Fear Not the Shadows

Original Author: G.Preeb

My name was Private Charles Lee Locod, I enlisted back in ’67 for the U.S. Army. I traded my fiancée for a rifle, my home for a tent, and three years of my life for someone else. Some men kill to live; I was one of those men. Though I don’t think I ever actually killed anyone, at least I did my best not to. 

Then there are men who live to kill, men like Sergeant Stevens. He was a back woods Carolina man who took pleasure in each gruesome act. The last I saw him was a few days ago when he waved me goodbye as I got on the bird. Good riddance.

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WATCH: “The Black Boy & The Tree” is a cerebral short film written & directed by Shikeith, that follows a black man played by Michael Oloyede, into the woods where he attempts to convince a black boy to come down from a dangerous tree he has made his home. This film tells the story of many black men and boys, who suffer the consequences of a cultural practice that routinely shames black males for experiencing hurt outside of systematic racial oppression.