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BRO NO MAN DONT APOLOGIZE. Talk to me more abt hufflepuff Ronan/the rest of the raven kids at hogwarts *chinhands*

 Oh well, ok then um

Gansey=ravenclaw his pursuit of knowledge conquers his need for literally anything and his whole do it for the aesthetic vibe is very ravenclaw y'know? He’s got a restless soul, and he doesn’t understand people at all like sure he’s charming but he’s not really capable of understanding another person if that makes sense. A lot of his principles are flawed but he seems like someone who if you beat him in the argument, would change his beliefs and adopt yours. What I’m trying to say is that his morals aren’t set in stone, their totally up for debate.

Adam=my slytherin baby his ambition is unreal, also that nostalgia he has for something that hasn’t happened yet seems hella slytherin to me. Like that feeling of isolation and that power is the way out of your feelings is so very slytherin. On the flip side, that determination and perseverance that he has is a trait that belongs in this house. Also his intelligence is totally different from everyone else’s because of what he’s driven by. Whereas Gansey loves knowledge for the sake of learning, Adam is very goal oriented. He’s a strategist, an analyst. Adam loves puzzles and Gansey’s a board game man.

Ronan=hufflepuff, fkn badger it up he thinks he’s so fkn badass but he puts the well-being of others above his all the time (i.e. catching blue when she was falling into a cave, Adam’s rent etc.) also his willingness to believe in everything which is naive in a way but also an open-mindedness is definitely a hufflepuff trait. But, he can’t really judge people at all until it’s personal. He’s a terrible judge of character basically.

Blue=I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, squib blue. Squib blue who was born into a magical family and is the only non-witch. And ley lines are a connection from the wizard world to the muggle, and so is blue. She can see both worlds and can navigate them. Please consider squib blue and tell me if u love her like I do pls

Noah=slytherin Noah is my everything, I’m talking abt Noah before death. Asshole Noah is a character that may or may not even/ever exist. But consider Noah who distanced himself from everyone because he didn’t feel as if he needed others. Picture a Noah who only realized the value of friendship after dying, and that being something he gained from losing it all. Noah AD also has some slytherin traits (i.e. how he subtly looks out for everyone, him knowing where to find Ronan on that night, his refusal to give whelk up because that would mean accepting that he was not his friend, and so on)

I’m only 18 years old and I have found the man I am going to marry one day. 2 years ago I felt like I was a lost cause, nobody would ever love me or want me. That I would be thrown away again and again. It gets better. It gets SO much better. For those who have been following me from the beginning you all know just how incredibly deep I was in the dark. IT GETS BETTER. I AM LIVING PROOF OF IT. JUST BE PATIENT AND LOVE YOURSELF AND I PROMISE SOMEONE WILL COME ALONG AND FINALLY MAKE SENSE OF EVERYTHING. JUST KEEP HOLDING ON. KEEP FIGHTING. KEEP LIVING, NO MATTER HOW EXHAUSTING IT BECOMES. YOUR PERSON IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE MAKING ALL THE STORIES THEY WILL ONE DAY POUR OUT TO YOU AND YOU WILL DO THE SAME. LIVE. LIVE AND MAKE MEMORIES THAT WILL BE THE STORIES YOU AND YOUR PERSON SHARE TOGETHER TILL WE’RE ALL OLD AND WRINKLY RAISIN PEOPLE.

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How to confess your love to someone.

Jackson started to read the article out loud. “Make sure that the one you want to confess to is truly the right person for you, not just random person who had good looks you have seen on the street.

He looked down blankly at the page. What was the difference? Your heart also race when you are with someone who is hot. Or at least it does when you are interested in someone, even if the purpose is only for a one night stand.

Next.Find a suitable place to confess.” This step made more sense than the first step.

His dark eyes wandered around the apartment for a single moment. Bora was in his bedroom and he was completely alone in the living room. This seemed like the perfect place for him to confess now? Jackson wasn’t exactly the most romantic type of man, but there was nothing wrong with his apartment. It seemed a private place to him. There was no way in hell that he would confess something like this in a public place. No way.

Ask him or her if you two can meet at a place where you can express your feelings.”

This was already done. Bora was already in his apartment, but not with him in the moment.

Be prepared for everything.

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