Happy Pancake day again all!

- Excuse me while I post corny instagram style photos of the rad pancakes me and my mate got before work

(I didn’t manage to get a snap of my friend’s before they tucked in - oop XD)

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Tweek, I'm sure they'll be back soon. I promise nothing will happen to them. Besides, they all love you too much to let anything bad happen to each other. Don't worry too much, dear. Everything's going to be fine. Buggy Boo~

RED: Hey, maybe they’re right, dude. Your cats love you; they’ll come back when they’re ready.
TWEEK: I-I hope so… S-South Park isn’t exactly an ideal place to g-get lost in.
TWEEK: Nnrgh, hobos everywhere! Drunk hobos!

RED: Wow, hey, fuck you, dude; there are nicer ways to tell Tweek what to do, just like that first guy!
RED: Man, what a dick. It’s gonna be okay Tweek; they’ll come back soon.

TWEEK: N-no… they’re right. I-I should look for them.
TWEEK: I really care for all three of them… and that s-storm’s getting worse.
THOMAS: ASS! Are you sure? It’s getting really-

THOMAS: - fierce out there.

RED: Well, he’s gone, and the snowstorm’s acting up. Does this mean we’re going to be sleeping over at Tweek’s tonight?
THOMAS: Guess so. Dammit. At least - FUCKFACE! - it’s practically a free day tomorrow. Nothing to - SUCK! - do since the teachers all decided to go on strike.
RED: That’s weird. Isn’t the next strike like, months from now?
THOMAS: Yeah. Still, don’t - ASSHOLE! SHIT! - look a gift horse in the mouth, Red. Let’s just take it.
RED: Ugh, my house is really far away though. Do you think Tweek will let me borrow some clothes?
THOMAS: Would they even - COCK! - fit you?
RED: We should probably not touch his blog while he’s out. As respect for the absence of the owner, you know.
THOMAS: Wait a minute… he didn’t grab his coat. It’s still there on the hanger.

RED: Oh God don’t tell me he went out in that fucking snowstorm without a coat.
THOMAS: Knowing our Tweek, - ASSCOCK! - he did.
THOMAS: Looks like he - FUCK! - took his scarf though.
RED: Son of a bitch, a scarf isn’t fucking enough for that kind of snowstorm.. TWEEK!

[ask box is now closed for Thomas and Red; ask box is still open for Tweek and (???) when they come back]

The Peculiar Narrative of the Red Lady of Paviland, A Man from Paleolithic Wales

The Red Lady of Paviland is a fairly complete Upper Paleolithic-era human male skeleton dyed in red ochre. Discovered in 1823, at 33,000 years old it is one of the oldest ceremonial burials of a modern human discovered anywhere in Western Europe. The bones were discovered between 18 and 25 January 1823, by Rev. William Buckland during an archaeological dig at a cave on the Gower Peninsula, south Wales.

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20 Times Gerard Way Looked Ridiculously Good

1. When he did the impossible and made chewing look sexy.

2. When he looked perfect just sort of hanging out, all casual-like.

3. When he made bright red hair work.

4. When he went platinum and it was a good decision for everyone.

5. That time he was confused and you were like “I will guide you, Gerard.”

6. When he sang this and you wanted to reply, “Because you love me MORE today, right?”

7. That time he wore this fuzzy hat.

8. When he said what no one was thinking.

9. When you weren’t sure whether this even counted as a shirt, but that was OK.

10. When you wanted to touch his hair. A whole lot.

11. When he led the saddest, hottest marching band in all the world.

12. When he was a happy skeleton.

13. When you wanted to be that microphone.

14. Also, that time you wanted to be a Jamba Juice straw.

15. When he even looked good layin’ out on the floor.

16. When this happened.

17. When he declared himself a zombie and you were still into it.

18. When he basically looked like Valentine’s Day come to life.

19. When OH MY GOD.

20. When he kissed you farewell.

Stay golden, Gerard.

Source: BuzzFeed 

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Spidey flirting BACK at Deady and it just being too weird and life-altering for Wade to go on.

Wade just is not used to getting any good attention from Pete. 

Lol when he is spewing blood, I was originally gonna give him a crotch buldge. Hahaha

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