"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
  • Aries:"How much wood would chuck wood chuck wood, wait no, that's wrong, uh, how much chuck could wood chuck could chuck? Shit, idfk, man."
  • Taurus:"So, does this involve food or...?"
  • Gemini:"Haha, you said wood."
  • Cancer:"What's a woodchuck?"
  • Leo:"How am I supposed to fucking know???"
  • Virgo:"Uh... 2?"
  • Libra:"7 woods."
  • Scorpio:*holds up five fingers and slowly puts them down like they're counting until only the middle finger is left* "Looks like one."
  • Sagittarius:"Can you repeat that?" "Ok, ok, let me think, yeah, I still don't get it, can you repeat it again?" "Yeah, uh, one more time, this time hop on one leg and spin in a circle, then I'm sure to get it, oh, and look into this camera."
  • Capricorn:*pulls out a calculator and a textbook*
  • Aquarius:"But if you think about it, the question is pointless because it is asking how much wood a woodchuck would chuck if he COULD chuck the wood, can the woodchuck not chuck wood? Does that defeat the whole purpose of the counting, because he can't chuck the wood anyways, and if he may or may not be chucking wood, and Peter Piper is picking pickled peppers, then who's driving the getaway car?"
  • Pisces:"Idfk like 4?"