male partners

if you’re someone who is attracted to males…

mars-sun aspects = your male partners are in a lead position, partners who closely identify with being ‘masculine’, could have a competitive partner. 

example(s): jennifer aniston, sun square mars, married to a director and was also involved with the notable brad pitt. tina turner, sun square mars, married ike turner, a bandleader & producer. fran drescher, sun conjunct mars, married both a director/producer and is currently with an inventor/entrepreneur

sun/mars-moon aspects = your partner will be in touch with his emotions or embraces his sensitive side, a man who is familial and nurturing. 

example(s): evan rachel wood, moon opposite mars, was married to a male ballet dancer. heidi klum, moon square mars, was married to seal and has remarked, “when I first met seal he had a kindness and compassion that was so sincere I knew he’d be a good father”.

sun/mars-mercury aspects = men who are detail-oriented, a writer, men who embrace the sensorial nature of mercury. 

example(s): meryl streep, mercury conjunct mars, long-time marriage to a sculptor. cate blanchett, mercury opposite mars, married to an australian playwright. 

sun/mars-venus aspects = partners are charming, attractive men, partners are hopeless romantics, men that are ‘players’, affectionate lovers.

example(s): tyra banks, venus square mars, has dated aplenty male models. sally field, venus conjunct mars, dated self-admitted womanizer burt reynolds. demi lovato, venus square mars, dates wilmer valderrama, constantly boasts about his previous & excessive romantic endeavors. 

sun/mars-jupiter aspects = partners from across the globe, partners interested in politics, philosophy, philanthropy. men who are ‘believers’, excessively expectant or simply excessive. 

example(s): halle berry, mars conjunct jupiter, has dated several men of varying ethnic background. gwyneth paltrow, mars square jupiter, was married to england native chris martin, “declaring himself an “all-theist”, a word of his invention meaning that he believes in “everything”.

sun/mars-saturn aspects = partners who are paternal or reminiscent of their fathers, older men, men who are aloof, dedicated to their career. 

example(s): natasha richardson, mars opposite saturn, was married to liam neeson, 11 years his junior. linda lovelace, mars quincunx saturn, infamously married to chuck traynor, 12 years his junior and horribly oppressive. rachel mcadams, mars square saturn, dated ryan gosling, one of the most reserved but firm celebs in hollywood who has remarked, “i’d like to be making babies, but I’m not, so I’m making movies”.

sun/mars-uranus aspects = partners engage in spontaneity often, appreciate a partner who is freedom-loving, unpredictable men, men who are a bit odd/quirky or have a superiority-complex stemming from their ‘loner’ ways. 

example(s): meg ryan, mars square uranus, was married to dennis quaid, claims he was inconsistent & unreliable. kim basinger, was married to alec baldwin, known for his public & erratic outbursts. sarah jessica parker, mars conjunct uranus, married to matthew broderick, close friends have commented saying, “(they) call them `the wacky young Lunts'” and that they are “very irreverent”.  

sun/mars-neptune aspects = male suitors may have an addictive-escapist personality (alcohol, drugs, partying, music, etc), men are spiritual or were raised as such, men that are a fantasy or creators of fantasy. 

example(s): jean harlow, mars opposite neptune, married harold rosson, famous cinematographer for ‘the wizard of oz.’ ashlee simpson, mars conjunct neptune, was married to pete wentz, has bipolar disorder and has spoken out on his drug abuse. 

sun/mars-pluto aspects = men who embraces pluto’s private/mysterious nature, potentially destructive fellas, men who are force to be reckoned with, exempt from superficiality 

example(s): scarlett johansson, mars square pluto, married to a journalist, has been said, “mr dauriac, like his fiancee, takes privacy very seriously”. nancy reagan, mars conjunct pluto, known worldwide for her marriage to ronald reagan, “observers described the reagans’ relationship as close, authentic and intimate”.

***you will notice that all the examples are people with ‘harsh’ aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, quincunx) and that’s because squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions give us the feeling of wanting what we can’t have which only makes us want it more. conjunctions work hand in hand with the planet indicator, in this case bc male partners so it’s sun & mars aspects, your ideal man exemplifies the planet that conjuncts either of those.

if you have a lot of aspects to your sun & mars, look to the harsher & tightest aspects (the lowest orb) 

had to edit these posts because for some i put ‘attracted to’ instead of inferring that your partner WILL be like this because you will bring out these traits in them 

also, this is not synastry. this deals with your own chart.

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What is the infatuation with the tum pls explain

Nonny listen to me… look at this glorious tum


like he’s so solid and strong and generally very lean all over but then he’s got this

soft snuggly middle

and it is so beautiful i could weep

even laying down he can’t hide how gloriously squishy it is

like have you ever cuddled a soft middle nonny it’s the most beautiful thing in the world

look at this man and his tum chopping wood like the squishy lumberjack of my dreams

look at those little love handles framing the tum he truly is a masterpiece of softness and squish

in conclusion

photo sources: [x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x]

and if this wasn’t enough for you pls go get lost in @strangestorys tummy tag it is a glorious wonderland of middle squish and you won’t regret it.

