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Take a look at masculinity

Something I love about Hannibal is that they take Will Graham, a hard-working, blue collar, Louisiana boating, fly fishing kind of boy. He’s the average American man; he would fit in at tail gates; he drinks crappy beer; he wears traditionally masculine clothes like flannel and old jeans. And they make him sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that he breaks under the strain of it. They force hyper masculine roles to confront that their ideal is broken, surface-level. 

And then there’s Hannibal. A hyper-cultured white collar foreigner who speaks multiple languages and pursues interests that are “not masculine” such as charcoal sketching, baking (not grilling), and being an amateur sommelier (instead of chugging that Coors). Yet under the surface they give him the alpha dominant, ferocious fighting personality. He not only can throw and take a punch - he goes into the beastly feral fury that Americans are supposed to worship. 

Will looks the part, and Hannibal is the part, but neither is accepted as typical dude/bro America, especially not in a supposed procedural cop show.

I just love that about Bryan Fuller. Subverting stereotypes of any kind makes me super happy.

Victuuri Week // Day 1 // AU: A Different Career - The Artist & The Barista

I can totally imagine Victor as an artist (wanted to add tattoos, but I suck at drawing, so maybe whenever I get more free time to do them properly) and Yuuri as a drawing hobbyist/barista, one day out of the counter and the poor soul gets the foreigners’ attention. Imagine the kid getting on eros mode lol ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’m so sorry for joining so late, I better run if I want to catch up with everyone.

Edit: The idea was referenced from one of Viria’s drawings. In a rush, I forgot to post it before, thankfully an anon reminded me. I’m so embarrassed ( ´△`)

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My ex-boyfriend (who broke up with me) is mad because I don't want to be friends, My best friend bailed on me even tho I haven't seen him in 2 months, I failed a chem test, an ASL test and an English Socratic Seminar today and I have to go to school tomorrow. It's been a hectic day. If you have the time (and energy def don't feel pressured!!) I'd love a hurt/comfort Stucky or Stony fic please (or Bucky/Steve/Tony)

that is a huge pile of shitty anon, i’m sorry!

“All right, Iron Man, back in the air,” Steve calls and Tony does a silly salute even though he doesn’t think Steve can see him from where he is.

“Upsie daisy,” he calls in return. He’s barely lifted off when something hits him in the right thigh with a loud crunch. Pain spikes all the way down to his toes and up into his hip. The shock knocks him off kilter. He cries out, but it’s more out of shock than anything.

“Tony?!” he hears someone yell, but the view on the HUD is spinning and that’s more important than whoever’s yelling at him.

“Sir, you’ve taken a hit—”

No shit!” Tony yells back breathlessly.

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Quick crappy sketch sorry for the bad quality. Again it’s crunch time so I don’t have time to spend on fan art for a little bit but I just felt like scribbling this idea out.

School AU- Saitama is a perpetually late and laid-back teacher, and Genos is the super-driven ace student who has a huge crush on him. Specifically, there’s this trope in anime/manga where a late character uses the famed shortcut hole through a wall on the way to school. Guess who finds Saitama-sensei on his 2nd day in a row being late? “Hey wait, I’d recognize that butt anywhere!” XD I really just wanted to draw Saitama in an embarrassing situation. Okay I need to go. SHAME.

Kinda wip- I messed up and I’m kinda just mad and giving up on it
Tried to do a subtle Ender-eye thing- the au is created by the talented @samijen

And my gosh the achievement hunter page reblogged my last Ryan and I had a mental breakdown. I have literally never gotten that many notes. (I’m a looser, I know) my mom got tired of hearing about it, I played Minecraft with the middle school Minecraft club just so I could tell them- it made my day for many days to come- so thanks @officialah !!