out before his voice gives up the ghost and all Tony hears is his raspy breathing.

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What is your guilty pleasure?

1. I hate clubbing and I don’t go out often but man if I don’t love crappy club music.  I listen to it when I draw and on the way to work - basically whenever I need to get PUMPED.

2. I LOVE Bollywood.  One of my mom’s good friends is from Mumbai and I grew up with her kids watching movies at their house.  True confessions: I have a number of soundtracks on my iphone.  Do I have any idea what they’re saying?  No.  Do I care?  No.

3.  I can’t believe I just admitted this but…yeah.  Nothing I have written will ever see the light of day.  Ever.  I will be buried with my iPad.

Barber’s Point, Washington: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Summer – 1996

“Fox!  You fucker I haven’t seen you around for a minute!”  Angelo’s accent faded by the day.  

Not his attitude though.

Mulder smiled mildly.  “Hey Angelo, I know.”

Angelo worried right away in that way his father worried about him, when his grades were terrible or when there were air raids falling.  In Italy, with his father, it was all the same amount of gravity.

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Trope: de-serumed Steve (maybe somehow helping/rescuing Tony, then feeling better about his insecurities?)

“This is not exactly what I imagined when I said I could still be helpful in the field,” Steve breathes and grunts as he squeezes himself in behind the Iron Man suit. The gap behind it is barely wide enough for him to slip into, even in his pre-serum body.

“See, being tiny isn’t so bad. If you weren’t tiny, I’d be dead,” Tony says cheerfully and Steve swallows, staring at the blinking cylinder of metal that’s latched on to the lower back of the Iron Man suit.

“Can we not talk about you being dead?” he asks politely.

“Sure, let’s talk about what you’re looking at.”

“Uh,” Steve says helplessly. “Gray metal thing. About the size of a coffee mug. Kinda shaped like one. Blinking lights on the top.”

“Do you see any seams or anything?” Tony asks and sweat is tickling the back of Steve’s neck and trickling down his forehead, he doesn’t understand how Tony can be so calm.

“Yeah, there’s uh, one down the middle on the top. Between the lights.”


Tony talks him through prying the thing open, and it’s lucky Steve isn’t super strong right now, because if he pressed too hard and managed to shift the suit forward, they’d both get exploded. He’s pretty sure he couldn’t budge the suit now, even if he braced himself against the wall and pushed with his feet.

Inside there’s a tangle of wires and some thin tubes of liquid.

“Okay, so those little tubes are what you’re gonna wanna be careful of. If you crack one or jostle it and the liquid moves, kablooey.”

“Because then it’ll know you moved,” Steve gathers and Tony makes a pleased noise.

“Got it in one.”

“Okay,” Steve says and pushes his sweat-soaked bangs back off his forehead. “What do I—what do I do now?”

“Pull the wires out as far as you can so you can get a good look.”

Steve’s hands shake as he draws them out, picking at them until they straighten and he can follow each one from it’s origin to it’s end.

He’s starting to wheeze from the stress and Tony says, “Steve?”

“I’m fine,” Steve tells him tersely, but he digs his inhaler out of the bag at his hip and takes a couple of puffs, holding his breath as he inhales each time. “I can see seven wires.”

“Okay, so not too complicated,” Tony says. “What color?”

Steve stares at the wires, panic starting to creep up his spine. “Tony, I can’t see colors. I’m colorblind.”

“Oh,” Tony says, “Shit, that’s right.” He’s quiet for a second and Steve thinks, oh god, oh god he’s going to die because my eyes are broken and— “All right what do the bits the wires are going into look like? And what goes to where?”

Steve swallows down his panic the best he can and describes what he’s seeing in as much detail as he can manage.

“Okay,” Tony says when he’s finished. “Cut the one you said was shortest.”

Are you sure? Steve wants to ask, but he trusts Tony. “I love you,” he breathes in a rush.

It scares the daylights out of him when Tony murmurs quietly back, “I love you, too.”

He should have made a quip about jinxing it, he should have joked about Steve tempting fate, he should have—

Steve snips the wire.

All the lights on the bomb go off at once.

“Mary fucking mother of god,” Steve breathes.

“Done? You did it?” Tony asks.

“Yeah, yes, I cut them, all the lights went out.”

“Oh my god, we didn’t die!” Tony exclaims and the front of the suit opens abruptly, sending him spilling out.

Steve wriggles out from behind the suit and all but throws himself at Tony, grabbing his face between his hands. “You didn’t know that would work, did you?” he gasps, clutching Tony so tightly the blood goes out of his fingers.

Tony laughs and it’s a little hysterical. “I mean it was an educated guess—”

“You son of a bitch,” Steve breathes into his mouth and then they’re kissing and Tony’s alive, he’s alive, they’re both alive, thank God.

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Kino, did you heard of this game series? It also has an anime and an manga. It's called "Diabolik Lovers"- *hides behind something and see what happens*

Kino: Of course I know! And, oh man, somethimes it’s really sooo crappy! There’s a little bit of incoherence, and I’m talking about the plot and sometimes even the characters’ personality!

[MTK: Is this what they call “breaking the forth wall”?]

Kino: That’s right! By the way, Diabolik Lovers is an interesting and enjoyable game series, regardless of its lacks. After all, nothing is perfect. Except me.