I’ve concluded that having a transactional relationship with God is perhaps one of the most dangerous things you can do to your faith. It’s no wonder we’re so arrogant - we only ever raise our hands to Him when we’re looking to treat Him as a wish-granter or when we have no one else to turn to. We only ever realise our need for Him when we’re sick, when we’re faced with death, when we hit rock bottom. In reality, He should be the first One we turn to, we are in utter need of Him all of the time. Every minuscule action we perform every single day is only by His permission, from your academic success down to the fact that you just unconsciously swallowed your saliva rather than choking. My thoughts are all over the place but this quote comes to mind and summarises what I’m trying to say perfectly: 

“Know that a man floating on a piece of wood in the sea is not in more need of God and His kindness than a person in his home" — Imam Ibn Qudamah


Some of the best act-closing numbers from musicals.

one day more - les miserables / a light in the dark - next to normal / i remember how those boys could dance - carrie the musical / sante fe - newsies / this time next year - sunset boulevard / who i’d be - shrek the musical / our love is god - heathers / pretty funny - dogfight / now (it’s just the gas) - little shop of horrors / i’ve never been in love before - guys and dolls / bring it on - bring it on / defying gravity - wicked / ever after - into the woods / i believe - spring awakening / man up - the book of mormon / to dance again - a very potter musical / quintet - west side story / happy ending - twisted / i am what i am - la cage aux folles / so much better - legally blonde / there’s a fine, fine line - avenue q / this world will remember us - bonnie and clyde / marry me a little - company / the book report - you’re a good man, charlie brown / bottom’s gonna be on top - something rotten! / everything’s coming up roses - gypsy / status quo - starship / a little priest - sweeney todd / pinball wizard - the who’s tommy / non-stop - hamilton
Last stand for Europe's remaining ancient forest as loggers prepare to move in
Government plans to fell Poland’s Białowieża forest have divided families, led to death threats against green campaigners and allegations of an ‘environmental coup’ by government and state timber interests
By Arthur Neslen

Last stand for Europe’s remaining ancient forest as loggers prepare to move in.

“If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer. But if he spends his days as a speculator, shearing off those woods and making the earth bald before her time, he is deemed an industrious and enterprising citizen.”
– Henry David Thoreau


Man’s Best Friend - An Arrow Fanfiction AU ‘Verse

By @alexiablackbriar13 for @imusuallyobsessed

When first arriving back from Lian Yu, Oliver Queen is diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and acute social anxiety. Within a week, his mother has hired him a psychiatric therapist.

A therapist with four paws and a tail.

A German Shepherd-husky mix, ex-military dog called Hunter is paired with Oliver as his psychiatric service dog, and from there on, the archer’s recovery from his five years of trauma, struggle to adapt to the new social commitments of owning a service dog, and his mission to save Starling City, begin.

Teaser for Part One: First Meeting

There was a man sitting on one of the oak wood benches, a dog at his feet. He was feeding the canine treats whilst making him obey certain commands, and seeing their approach, the man got the dog to sit. Oliver still couldn’t get himself to say anything. His mother had got him a therapy assistance dog. Firstly, he didn’t need the help and he certainly didn’t need it from a dog. And secondly, how was he meant to fight a crusade with a dog following him around? He definitely couldn’t jump across the Starling City rooftops, shooting arrows into the criminal one-percenters with a dog tagging at his heels.

 “Good morning, Mrs Queen,” the man greeted his mother formally, reaching a hand out to shake Walter’s hand, “Mr Steele.”

“Mr Wicksaw, thank you so much for coming today,” Moira said gratuitously, smiling. “I don’t believe you’ve met my son, Oliver.”

That was probably a cue for Oliver to introduce himself and shake the man’s hand, but he didn’t, not moving. He was standing stiffly and staring at the dog with his throat closed, making it impossible for him to move or speak. The dog looked back up at him innocently, tongue lolling out. The archer couldn’t argue that he was a very handsome canine; he looked like a German Shepherd, but also closely resembled a husky, so maybe it was a cross. His fur pelt was a mixture of different shades of brown and tan, with a darker, blackish stripe down his spine and tail and framing his face. He looked more like a military dog than a therapy dog. Oliver just could not imagine this canine accompanying him everywhere.

“Oliver,” his mother hissed.

“It’s okay, Mrs Queen,” the man said. “I can imagine he’s still in shock. The idea of accepting a therapy assistance dog can be, um, difficult. I, uh, was actually wondering if I would be able to talk to Mr Queen alone.”

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It was a shame they were the only two on the hike, any onlooker would’ve paid good money to watch a young man in a yellow jumpsuit run and carry his girlfriend through the woods on one part of his arm, shouting “Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!” the entire way. 

so my friend @herrfivehead is writing a super adorable ososan fic and I just had to draw a scene from the jyushimura chapter!!


Remember that ¾" thick 40" diameter circle of glass I got from work?

Whelp, this is that.

I really want to clean my shop, and to do that I have to get some of the half started projects out of the way.

It turned out ok. I got some ¾" red oak and pocket screwed the legs on. Than glued the two pieces together to make them 1 ½" thick. It didn’t take the jacobean stain like I was hoping but that’s alright. Put a couple coats of lacquer on it and it was good to go.

And I am now one step closer to having built all the furniture in my home.