Crystal of the Day: Goldstone

July 24, 2015


Goldstone is a man-made stone of glass with copper flakes in it that make it shimmer. It was created in the European Renaissance when alchemists attempted to make gold. It’s used as an energy stone and ups our ambition to pursue our goals. It creates a calm enviroment and soothes emotions. As a great reiki and long-distance healing stone, it works well to revitalize one’s energy field. It also acts as a protective stone. It’s associated with learning and creation, and abundance. It would work well if you were learning a new language

Healing Properties:

  • Promotes well being
  • strengthens circulatory system
  • strengthens bones
  • eases arthritis pain

source source

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Spotting fake Malachite

 As a malachite lover myself I thought I’d pass on my knowledge of naturally formed malachite vs synthetic malachite. Thankfully it’s often very easy to tell them apart, due to the fact that synthetic malachite is often made from clay, hard plastic or glass.

Here in the image above we have 3 real pieces of malachite and one fake. The fake being the pendant. Below that i’ve added a big slab of malachite from google for reference.

Here’s a few surefire ways of knowing you have the right stuff!

  •  Lines are less regular and more curved in their formations
  • Appears in messy rings 
  • Patterns are not consistent
  • Usually a darker green than the fakes 
  • Fairly dense 
  • Underside will be course if dealing with a raw piece
  • Usually twice the price of other tumblestones
  •  Tiny sparkles sometimes present
  • The underside being ‘lumpy’
  • Feels very cold, unlike glass or plastic which will heat easily
  • Will often have very dark green pigments but never black
  • Easily broken if dropped
  • You will feel a calm, grounded vibe from real malachite

Here’s how you know what you have is fake;

  • Very straight, thick and prominent lines
  • Black lines
  • Greens seem like they are not from the same scheme
  • light
  • easily warmed
  • Cheap
  • consistent pattern
  • Dye
  • Hard to break

[Trinitite in situ - source]

Trinitite, atomsite or Alamogordo glass, are anthropogenic(man made) ‘rocks’ that came about from the first nuclear explosion, the Trinity test. It’s only slightly radioactive.



It’s composed of silica with minor amounts of feldspar, calcite, olivine, and other minerals common to desert sand. There are also traces of Isotopes and byproducts found in the bomb.



Very rare Trnintite samples also appear to contain red copper inclusions from the copper wires that connected the bomb to instrumentation and to the bunker. Ones that have black contain iron from the vaporized tower.


Some samples even have rare “Trinitite beads” formed by lumps of molten material that were lofted high in the air and solidified before raining back down onto and into the incandescent desert surface.

I found a really in depth blog post about the Trinity test here.


In honor of the current Fleetwood Mac reunion, Hot Hot Phone sat down with Stevie Nicks and talked about the inspiration for some of her most beloved songs.


Oh, Rihannon, there’s a good story there. I was lost inside the bottom of a double sleeping bag I bought from an ex-Sherpa I met in Joshua Tree. Heavy Feather was a lovely Native American man made of crystals. We traded stories and sketches relating to different flying machines we’d had night terrors about. He was also selling these very cool sleeping bags intended for two people. I decided to spend a couple of days living inside of one, see what it feels like to live alone in a space intended for two. Needless to say 2 days turned into 3 turned into a seedless grape - I was pretty lost inside this very large double sleeping bag. The next day I met a really beautiful bartender named Rihannon and that’s how the song came to life.


Oh, Landslide, sure. I wrote Landslide during the time I was living on a vegetable farm upstate New York. It was a very normal farm except all the root vegetables grew the opposite way up out of the dirt. One night I was hiding from myself in a pile of diaphanous scarves when a cat I’d been thinking about materialized from the elements around me. The cat and I held each other’s gaze for exactly enough minutes before it disappeared again. About a week later my best friend’s father passed away and I wrote Landslide in his honor.

Edge of Seventeen

Edge of Seventeen, that takes me way back. Let’s see…I was on a long Amtrak ride through the Hudson Valley of my mind. A very lovely set of identical cousins were in the same car as me and we started talking about the inherent possibility of leprechauns. We talked for hours - they only spoke American Sign Language and I spoke exclusively Cantonese. So we were speaking with our eyes and hearts only. When they finally evaporated, a pile of sugar cookies were left in their place. I ate the cookies and hopped off the train in Phoencia. Edge of Seventeen is about my niece, Carol.


This was the late 70s and I’d been living on a strict vegan diet of cinnamon, meat tenderizer and pages torn from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. One day, after a delicious lobster dinner (and by lobster I mean cinnamon, meat tenderizer and pages 10-4 from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam), the windchimes drifting above my bed said something to me. They said “Stevie, you have to write your Bible. Write your Bible, crystal princess.” About a week later, Lindsey and I broke up for a second time and that’s what inspired Gyspy.

[Jackie is a performer and writer at the UCB Theater in NY. You can check out her videos at and her microblogging on Twitter as @ohhijackie.]

Brief PSA on citing your sources.

I keep seeing this image in various lists of pretty pictures and as hard as I tried I couldn’t find the OP. Only now did I find OP, but purely by accident. Not only that, but I discovered that this OP has a bunch of other OC with no way to trace the source. Cite your fucking sources people!

[Photo: R. Tanaka, Gold: an aggregate of octahedral crystals of gold made by CVD process]