when u see a nerd and think u could be friends but then u talk to them and they are the wrong type of nerd. i cannot synchronize my nerd-ability with you. nerd incompatible, mission status: disaster.


Man plays God with his ants - Brilliant Video


when you think you are slow and a big procrastinator with your things remember that Avatar was released in 2009 and in 2016 we still don’t have a sequel and James Cameron just said ‘Avatar 2’ Won’t Be Ready for Christmas 2017 either.

What Should be updated till the 12th,
before the Crystal 251 tun on the 14th?

So I have ideas for both Solareon Wars & Main Saga, but realized I only have the time and focus to only work on one. So I wanna ask you guys what would you rather see me updated next!  The next set of ask leading up to the next plot of the Main Saga, or the next set of ask continuing on the Solareon Wars Saga where Solareon & team appears to be in a situation? 

Strawpoll here cause curious.

As said up top, I’ll mostly get back on ask on Sunday or Monday. Then stop around the 12th or maybe a tiny bit sooner (depends on how my week looks) to prepare for the Crystal 251 run we’re going to do on the 14th. Sadly of course when that happens, this series is going to be on it’s long hiatus again. Maybe even longer than we think. ESPECIALLY with  a run like this one. If 151 took a month complete, I can only imagine 251. Unless we beat it in like 2 weeks again, that’ll be hilarious. Anyway back on point.

What should be updated next?

*literally cries the entire time whilst watching hxh: the last mission* this is fine

Day 6

Legendary day

1- Mewtwo
2- Zekrom
3- Giratina

Overall favorite: Mewtwo
Who doesn’t like a Pokemon origin story about man trying to play God by creating life, only for it to backfire spectacularly and blow up in their faces (killing several scientists in the process of said blow up). Also, think about it: Mewtwo truly is the strongest Pokemon alive, otherwise Gamefreak wouldn’t CONSTANTLY introduce wilder and wilder concepts for Legendary Pokemon just to try and make it look weak (Every Legendary from Gen 3 and on…), only for the same failure to happen again! Life giving bird and Storm Swan? Weak. Monsoon Whale, Mudslinging Kaiju and Shenron? GTFO. Time, Space, Satan and GOD HIMSELF?? No chance. I could go on, but this is long enough as it is. Point is, Mewtwo is best Legendary Pokemon, and no amount of bizarre concepts and overpowering will make anything knock it off the throne!

Undertale Problems

ugn I want to play another pacifist run of undertale so badly but Flowey guilted me into not touching the “true reset” button. I know its just a game but he was like “let them be happy dont rip them out of their timeline and new life for your enjoyment” and I teary eyed was like “heck ya man. I wont play god”. Now like a month later Im sitting here staring at the icon thinking that if I play the game again I bought Im a shitty person ;-; but the game is so fun man. Help.

9 Theories on why Chris Evans is still single

9 Theories on why Chris Evans is still single

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We all know Chris Evans (fan girls loudly and starts sobbing and shaking uncontrollably). He’s the all American man, plays God’s righteous right hand (Captain America) in the Avengers movie and as well as his own- Captain America. He is God’s gift to planet earth and just makes your knees weak at the sight of him. I mean look… And this gorgeous face I mean he literally looks like a god in this…

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How to share and import custom XCOM 2 soldiers

XCOM 2, the character creation game with a small strategy component, is finally out (and it’s amazing). This time around, XCOM 2 has a significantly more robust character creation kit that allows you to export your soldiers to a file, which you can then share and throw at unwary internet passersby. The problem is, the game doesn’t exactly tell you how to go about it.

Here’s how you can create, export, and propagate your creations with the rest of the world.

Step one: create some characters

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From the main menu, click Character Pool, and then Create Character. Think about who will break your heart the most when an alien eats theirs, and do your magic. Dwell on what you’ve created. Is it right for man to play God? Yes? Good. Moving on.

Step two: export the characters to a pool

Next, we need to create a new character pool, which is simply a bin file the game exports the characters of your choosing to—the shareable bit. Head back to the main Character Pool screen and you’ll see a list of every character you’ve created so far. Check the boxes next to the characters you want to share and click Export Selection.

External image

First, we need to create a new Character Pool where our grumpy little Jedi will live. Click Create New Pool and a prompt will come up asking you to name it. Type in something recognizable and hit Confirm to get dumped back to the character pool list. Now, this is important and easy to miss: your characters have not been exported yet. Click on your newly created character pool to get a prompt that asks if you really want to copy your character into the selected pool. Hit Yes.

Your custom soldiers are sent to the titular pool where they’ll chill in some temperate, sterile waters sipping on a fruity cocktai—er, wrong pool. They’ll actually be chilling in a bin file located by default in your documents folder.

Step three: share

Find the Importable folder and look for your character pool bin file.This is what my file path looks like on Windows 10:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\CharacterPool\Importable

External image

Copy and distribute the file using whatever method suits the sharing: flash drives, cloud storage, a few floppy disks, or dog courier.

Importing characters

To import custom soldiers from other sources, copy the provided bin file to the Importable character pool folder—the same place your character pools export to—and boot up XCOM 2. Head to the Character Pool from the main menu again, but this time, click on Import Character. Find the name of the bin file you’d like to import from and give it a click.

External image

Finally, select the characters you’d like to import and, boom, they’re in your active character pool, ready to assist with the alien murder whenever necessary.

Want some practice? We’ll have some soldiers to show off soon. In the meantime, share yours in the comments.

splitguardian asked:

Good, you are protected my rad follower. Now, do not listen to the strange man in your mind, hes nothing more than a shattered man who likes to play god. He has no power anymore.

* Y-Yeah…
* Yeah! Okay, I’ll be fine, hopefully.

WHY would you cast a white man to play Michael Jackson??? Doing that directly ignores the tremendous power of Michael Jackson… The worlds first superstar…. a BLACK man…. And a white man playing him….God I’m so annoyed !! Not only is it racist whitewashing but it’s ableist Bc mj had vitiligo HE !!!! Was not. White……. This is so embarrassing and gross