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So, i recently reached 1k followers and im still speechless tbh. I’ve been a fan of kpop for over 6 years but i never thought about making a blog. Until a few months ago!– And to think that i have reached that ‘goal’ of mine so fast is just WOW. I cant believe 1k people actually like something about me, my blog, my gifs or edits– and I really, really appreciate all of you! Thank you to the people beautiful i met and the beautiful people who follow me.

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Because apparently humanityinahandbag and I have been declared the Kronk and Yzma of the Strange Magic fandom. 

…this confuses and thrills me like no other. Strange Magic fandom is best fandom, guys. The absolute best. 

Also, because humanityinahandbag begged me to do so when I mentioned wanting to draw this…here’s dainesanddaffodils as The Squirrel. 

…I am so sorry, Tangy. 

Humanity, darlin’, this is for you! *raises champagne flute in celebration* 

The Black Demon

- Cryptozoology

- It is a creature that invokes fear and terror for all who dare go into the ocean. Found in all of the coastal surface waters of the major oceans, the Great White shark is the world’s largest species of macropredatory fish, and the Orca, or killer whale, is its only known ‘common’ predator. Known to grow up to 22 feet in length and weigh just less than 3,500 kilograms, great whites have been depicted, thanks mainly to the novel 'Jaws’ by Peter Benchley and the motion picture of said novel by Steven Spielberg in 1975, (not to mention a couple of crappy sequels) as a terrifying predatory man-eater.

The reality, however, could not be more different, as humans are not the preferred prey for these creatures. It is thought that sharks actually do not like the taste of humans, and attack only when their senses are impaired, perhaps mistaking surfers or swimmers as seals.

However, a creature similar to the great white, but far exceeding its known size and weight, has been reported by residents of the Sea of Cortez for years. The area situated between the mainland of Mexico and the Baja Cailfornia Peninsula, is home to some of the world’s strangest and diverse range of underwater species of creatures. There is one beast that has come to be known as 'The Black Demon’, that has locals scared for it is thought this creature could be a man-eater and may have a taste for human flesh.

Described as similar in appearance to a Great White, the creature is said to be dark black in appearance, rather than the grey shade that great whites tend to have on their dorsal area. It is said to be anywhere between 20-60 feet long, and the size of a schoolbus. Having massive eyes said to pierce you with terror, its huge tail is its defining feature, seen by many whipping around at the surface of the water. Also differing from any known species of shark, it apparently has attacked boats, and has been seen leaping out of the water to catch seals and sealions, engulfing groups whole.

Sightings of this creature are rare, and no physical evidence has been found to prove the creatures existence.

There are many who suspect the creature does indeed exist and suspect it may be a relic from the past - a shark closely related perhaps to the Great White, and said to have been extinct for 1.5 million years.

The creature, called the Megalodon, is thought to have been a “nasty, intelligent predator” the size of an 18 wheeler truck that closely resembled great whites. The only evidence the creature ever existed are fossils found from all over the world, mainly of its teeth, which are four times the size of a great whites, and although no complete skeletons have been formed from fossils, zoologists have argued for years over the size and appearance of this creature.

What is generally considered fact is these creatures not only grew to at least 45-70 feet in length, it was also one of, if not the largest and most powerful predators in verterbrate history, with many thinking it was a stockier version of the Great White.

In 1875, Megalodon teeth were dredged up during a deep-sea expedition by HMS Challenger during a survey of the sea floor, and a tooth was examined by a British scientist in 1959 and concluded it was only 10,000 years old. This discovery has implied that the species may not have died out like first thought. Could Megalodon be stalking humans in California?

Many regard stories of the Black Demon as fanciful, and attribute most of the reports to sightings of whale sharks - a creature known to be larger than great whites, the largest recorded to be 46 feet long and weighing at least 20 metric tonnes. There are unconfirmed reports of larger whale sharks, however some have trouble attributing the “Demon” with these sharks, as for one, the aggressive behaviour shown by the creature is unlike a whale shark who are considered “docile” creatures, known to only feed on small vertebrates as krill and plankton.

Divers have been known to “catch rides” with whale sharks, although it is recommended against doing so, and younger sharks have been known to play with divers and are considered gentle. Many see any stories of whale sharks being mis-identified as stupid, and assert that descriptions are being made of something like a Great White.

Many also posit the possibility that it may be a yet unknown species of shark, maybe a hybrid species.

There are many that also think the creature may be a shark, or number of sharks, that may be the result/s of genetically engineering fish species by scientists at secret under-sea labs akin to the Mako sharks that terrorized movie goers in the 1999 science fiction horror film 'Deep Blue Sea’. There is no evidence to suggest this, and it is more likely that if The Black Demon does exist, it may be an abnormally sized and strange looking Great White.

Matty Sweeney 2014 of Marvels and the Macabre with Matty

Main Pic: Megalodon illustrated.
Inset left: Rendering of what The Black Demon supposedly looks like.
Inset right: Size comparison of Megalodon VS Great White.
Inset upper right: Tooth comparison Megalodon left and Great white right.

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Dear person I hate

OOOOH, original~

Dear person I loath,

You will pay for the pain and suffering you had made me go through in my life, I promise you that. You, will not go on living much longer after I had set my eyes upon you now that I know you are close.

Your blood will be the only thing that will ever stain my sword.

But I might as well thank you too, for making me as strong as I am today.

If you hadn’t done what you did, I might have not become the person I am today. My vengeful pride is the thing that had led my way towards my being today, and that is all thanks to you. So thank you, for making me this way, and leading yourself to a death worse than all.